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Chapter 751 - Building the Core of the Floating City

Chapter 751 Building the Core of the Floating City

Roland’s gloating quickly drew the ire of Shuck.

He sent one word in reply.


Roland couldn’t help but laugh aloud. He was overjoyed to see Schuck suffer—the handsome bastard had finally been condemned by the gods.

Then, taking advantage of the excitement, he posed the queen on his lap into a belly-flopping frog position.

Three hours later, he held his back and left refreshed, and then went to the large underground cavern to collect a dozen magic bricks.

It felt like harvesting vegetables in Happy Farm, full of joy from the harvesting.

He smiled as he looked at the extremely high barricade of magic bricks in the small warehouse that was his Backpack, which should now be called a large Mystra’s Mansion.

The magic bricks were now being harvested significantly more efficiently, and at this rate, he estimated that in another six months, it would be possible to start making the base layer of the floating city.

He thought back to Mordenkainen’s floating city and almost drooled.

He then subconsciously wiped the corner of his mouth and teleported to the Frostwolf Clan.

Again, he saw the Winterwolf Holy Lady in worship.

She was still in that red rope getup.

All the others still had their heads down, and only Roland was watching with rapt attention.

After about ten minutes or so, the Winterwolf Holy Lady finished her ritual dance and the other tribesmen bowed their heads and left while the Holy Lady came and sat down in front of Roland.

Looking at the beautiful flesh marks left by the red rope on snow-white skin, Roland exhaled softly.

Not feeling shy or embarrassed, the Winterwolf Holy Lady smiled confidently and asked, “Has something changed since my employer came to see me personally?”

Roland nodded. “Indeed. The real culprits behind the liches, as I have learned, are my clansmen. So… the lich quest can now be aborted.”

“That can’t be aborted.” The Winterwolf Holy Lady was a little lost, but soon she smiled. “Liches are very vindictive, so now either we destroy them all or they eliminate us—the conflict is already irreconcilable.”

Against the liches, the Winterwolf Holy Lady and the Frostwolf Clan were not afraid; it was merely a matter of chasing them to the ends of the earth.

But the problem was that their employer discontinued the quest, which meant there would be no follow-up source of funds.

Although Roland had given the clan a large sum of money earlier, it was still not enough to buy a piece of land for the entire clan to live in and inhabit outside of Wetland City.

If Roland could give the five hundred gold coins he had promised before, that would be enough.

Looking at Roland’s face that wasn’t that handsome but well worth a second look, the Winterwolf Holy Lady’s imagination began to run wild.

This guy seems to love watching me dance, should I charge him for watching?

Charging five gold coins for one viewing, I think if I dance for three or four months, I’ll be able to gather five or six hundred gold coins.

But that’s too lowly, it’s not Winterwolf’s teaching to exploit sex appeal. But the Winterwolf has run off to chase men, what’s the point of keeping this rule myself… Then again, I’m no longer considered a Holy Lady, so it’s nothing to sacrifice a little for the sake of the tribe.

Alas… Winterwolf, your Holy Lady, your believers, are now at a loss. Can’t you show us where to go in the future?

Because of her inner conflict, the Winterwolf Holy Lady’s expression changed unpredictably, happy one moment and sad the next.

Roland looked a little torn, then he took out five cloth bags from his Backpack. “Here’s the commission that was agreed upon before.”

The Winterwolf Holy Lady’s eyes lit up, but she quickly pulled her gaze back from the bag of gold coins. “But we didn’t quite take out the liches.”

“I can’t just renege on a deal, and besides, you guys are going to keep fighting the liches, right?” Roland said with a smile. “Either way, this started because of me, and I can’t help but feel bad if I don’t tie up loose ends.”

The Winterwolf Holy Lady’s bright beautiful eyes scanned Roland’s face for a moment before she said, “Then I thank you in advance. At the same time, I promise you that you will forever be a friend of the Frostwolf Clan. And, you don’t have to worry about the… liches. Even if they run to the ends of the earth, we will find a way to kill them all.”

The Winterwolf Holy Lady was indeed a very responsible person.

Roland looked at her and smiled. “You guys previously entrusted me to figure out the principle of the phylactery and I haven’t made much progress until now, sorry.”

“No matter.” The Winterwolf Holy Lady waved her hand. “If they were that easy to crack, these liches wouldn’t be recognized as one of the most troublesome opponents in the world. The Frostwolf Clan wasn’t raised on vegetables. We have all kinds of tracking and pursuit techniques, and although we don’t know what the principle is, as long as we head to a place, we can always come across the enemy we want to kill! It just takes a little longer sometimes, and the detours can be lengthy.”

The Frostwolf Clan was indeed capable of such things.

One of the books Roland read recounted the many special abilities of the Frostwolf clan.

This kind of unreasonable and inexplicable tracking ability was one of their talents.

Not many people could escape the pursuit of the Frostwolf Clan.

And of course, the time taken varied.

Scurrying throughout the world, sometimes they could find their enemies in a month. Sometimes they took more than a decade, even transitioning into old age, to find their target.

It seemed to have something to do with the strength of the enemy.

The more powerful they were, the harder it was to encounter them without any intelligence.

“By the way, can you introduce me to the mayor of Wetland City? I heard that you have quite a good relationship with him.” The Winterwolf Holy Lady smiled and said, “We want to buy a piece of land outside of Wetland City.”

“Of course, no problem.” Roland sized her up. “You’re just going to go over there like this?”

The Winterwolf Holy Lady looked about as good as unclothed in this look.

“Of course not.” Winterwolf Holy Lady smiled. “Wait for me to go change and get some money on the way.

About ten minutes or so later, the Winterwolf Holy Lady came out dressed in a long white dress.

She walked over to Roland and whispered, “Let’s go.”

The two then teleported to Wetland City before Roland used the guild system to contact Betta, and then went straight into the mayor’s mansion.

Wetland City’s mayor’s residence covered a large area, and the outside looked quite luxurious.

But on the inside, it looked shabby.

There wasn’t much furniture and it was all of the kind that was made from random wood. Not to mention painted, it wasn’t even scraped clean of stubble, and looked extremely coarse and possessed a primitive


Betta himself came out to greet him, and when he saw Roland, he trotted over and smiled. “Brother Roland, it’s been a long


Then he saw the Winterwolf Holy Lady next to Roland and brightened up, asking excitedly, “Brother Roland, are you really going to introduce the dog-eared girl to me?” “No!” Roland said, annoyed, “This is my friend, and she wants to do business with you.”

“Oh, your friend.” Betta hung his head despondently.

He understood all too well what a beautiful woman who was a “friend” meant.

But at this moment, Betta suddenly clasped his head in his hands and looked pained.

He said urgently to Roland and the Winterwolf Holy Lady, “Wait, I have some personal business.”

Betta then trotted behind a huge load-bearing column.

Roland was a Legend now, with sharp eyes and ears

The Winterwolf Holy Lady had the snow wolf bloodline, with two canine ears on her head and two human ears by the temples, amounting to four audio receptors, so her hearing was much stronger than a normal canine’s.

So both of them could hear the sound coming from behind the load-bearing pillar.

“I know I’m wrong. Little White, don’t hit me. Persian Cat, talk her down. I have a headache.”

His voice sounded a little pained and seemed humble.

Roland narrowed his eyes slightly.

After a while, Betta walked back with an embarrassed look on his face. “Sorry, where were we?”

“I would like to purchase a piece of land from you, Mr. Mayor.” “Oh, buy land. How large?” Betta asked.

There wasn’t much land left in Wetland City now, and it was more expensive, but for the sake of Brother Roland, Betta thought it wouldn’t be a problem to sell her a few hundred square feet.

“I want ten thousand acres of land!”

“I can’t grant you that much land, there’s not even such a large…” Betta realized something. “What do you want to buy such a large piece of land outside the city for?”

The Winterwolf Holy Lady said with some unease, “I would like to house some of my clan members here.”

She was uneasy for a reason.

The Frostwolf clan was strong, and even the Froststar Kingdom didn’t trust them much, sending them to live in the bitter cold.

This was the land of warmth and spring, a paradise of fertile land.

Would the mayor here be willing to accept thousands of Frostwolf Clan members?

“Your clan members?” Betta’s eyes that looked disappointed just now became crystal bright again. “Are they lycans, like you?”

“Yes.” The Winterwolf Holy Lady nodded.

“That’s fine!” Betta jogged back and flipped a map out of some improvised desk, then he pointed to a certain spot on it outside the city. “This land is quite fertile. A little tilling would make thousands of acres of good land, and it’s pretty close to a water source, so I don’t see any problem with you guys living


In reality, the Winterwolf Holy Lady had inspected this place before, and she was very fond of it.

“How much does it cost?”

“The land outside the city isn’t worth much. It originally cost eight hundred gold coins for ten thousand acres, but for the sake of Brother Roland, I’ll give you a discount.” Betta stuck out two fingers. “It’ll only be two hundred gold coins.”

The Winterwolf Holy Lady’s eyes widened.

Roland rebuked, “Actually, you just want the territory under your rule to have lycans, right? This way, you can have both dogs and cats. Your own fetish can’t be made public, but don’t use me as a shield.”

“How is that possible!” Betta said with a straight face. “There is absolutely no way that someone as honest and serious as me would yearn for the ears of lycans.”

Roland snorted.

It had been over five years… Betta had also graduated from the university more than a year ago.

Five years older and influenced by society, the innocent little guy from back then was now a certified veteran.

Before, when the guild gathered, the lewdness of this kid’s dirty jokes was much fiercer than the others.

Boys changed completely at eighteen.

After the Winterwolf Holy Lady paid two hundred gold coins, she got the deed to the land.

She was a bit incredulous until she got out of the mayor’s residence.

“Two hundred gold coins… only two hundred gold coins, such a large piece of land, such a good piece of land.” The Winterwolf Holy Lady walked while holding her deed. “Is this the power of connections?”

Roland shrugged. “Although connections indeed played a part, Betta also really wants the Frostwolf Clan to migrate over. Because we Golden Sons are generally very fond of cats and dogs.”

“We’re not dogs.” The Winterwolf Holy Lady responded without a smile, before shoving the deed into her cleavage. “I have you to thank for making this work.” “You’re welcome, we’re friends…”

Roland hadn’t finished his sentence when he felt his face being gently touched by something warm and soft. Turning his head, he saw the Winterwolf Holy Lady smiling graciously, with her hands behind her back.

Her eyes were glowing:

Roland hesitated for a moment and asked, “Don’t you feel like you’re getting the worst of it?”

“What is there to lose?” The Winterwolf Holy Lady laughed and held Roland’s hand. “What part of my entire body have you not seen?”

“There are still some special places that are unseen.”

“Do you want to go to your manor, so I can show you till you’ve had enough?”

Well… Roland was torn.

The following days were boring.

The fact that the Frostwolf Clan almost relocated their clan outside of Wetland City caused a commotion among the players.

A lot of dog lovers were crying to help the Frostwolf Clan build wooden houses and reclaim the wilderness.

They all said that finally, they didn’t have to be despised by the cat slaves, now that they had their dog masters.

Roland didn’t bother to get involved in any of this because he had a cute white-haired dog of his own to pet.

Most of his time was spent on two things: magic experiments and the production of magic bricks on multiple production lines.

He optimized a lot of low-level spells and sent a part of them to the Red Magic Tower.

This was to thank the Red Magic Tower for investing in him.

Part of it was sent to the players’ Association of Mages. After all, he was now the nominal chairman.

The last small portion was offered to the Goddess of Magic.

He didn’t care much for these small optimized spells.

What excited him was the floating city.

He finally smiled as he watched the magic bricks in his Backpack build up piece by piece to the point of becoming a small mountain.

Then, he started to plate the floating city’s core in the big cavern under Fareins.

Magic bricks were indeed the most basic, core material for a floating city, but it didn’t mean that by putting together magic bricks one could build a floating chassis.

One also had to engrave each magic brick with a small magic array.

Among the small magic arrays were pathways to conduct magic energy, to act as bonds, and to promote energy circulation, absorption, and regeneration.

One also had to set the magic energy conduction to control the floating city’s ascent and descent functions.

There was also the steering function and so on.

The knowledge involved in this, as well as the theory, was not something that the average Mage could digest.

Most importantly, each magic brick had a magic array on it that was not quite the same as the others and had to be matched to other bricks.

This would be very difficult.

Roland spent half a year carving magic arrays on these magic bricks. In the blink of an eye, half a year had passed.

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