Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 767 - I Look Down On You

Chapter 767 I Look Down On You

Roland was truly annoyed this time.

Three or four years ago, he had let go of Cornucopia once, thinking at the time that everyone could make mistakes and forgive them, and most importantly, he wasn’t as strong and was in a period of the rapid rise in ability and level. It wasn’t worth delaying his learning of magic for Cornucopia.

But now it was different.

After becoming a Legend, his growth rate slowed down.

This stage was more about accumulation-the accumulation of knowledge, the accumulation of spells and skills—and even the exercise of mindfulness and the perseverance of one’s views.

Magic was, by nature, more mindful, so the will of the individual was quite important in the growth of a Mage.

Compared to the people of this world, the players were, on average, purer and tougher than the natives in terms of their views and willpower because of their long, systematic education, as well as their ideological and political classes and so on.

Of course, just on average, there was still a small percentage of people with less than stellar minds and trivial views.

For example, Charles.

Speaking of Charles, Roland had no good feelings for the man now and had even grown quite disgusted with him. That was why he used his power and connections to suppress Cornucopia.

After coming out of the Assassin’s Guild, Roland felt refreshed physically and mentally.

He parked the floating city in the sky above the capital of Fareins.

The vast majority of the residents of the capital of Fareins were now very accustomed to this giant flying object floating in the air.

They had even heard that this thing was the Queen’s wild man’s creation, that the royal architects worked on it day and night, and that the Queen would occasionally spend the night on it.

On top of that, almost the entire world now had heard the legend of Roland.

He was, in the Bard’s mouth, a Legendary Great Sage, and his strength was approaching that of a Demigod.

Probably the youngest and most promising Mage of all of time.

The title of Great Sage referred to the kind of spellcaster who had excessive knowledge and could guide Heroes and Legends to save the world in times of danger.

They might be high-level Priests, Mages, or even Druids or Shamans.

Under normal circumstances, there was no way Roland would have gotten the title of Great Sage. But someone revealed the story of the succubus equality pact, and then revealed the story of Roland taking out several legions of demons in the Realm of Devils with a “blue flame of destruction.”

Legend had it that the demons were already about to attack the main plane this timeanother cataclysm-and the entire world was about to be wiped out, but it turned out that the Great Sage Roland had foreseen the demon invasion and took the lead with the Golden Sons. They attacked the Realm of Devils, killing the devil army in return, and then the Saint Samurai of the Church of Light, Schuck, also brought in the Guardians of Light and fought his way into the Realm of Devils, thwarting this demons’ plot of invasion.

And to damage the devils heavily, Roland even created the equality contract to free the succubi from the evil demons.

There were already several nobles in the capital of Fareins who possessed a succubus now.

Now the succubus was no longer exclusive to Warlocks.

These words had falsehoods in truths and even sounded too real to be true.

“The Great Sage Roland will most likely become the same as the Goddess of Magic in the future, a mortal who achieves godhood. He is a Fareins man, and he will protect the nation of Fareins until he dies, or becomes a god and leaves this world.” Roland finished reading the words on the paper as he said awkwardly, “Was it necessary? The royal family and the Association of Mages teamed up behind the scenes to promote me, but did you ever ask for my opinion?”

The Queen lay on her side, laughing and trembling… in a rhythmic way.

It took a while before she could stop laughing and said, “We look strong on the surface in Fareins, but we are riddled with holes on the inside. The disputes between the nobles of the royal city and the lords are close to exploding. I do have a way to prevent this from happening, but it will take time, and by promoting you, their conflict can be squashed for now, leaving enough time for me to make changes.”

“Is there a reward?” Roland asked.

“Isn’t having me enough?” Stephanie patted her plump buttocks. “Or is it better to have a few of my sisters come along to keep you company?”

Hmm? Roland pretended to ponder for a while.

Stephanie immediately climbed up and hugged Roland’s neck from behind, pressing her whole body up against him and feigning anger coquettishly. “You’re so greedy-watch out, Anna might castrate you.”

“No way.” Roland snorted. “If I had my eye on some woman, she’d help me hold the other woman’s hands down if that woman didn’t want to.”

“Yes. Anna is such a good woman.” Stephanie tsked. “I don’t know what’s wrong with the old king of Hollevin-what’s wrong with his head! He actually drove such a good woman away, and then gave you such a good bargain.”

“Enough of all this talk. You had me called here, I suppose there is some business,” Roland prompted. “Yes,” said Stephanie with a nod. “We gathered intelligence. Some of the succubi who just escaped from the Realm of Devils say that the atmosphere in the Realm of Devils has become strange. And the newly promoted fallen angel has mentioned you several times in front of the other Demon Gods, so you must be careful. Demon Gods are hard to deal with.”

Roland nodded to show that he understood

He didn’t want to mess with Demon Gods for the time being. Unlike the evil gods in the Astral Plane, Demon Gods were strong, and the Demon Gods had home turf advantage in the Realm of Devils. Even if Roland operated the floating city, it was still dangerous if he was surrounded by more than five Demon Gods.

But if the floating city evolved, then it would be a different story.

So Roland planned to make a trip to the Astral Plane first.

To try to hunt as many evil gods as possible, so that the floating city could be upgraded.

After staying in the palace for two days, Roland felt someone enter his mansion space, so he also teleported over.

Then, as expected, he saw Andonara sitting inside.

She was also the only one who could teleport in whenever and wherever she wanted.

“Roland, my ancestor wants to see you.” When Andonara saw Roland enter, she stood up and said, “You’d better be prepared. She doesn’t seem to be in a good mood.”

Roland frowned. “If I get into a conflict with her, stay away.”

“Why?” Anna looked puzzled. “It’s not like she’s my uncle… If you had a conflict with my uncle, I wouldn’t know what to do. But she’s just an ancestor, just a distant provider of my bloodline, and between you and her, do I still need to choose?”

Roland smiled and embraced this woman who was so lovable.

Just as he was about to teleport out of the mansion space, he suddenly froze.

Because he vaguely sensed a spatial coordinate.

It was the coordinates of the spatial wormhole that was in the real world, at the location of Betta’s accident.

After it disappeared, he hadn’t been able to sense it.

But now, he could vaguely feel it. The location was far, far away, yet very close.

There was an odd sense of dislocation.

It didn’t seem like it was in this world.

If he had to describe it, it was like seeing the moon from the surface of the water, being able to know what it is, but having a sense of something that can’t be grasped, touched, or was even false.

It was a feeling like this.

No way!

Planar teleportation? That’s not right… Teleportation can take people to other realms, like from the main plane to the Realm of Devils.

In reality, the main plane and the Realm of Devils were not in the same plane.

The Realm of Devils was an alien “regional space” that somehow managed to stick to the main plane.

It was like a big bubble with a little vapor bubble stuck to the outside. If it’s a place that could be teleported to, where would it be?

Not the Astral Plane, not the Realm of Devils, and not some divine realm.

An idea flashed through Roland’s mind.

If he could teleport to this coordinate, would he be able to find Betta’s soul and bring him back to life?

Once such a thought arose, it couldn’t be suppressed. Then he used his tough willpower to settle his mind, and teleported out of the mansion with Andonara, to Delpon.

There was a mature woman who bore a slight resemblance to Andonara and was quite beautiful sitting in the pavilion of the manor garden.

When she saw Roland, she smiled and shook her arm.

Roland walked over, sat across from her, and said, “Ms. Phoenix, it’s been a long time.”

Phoenix waved her hand and smiled. “No need to be so polite, we are all acquaintances now. Let’s get right to the point. I heard that you have a floating city!”

Roland nodded.

“Impressive.” Phoenix didn’t hold back her compliments. “You’re stronger than the Goddess of Magic back in the day, but I wanted to ask, what do you think of the Realm of Devils?”

Roland thought for a moment and said, “The enemies of mankind, that’s how I see it.”

Phoenix sighed. “There’s no need to be so hostile to the demons, I think humans and demons can coexist peacefully.”

“I think it’s hard.” Roland shook his head.

“Why?” Phoenix was quite puzzled. “You have already helped the succubi get a firm foothold in human society, why can’t you help the other demon races?”

“Do they need my help?” Roland asked.

“Yes.” Phoenix explained, “We demons are also living beings, and should have the right to live.”

Roland frowned as he looked at Phoenix, who had a saintly expression on her face, and asked in confusion, “So Ms. Phoenix, you mean for me to convince the human world to accept the demon race?”

“I do have that in mind.” Phoenix nodded. “Now that you have a floating city and the title of Great Sage, your words already carry a lot of weight.”

Roland took a deep breath. “But what good would that do to humans? The succubi can solve the human world’s fertility problem, and their main food is the essence of men; essentially, they are harmless parasites in the human world, and can even help and defend humans as a group against their enemies. But what could the other demons do to humans? Burn and kill and crowd out their existence?”

Phoenix waved her hand. “We don’t need to crowd your living space, we just need a piece of land… an uninhabited land to live on.”

The main plane was huge, and there were deep mountains and forests everywhere.

It wasn’t hard to fit in the entire Realm of Devils’ creatures and feed them.

It could even be said that there was more than enough.

But things weren’t just about the immediate future.

Roland was well aware that the demons possessed a strong ability to survive! To what extent?

Even in a place as barren as the Realm of Devils, an exaggerated number of demons could be born.

If they came to the human world, even in the deep forests, it would be a piece of fertile land for them.

Then these demons would reproduce quickly!

In less than a hundred years, their population would be estimated to have doubled a dozen times.

At that point, their living space would expand dramatically and then crowd into the human territories.

Then, to survive, both sides would have to fight over limited resources, and conflicts would arise.

And with the demons’ terrifying fertility rate, and their great vitality and fighting power, it was impossible for humans to beat the demons in the same numbers.

There was no chance of winning.

Every time the demons invaded, humans relied on numerical superiority to barely hold the battlefield front line, then made a tactical retreat, lengthened the battle line, and finally relied on the Heroes and saviors to defeat the Devil Kings and achieve victory through great


Something like this happened every two or three hundred years.

Was it because the devils had nothing better to do than to come and invade the human world every so often?

In reality, it was to reduce their population, so that the Realm of Devils wasn’t overpopulated. At the same time, if they won, they would be able to expand to new territories.

It was like killing two birds with one stone. Roland was quite well-read, and he was well aware of the significance and horror of population wars.

So he felt rather uncomfortable at Phoenix’s suggestion.

Looking at Roland’s impatient, even slightly disdainful look, Phoenix wasn’t too happy either, but she said slowly, “I can guarantee that we demons will never enter the humans’ territories.”

Roland still shook his head.

There were no real promises to be made between nations and between races.

Right now the devils were relatively weak, so they could feel pretty confident that they would keep their word.

But once the demons had enough time and enough resources to recuperate on the main plane, and when they were much stronger than humans… who could be sure of what they would do!

In the same race, beings fought to the death for room to live, let alone two completely different races.

Phoenix sighed and stood up. “Too bad, I thought you were different from the average human, with a more enlightened view and understanding of the hardships of us, the children of the Realm of Devils.”

Roland cracked a smile. “Hardships?”

“Aren’t there hardships?” Phoenix sighed languidly. “A world that barely produces food, that relies on sand maggots eating dirt and then other demons eating sand maggots, that is filled with lava and poisonous gas, and where the vast majority of devil descendants don’t live to adulthood. Is that not hardship?”

Roland laughed with more than a little sarcasm.

He had now come to despise the devils.

The reason was that a month or so ago, several players who had been working on the logistics for the expeditionary army in the Realm of Devils got so sick of going back to the main plane every day to harvest vegetables, wasting a lot of teleportation-specific magic materials and wasting a lot of money, that they started growing vegetables themselves in the Realm of Devils.

As a result, the Realm of Devils, which claimed that no greens could grow, was made fertile.

The green vegetables were so fat and beautiful that they were a joy to look at.

And the devils, living in that land for thousands and thousands of years, hadn’t even tried to grow something there.

Who was to blame?

As for the lack of seeds… They had invaded the human world one or two hundred times.

There was absolutely no thought of bringing back the seeds of the human world.

There was no thought of growing vegetables in the Realm of Devils.

There was absolutely no thought of production.

Just living from day to day, robbing and killing when there was no food to eat!


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