Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 752 - I Am Roland

Chapter 752 I Am Roland

Something big is about to happen? Roland looked at the forum and sure enough, he found a trending post.

The title was so red that it was almost purple.

Roland clicked on it and read the content, and then he clicked his tongue, rather impressed.

In the past six months or so, most of Roland’s energy was spent on doing proper things.

He was constantly inscribing magic arrays to the magic bricks, and occasionally seeking Andonara and other people to unwind a little.

After all, engaging in progression every day, no matter how good one’s physique was, there would be psychological stress. Then, in reality, Roland had to run experiments every day and was now on his third wave of subject screening.

Apart from Lu Yong, two newcomers could also sense magic power after several human experiments.

Not surprisingly, these two were also security personnel.

The more experimental subjects, the more data they could receive right now.

But the first experiment subject, Lu Yong, had stalled in his growth.

He was also stuck at the level of sensing magic power, and no matter what, there was no way to keep the magic power in his body for long; it would evaporate and disappear after half an hour at most.

The other two, for the time being, hadn’t reached a bottleneck, but their growth was also a bit slow and was not expected to go far.

So in reality, Roland was constantly doing experiments and then listening to data reports from people like Su Minluo.

So both in the game and in reality, Roland had a pretty fulfilling time. Also, Galen’s group still apologized to Roland by posting a video on the forums. After all, now and then someone came and destroyed their equipment, and although they had money, it didn’t come for free.

They backed down.

After this was resolved, Roland never visited the forum again.

So he was completely ignorant of what was going on in the last six months.

After seeing this post, he knew that he was somewhat out of touch with current events.

He then temporarily stopped inscribing magic arrays in the game and spent two days reading posts on the forum, as well as questioning his friends, to get a general idea of what had happened in the game over the last half a year.

First of all, the Church of Light chose a new pope because the previous pope was assassinated and killed violently by demons.

The new pope was quite young, only thirty-four years old, which was too young by the previous rule of fifty to be crowned pope.

Then the Holy Lady stepped down.

Roland thought the Holy Lady had been executed, but many people had seen the last Holy Lady around the Holy Realm.

The new Holy Lady was a rather proud and aloof young girl, no match for the previous Holy Lady who had a high emotional quotient, and no match for her abilities.

The only thing that could be tied was her appearance.

Seeing this, Roland clicked his tongue in admiration.

The Church of the Light actually suppressed the death and fall of the Pope, and the betrayal of the Holy Lady who held a grudge against her own goddess for stealing a man!


It must have had cost quite a bit. After all, if the royal family of Fareins knew, then surely the Association of Mages would know as well.

These two forces had a lot of ambition.

Then there were the players who were working hard to level up.

The players were smart, after all, and they came up with a set of methods on how to trigger epic quests with high chances of success.

At the same time, several large guilds figured out the techniques of raiding epic dungeons in small teams of five, how professions were matched, and how skills and expertise could be matched to deal with more unexpected situations.

So the players’ leveling speed was at least twice as fast

In half a year, more than a hundred people had already rushed from the high level of Master to the level of Legend. Of course, Roland was still at the highest level on the server.

He could get a lot of experience just by optimizing spells and inscribing magic arrays. For more than half a year, he buried his head in this hard work… He was still one step short of completing the floating city’s core. One could only imagine how hard he had been working The effort paid off. He’d gotten up to level sixteen and then picked up a magic regeneration specialty.

It was a normal specialty that saved six percent magic power when casting spells.

No big deal.

Among the players, more than a hundred new Legends were being roped in by major powers.

They hadn’t all been distributed yet.

Then on the forum, a player claiming to have been a member of the top echelon of the Coalition of Progress called on the players to launch an attack on the gods.

To avenge their annihilation over five years ago.

At this time, the players had fully gotten stronger.

With over a hundred Legends and a large number of Masters, they were outrageously strong.

And these five years or so-nearly six years of combat career, countless battles, and a lot of deaths had made the players’ combat power far superior to that of NPC professionals of the same level.

Besides, the player’s attributes overwhelmed the natives at the same level.

This created a situation where a player’s combat power couldn’t be viewed simply by their current level.

If the players united, they could destroy any power, any nation, or even… gods.

After stating the reason why players had strong combat power, this player started a god-slaying campaign. They had gotten hold of the news that a certain god was going to descend to the main plane.

In order not to spook the god, he would not release the information now, and those who wanted to join would have to get to him, sign a paper contract, and videotape it before they could get the information such as the time and place of the operation.

A lot of people posted below.

“If it’s an evil god, count me in, just became a Legendary Barbarian Warrior.”

“Bard here, also just became a Legend.”

“A Thief who’s almost Legend… must be exciting if he’s going to slay a god, right, count me in.”

“What god are you going to kill? If it’s a lawful god, I’m not doing it.”

“Where is your location? I’ll go over there now.”

Many people signed up.

It was instinctive for players to fight bosses, and it was also instinctive to stir up trouble. Honestly, most of the players hadn’t seen eye to eye with the gods for a while now.

The lawful ones were a bit better. They did do some proper work after all.

But the neutral or evil gods, they simply didn’t see eye to eye with.

The content of the doctrines of the various churches alone was unbearable to look at.

The post had been out for two days, and probably many people had already reported to the entrance of a certain guild in Wetland City.

Roland reclined in his chair, rocking it back and forth slightly

It was quite interesting, and he was actually kind of tempted to participate, but he was afraid that he’d run into a god he knew well. For example, Life, Magic, or even the Nether God.

After thinking about it, it was better to forget


If he went ahead and signed a contract, it wouldn’t be easy to back out in case it was the Goddess of Magic or Life that he was dealing with.

That being said, should I go inform the Life and Magic Goddesses?

After a dozen seconds of consideration, he went to Nia and asked her to inform the Life Goddess to cancel her descent if she had planned one recently.

Then he went to the Church of Magic, offered some new and improved spells, and after connecting to Mystra, he told her not to descend to the main plane these days.

Mystra asked him why.

He smiled and didn’t answer.

The Goddess of Magic pondered. Then, a group of players suddenly disappeared from Wetland City: at least hundreds of Legends and a large number of Masters.

It was clear to the players what was going on, but the NPCs didn’t know about it.

This frightened all the countries, and they unanimously shut down their local teleportation magic arrays.

As if a great enemy was approaching.

Fearing that an army of Legends might just come and kill them at their doorstep.

Roland, on the other hand, continued to inscribe magic arrays in the large underground cavern.

He spent another seventeen days connecting all these magic bricks in series and parallel.

Finally, he activated the magic array.

Countless green threads appeared, and the magic bricks emitted blue and green words, floating in mid-air and dispersing in order. Connected by magic threads, they formed a huge networked square array.

Each magic brick was a magic node.

When this dazzling, huge magic square array, Roland felt a huge increase in his mental power.

The kind of boost that went from 1 to 100.

He knew very well that this was not his imagination.

From now on, the floating core was his external energy device.

And it was the kind that wouldn’t harm his body.

After connecting his spirit to the magic bricks, Roland’s whole body was bubbling with green light. The pupils of his eyes turned green and then there was a circle of bright blue light between the pupil and the eye, and sparks of starlight surged within.

A great power filled his body and will.

At this moment, he felt like he was omnipotent.

He reached out and pointed to his right, and a green slurry of light suddenly appeared from his fingertips, instantly striking the earthen wall over there.

After a strange buzzing sound, a thin hole at least three meters deep appeared where it was hit.

And the tiny hole was still gurgling red lava.

“No wonder Mordenkainen dared to pummel the Goddess of Fortune as a Legend.”

Roland exclaimed as he opened his system interface and looked at his current stats.

External magic source: Floating city grid core

Life: 512 Magic power: 2451 (33254) External source characteristics: Demigod (pseudo), Constant Magic Flow

Since above the hollow was a city, Roland didn’t intend to raise the floating city here.

Because of the external magic power source, his magic power was now almost unlimited.

After all, the floating city itself had the effect of drawing magic power. Using the two magic spells of Mud to Rock and Rock to Mud, and then relying on the terrifying magic power at his disposal, he “dragged” the core of the floating city along the underground.

Everywhere he passed, he left a huge, straight line of space. After about two hours or so of walking, and after making sure that the city was no longer overhead, but only wilderness, Roland flicked his hands skyward.

The earth overhead parted like water, and soon a dazzling ray of light shone down. Then the ray of light grew larger and larger, and a large number of trees on the ground crumbled down with the mud and sand, rumbling into the cave.

Soon after, the entire azure sky appeared over Roland’s head.

He looked out at the vast sky and smiled, leaping above the core.

The core then emitted a green glow and carried him slowly up into the sky.

Paris of huge eyes appeared in the sky.

Almost every pair of eyes was in shock.

Only three pairs of eyes were surprised, and one pair was in disbelief.

Roland looked at these eyes and smiled.

“The core of the floating city…”

“Stop him.” “Someone, descend to the main plane and take him out, it’ll be too late if we don’t hurry.”

“Where is the Water Goddess, she should be in the main plane.”

The eyes in the sky roared and snarled.

They even exuded extreme malice.

But after shouting for a long time, not a single pair of eyes dared to come down. They were afraid of death.

In front of them, Roland waved his hands and a large amount of dirt flew up from the ground, including the core of the floating city.

“To stone!”

An irregular layer of stone wrapped around the core.

“Again.” “To stone!”


In full view of many eyes, Roland wrapped the core with a large amount of mud, then turned the mud and sand into stone.

A huge island in the air was thus formed.

Finally, using his mental power, he forcibly pried a piece of green land and laid it on top of this huge island in the air.

Then Roland landed on the island and set his feet on the ground.

He looked up at a pair of huge eyes in the sky and smiled.

The connection with the core of the floating city made his entire body emit a mist-like gaseous green light. His eyes were clear and bright, almost brighter than even the sun.

With a confident and cheerful smile, Roland looked up at the eyes in the sky.

He opened his hands, as if to embrace all the gods, but also as if embracing the entire sky.

The turbulence blew at his hair, blowing his red magic cloak around like a blazing flame.

Then he spoke.

Gentle and placid, but with an inner arrogance and swagger.

“Greetings, gods!”

“I am Roland the Mage!”

Inside the capital of Fareins, Stephanie was approving some political affairs.

She had been a little irritable lately, mostly because Roland hadn’t come to her in over a month.

As a woman not yet in her thirties, she had needs too!

“When he comes over next time, I’ll have to make him stay with me for seven days!” Thinking about Roland, she subconsciously licked her lips, then finally pursed her lips and tried to focus on the political affairs at hand.

Just as she had managed to gather her thoughts, the door was thrown open with a thud, and a female palace servant stumbled in.

She was about to get angry, but then she saw this reliable female palace servant full of panic. “My queen, something terrible has happened!”

“What, what’s got you so shocked…” At this time, Stephanie suddenly noticed that the sky outside had darkened.

What’s going on?

She pushed aside the female palace servant in front of her and hurriedly went out. She saw darkness, just like the darkness when a storm was coming and the clouds were looming.

In the distance, a group of imperial guards came running desperately. Then she subconsciously looked up at the sky.

The entire sky above the palace was blotted out by a huge, irregular mass of rock. “What is this… thing.”

Stephanie opened her pretty little mouth and looked up at the sky with a face full of disbelief.

“This must be a Mage’s doing.” The imperial commander rushed over and very loyally guarded the Queen while shouting, “Summon all the imperial Mages of the palace over and have them open the barriers to protect the Queen.”

A wind Mage floated crookedly from the distance, his legs weak when he landed.

Looking at his magnificent attire, he was probably the head of the imperial Mages.

“Your Highness, please run away, go to the Holy Realm to take shelter. It should be safer there.”

Stephanie turned her head to look at the imperial Mage leader and calmly asked, “What is this thing.”

“There are huge, terrifying sources of magic energy up there, interfering with all the magical elements nearby. If my knowledge is correct…” The head Mage looked up at the huge, rocky island in the air, only the bottom of which could be seen. His eyes filled with yearning, adoration, and fear: conflicting emotions that twisted his expression greatly. “This is the ultimate dream for all of us Mages… The floating city.”

The floating city?

Stephanie subconsciously repeated, then jerked her head up, her eyes bright as a young girl in love.

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