Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 753 - We’d Like You to Stay Out of It.

Chapter 753 We’d Like You to Stay Out of It.

The royal palace was in the shadow of the floating city.

Everyone looked overhead at the huge island in the sky, like a helpless little sparrow in the cold wind-except Queen Stephanie, who had a smile on her lips.

There was a man emitting a warm green glow slowly descending.

The immense mental pressure he exuded made everyone afraid to look directly at him.

Except for Stephanie, who tilted her head, her eyes unblinking as she watched the figure descend.

Several Mages who had rushed over to protect the queen and stayed aside and even lowered their heads.

Not just the palace, but the floating city obscured about three-quarters of the entire area above the capital Fareins, leaving about a quarter that belonged to the Holy Realm.

Both the Pope and the new Holy Lady floated up, and they looked up at the behemoth in the sky from afar, their faces both quite irritated.

The new Holy Lady clenched her fist tightly for a while before she said fiercely, “What kind of person dares to drive this thing over our Holy Realm. He’s insulting our Holy Realm.”

“He didn’t drive it right above us.” Although the young new pope was also extremely angry in his heart, men were generally a little more rational than women. He said with a composed look, “That’s already showing us respect.”

The new Holy Lady turned her head to look at the Pope. “Can’t we do anything about him? Can’t we bring down this thing with twelve Saint Samurai, along with over a hundred cardinals?”

“Be careful what you say!” The Pope sighed inwardly as he turned his head to look at the new Holy Lady.

The new Holy Lady’s expression was a little dark and even a little twisted at this time.

Compared with the previous Holy Lady, she was much less cultured.

It was a pity that the previous Holy Lady fought over a man with the goddess.

The new Holy Lady frowned and said, “Pope, we should not appear so weak. Anyone who dares to offend us and insult us should be brought down and made to repent before the statue of the Goddess.”

The Pope shook his head. “Here I will quote what the Saint Samurai and Holy Son Schuck used to say often: extreme rigidity breaks easily, but softness can last a long time.”

Hearing that it was Schuck’s words, the new Holy Lady’s expression eased. “Oh, that seems to make a lot of sense.”

Seeing the new Holy Lady’s expression suddenly change to a gentle one, the Pope suddenly had a bad feeling, and his cheeks twitched subconsciously.

No way.

No way!

Again? The Pope forced himself to quiet his mind as he looked at the massive body of rock. “No matter if Schuck has a point or not, this floating city in front of us is not something that the Holy Realm can deal with right now.” “Why? Is the floating city so strong? It’s just a boulder floating in the sky, right? Just knock it down.”

The new Pope chuckled softly. “The ultimate dream and expectation of the Mages, also known as the Mage’s earthly divine realm… As long as someone can build the floating city, he is the master of all Mages in the world. He only needs to give a command, and all Mages are willing to stay in the floating city and become his supporters.”

“Which means that by going up against this thing, we’re actually going up against the entire Mage community?” “Yes.” The pope smiled bitterly, helplessly. “Besides, any Mage who builds the floating city has the strength to slay the gods. It’s good enough that he hasn’t messed with us now, so let’s just keep a low profile and not draw his attention. Besides, let me reiterate… he’s already given us quite a bit of respect by not parking the floating city above the Holy Realm.”

The new Holy Lady was silent.

Although she didn’t have much common sense, she understood what slaying gods meant.

Compared to the Holy Realm’s calm and silence, the Association of Mages was acting quite wild.

A large number of Mages flew up, wanting to go up to the floating city to see what was going on and who had built this thing.

However, before they could fly close to the floating city, the tidal wave of magic caused by the huge amount of magic elements made it impossible for them to control the magic elements very well.

The closer they got, the more they were affected.

In the end, they were forced to land as they couldn’t control their flight.

This was the reason why the floating city wouldn’t be affected or attacked randomly; it was a huge source of magic in itself.

They couldn’t go up there. Their ultimate ideal was right in front of them and they couldn’t touch it.

Many of the Mages fell to their knees, teary-eyed.

Crying miserably.

Compared to all the citizens in the capital of Fareins who were trembling and worried about boulders coming down from the air, but still somewhat calm, the players were the ones who blew up.

All of them now had three messages marked in red in their system interface.

“Player Roland created law-level magic device: Magic Grid Core.”

“Player Roland, created a special giant epic-level building: Floating City.” “Player Roland temporarily entered the Demigod state. Received the special title ‘Ascent To God as Mortal.”

Unlike the poor attributes attached to Legendary titles, the title “Ascent to God as Mortal” was much more thrilling.

Ascent To God as Mortal: All basic attributes are increased by an additional 2 points, two slots of available specialty are added, and the user also exudes special mental intimidation on all creatures below Demigod (players are less affected).

Because players were born with the system’s mental resistance, they were immune to most mental-type effects.

However, this world didn’t only have players.

Besides, other than the mental intimidation, both the two-point increase in base attributes and the two slots of specialty were extremely useful traits.

For Roland, this was a huge gain. The players weren’t sure what attributes the title brought. They were just stunned.

“Please, what does a law-level magic device look like and what is the name labeled with? Epic-level is gold and law-level is dark gold?”.

“Dark red.”

“Has the one upstairs ever seen a law-level item?”

“No, I guessed.” “The name floating city implies it all. Isn’t it a floating thing in the sky, probably just a floating ship, similar to a luxury cruise ship? But what use is this Magic Grid Core?”

“Don’t guess, in the spam section of the forum, someone is live. You guys go check it out and you’ll know what the floating city is.”

With this reply, the comments were immediately suspended.

Everyone was flocking to that livestream like crazy.

Then they saw a huge island floating in the air.

Every player and netizen who came in and saw this scene would first drop open their mouths and frantically hold their breath for a long time until their lungs felt insanely oxygen-deprived.

Then came the desperate gasping for air.

The players had kind of seen it all.

The steel beast sailing on the sea was just a giant cruise ship that could load thousands of people with no problem.

The giant falcon flying in the air was just a giant transport plane.

And then?

They’d seen a lot of tall buildings.

In the information age, there was nothing that they could marvel at anymore.

However, the floating city reflected in their eyes still shocked them.

From a distance, the black, aerial body of rock looked so huge, even from miles away, that the entire screen couldn’t “fit” it completely.

The lower part of the rock was visible, but the upper part was hidden by clouds, indistinctly visible.

“Holy sh*t, what the hell is this?”

“A new continent?”

“It’s an illusion, right? It’s an illusion. How can something this big defy the laws of physics and fly into the air!”

“Based on this distance, and based on its comparison with the size of the distant palace, this airborne island is about the size of one-fifth of downtown Shanghai.”

“Impossible, Shanghai is very large, even one-fifth is ridiculous enough.”

“I reckon it’s a bit bigger.”

“This thing is the floating city that Roland created?”

“I got into a Lamborghini yesterday and now it instantly lost its charm.”

“The luxury yacht that I parked at the outfall of Shanghai’s beach doesn’t look so cool anymore, either.”

“My family’s Air Force One also doesn’t look so cool anymore.”

“Is that Trump upstairs?”

“Wake up, it’s Biden’s age now.”

“This is a super strategic-level aircraft carrier.”

“Bullsh*t aircraft carrier. This is a floating city that can be built into a city in the future. With a large number of raw materials and arsenal arranged on it, it’s ready to transform into a massive interstellar ship with theoretically unlimited ammunition. I am a member of the magic world. I heard that floating cities can fly into the Astral Plane; comparing an aircraft carrier to it is an insult.”

People in the world knew little about the floating city, just that there had been such a thing in the legends of the magic world.

It was said to be the work of Mordenkainen.

So more often than not, they treated it as a legend.

After all, how much of a stretch was it to float a mega-city into the air?

Mages had enough trouble even flying on their own. Creating a floating city that could fly around didn’t sound possible.

It was possible!

The image in front of them was the answer and said it all.

“I guess no one can rival Roland now.”

“This thing is probably a special group-type equipment, the kind that requires many people to create?”

“If it’s a group collaboration, we can only say that Roland’s forces are strong, not so much that he himself is strong… although he is indeed strong.” “Didn’t you guys read the system message? Demigod state! This thing can enhance the master’s strength.’

“F**k, so it seems to be true.”

“This is considered external equipment?”

“A Legend with this externalized thing is a Demigod. When Roland is Demigod and equips this thing again, won’t he become a true god?” “I don’t think it’s fair. How come Roland can do something like this and the other Mages can’t even master flying spells properly. This game is so unfair.”

“What’s all this talk about fairness in a realistic world.”

“Well, at least leave some gaming experience.”

“With your identity switched with the natives, no infinite respawn, no high attribute growth panel, and no system boost, I think you must have a great game experience.”

There was a lot of chatter in the livestream and a lot of hot posts on the forum.

All of them were discussing what kind of impact Roland’s floating city would have on the entire game, the entire game world, and what kind of layouts it would change.

The person in question, however, was not thinking much at this point.

He floated down from the air and flew up again, holding Stephanie in his arms.

Standing on the soft grass, looking out over the vast expanse of greenery and trees, and then at the sea of floating clouds farther away, Stephanie opened her arms and spun her body in a circle, smiling happily.

“You’re that happy?”

A familiar voice sounded as Andonara came out of a small grove off to the side, a few blue flowers in her hands.

“It’s been a long time, Anna.”

Stephanie wasn’t at all surprised by Andonara’s presence.

She was well aware that she was, at best, third in Roland’s mind.

There was nothing but grass and trees on the floating city now, which meant the thing was newly built, and the fact that Roland was willing to bring her up meant there was enough of her in his mind.

Besides Roland, the first guest of the floating city was definitely Andonara; there was no possibility that it was someone else.

“It has indeed been a long time.” Andona walked over and hugged Stephanie. “I think we’ll be seeing a lot of each other in the future.”

Then Stephanie looked at Roland. “So, there is a house for me here, right?” “We will live together in the future,” Roland said lightly.

Stephanie smiled even more happily.

“Also, I need your help.” Roland gestured around. “As you can see, there’s nothing here and it’s too empty, so I need a lot of help building the houses, doing the planning, and handling the basic daily maintenance.”

“How many men are needed?”

“Not quite sure, I’m just telling you now. Wait for me to get an expert to plan a layout.”

“No problem…” Stephanie looked at Roland and said, “Can you set up a direct teleportation magic array between the floating city and my chambers? I want to be able to come and go in the floating city whenever I want.”

“Sure.” Roland agreed with a nod. “I’ll have it ready in no time.”

“Won’t you and Anna both stay as guests for a few days?” Stephanie said with a yearning smile.

“Stay for one day only.” Roland held out a finger.

A day later, the floating city moved, first flying into the clouds and disappearing from the view of the masses of Fareins, and then spending most of the day flying from Fareins directly over to the skies of the Wetland City of Hollevin.

It wasn’t directly overhead but parked in midair outside the city on the north side.

There was a brief commotion in Wetland City city as the huge irregular body of rock of the floating city tore through the clouds and appeared to everyone in Wetland City.

The first to react was the players. After all, many of them had already seen what the floating city looked like in the videos on the forums and in the livestreams.

Then their calmness infected the natives as well.

Wearing a beautiful dress, the Winterwolf Holy Lady sat on the city wall, her feet hanging high in the air, gently alternating kicks while humming a nice little tune under her breath.

Roland teleported down from the floating city and went straight to the players’ Association of Mages, then found O’Neal who was staring enviously at the floating city from the balcony.

“Getting further and further away from you,” O’Neal said so directly without turning around when he heard the footsteps.

“You should be able to build a floating city of your own later, too.”

“How can I build a floating city if I don’t even know what the core materials are?” said O’Neill, looking at Roland. “Would you like to tell us?”

Roland didn’t continue the topic, but asked, “You contacted me about an urgent meeting, what is it?”

O’Neal sighed slightly, then he said, “It’s about god-slaying. We’d like you to stay out of it.”

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