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Chapter 750 - The Temple of Light Is Ruined

Chapter 750 The Temple of Light Is Ruined

Su Minluo’s proposal was a good one Roland had just sent out this recruitment message, and then immediately received countless application forms.

Almost everyone who had expectations for themselves, or who had some expectations for magic and supernormal capabilities, signed up.

This even included several department heads. Su Minluo filtered according to age and physique, and then there was the question of hobbies.

For example, those who loved to drink and those who loved to smoke were given less weight. In this way, thirty young lads were selected. Most of them were security personnel – military personnel.

Only one-fifth were scientific researchers.

Thanks to previous experience, the experiments were conducted fairly quickly this time.

Four subjects were soon selected based on reactions that were much more pronounced than the average person’s.

Among them, Vice-Captain Lu Yong, who fought with Roland, performed the best.

He could barely reach the level of the worst magic apprentice in Delpon.

The next one was Ye Feng, and then the other two were also security personnel.

Of the four selected experimental subjects, Ye Feng was the only one who was a researcher.

So from this ratio, it was clear that intelligence made little difference, and a stronger and healthier body was a better fit.

It wasn’t a higher level of literacy.

Of course, Roland believed that when there was little difference in talent, it was the more educated who had more advantages later on.

Also, this data was not particularly well developed. After all, the number of people in the experiment was still too small.

But in the game, the physical qualities of a Mage were indeed far stronger than that of ordinary people.

There was probably some validity to it.

Roland did Magic Power Transformation tests twice a day on these four people. There was no way for more; they couldn’t physically tolerate it.

In reality, as Roland’s strength had increased, his physique had been strengthened a lot, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to conduct five or six Magic Power Transformations.

But they couldn’t do the same.

Over a month or so, each of these four men had gone through at least fifty experiments.

A lot of data was obtained.

And among them, Lu Yong was particularly gifted, relatively speaking.

Only relatively.

He could vaguely sense the flow of magic now.

Then this man revered Roland… like a god.

The others could not perceive magic, so Roland appeared to them as an ordinary person on the surface, and even though they knew that Roland possessed strong abilities, they did not intuitively feel them.

Lu Yong, on the other hand, could feel the amazing energy contained in Roland’s body every moment as long as he stayed in the laboratory

It was like a mountain towering in front of


The kind that could have a landslide at any moment.

Although Lu Yong’s progress wasn’t great, and he was still extremely far from casting spells, being able to sense magic was a great breakthrough

The experiment was extremely encouraging and the whole department was almost burning with enthusiasm for research.

If Roland hadn’t stopped them, these people would have stayed in the lab twenty-four hours a day.

Anyway, there were washrooms here and food could be sent over.

And in the game, Roland’s actions didn’t fall behind.

He “sniped” three more core personnel. He destroyed their magic equipment worth a total of twenty to thirty gold coins.

It wasn’t as much this time now that these people was too guarded to go out in their best equipment.

But this also resulted in three core personnel dying once.

It was not Roland who did it.

Rather, it was their opponents.

All celebrities would have some enemies.

Even a geeky Mage like Roland, who didn’t like to feud with people, was envied and some people wanted to take him out.

Those famous uploaders and tycoons were usually more ostentatious and offended a lot of people.

Due to their power, people didn’t dare to act recklessly.

But when they swapped out their good equipment for an average set, their strength was greatly reduced.

So three of them were assassinated by their haters.

The three people who were assassinated wanted to throw shade on Roland, only to have someone take the blame upon themselves right after they released the framing post on the forum.

And this person even volunteered to explain why he wanted to kill the three.

Although the three immediately deleted the post, several people had already seen it, and it dealt another blow to their reputation.

Originally, many netizens were quite vocal about Roland destroying people’s equipment, but now the vast majority of them thought what he did was good.

He was a man who was quick to take revenge when he had an axe to grind.

Then, after a few more days, Douglas reached out in-game and said, “Galen and the others want to talk to you.”

“Talk about what?”

“They said they want to apologize.” Douglas threw up his hands and said, “I’m only responsible for delivering the message. Whether you see them and reconcile, I don’t care.”

“Tell them to meet me in Delpon.” Roland laughed and said, “We can take the time to talk.”

Three days later, seven players arrived at Roland’s estate.

Including Roland, eight people sat in the courtyard around a large table in silence.

Roland didn’t want to talk.

The others were unsure how to speak.

In the end, it was a female streamer who spoke up. “Roland, let’s just let this go. It was our fault for trying to screw you, and now that you’ve gotten your revenge and vented, it’s time to let us off the hook.”

This female streamer had added quite a lot of Charm and looked quite pretty.

“Generally speaking, the guilty party always has to bleed a little to show that they mean it.” Roland looked at this female streamer and smiled. “You guys come running over here and say you’re going to reconcile? If I simply listened, wouldn’t I have no respect for myself?”

Looking at Roland who appeared aggressive, Galen slapped the table heavily and angrily said, “How much equipment have you destroyed? It’s good enough that we didn’t ask you to pay for it.”

“So it’s still my fault.” Roland laughed. “Why don’t we continue?”

The girl reached out to stop Galen, then she said in a serious tone, “You’re alone after all. There is no way you can beat us.”

Roland subconsciously leaned back. “You guys are mistaken. I’m dealing with you guys alone because I’m the only one needed. Do you really think we don’t have anyone in F6? Schuck and Betta, did you forget them?”

Their expressions changed drastically… They had really forgotten.

Since F6 had rarely acted as a group recently, except for Li Lin and the others who liked to team up together to level up at the Urganda Church of Love, Roland, Schuck, and Betta each had their own territory.

But when it came to a real fight, it wouldn’t be hard to gather all seven of them to act together. “They may not…” The female streamer still tried to argue.

But Roland waved his hand. “I believe that we are far closer than this impromptu rabble of yours.”

At this moment, Gardner, who had been listening for a long time, said, “What kind of compensation do you want?” “It’s not what I want, it’s what you guys want to give.” Roland smiled slightly. “Also, I want you guys to post a group apology video on the forums, stating that you will never secretly screw with me again.”

When they heard this, their faces looked as unsightly as if they had eaten feces.

These few people were considered well-known figures among the players, and having them post an apology video would be a great humiliation for them.

“You think you can just bully us…”

A Warrior player slapped the table and rose. “Then let’s fight and see who’s afraid?”

Roland nodded, spread his hands, and said smugly, “Go on then!”

The seven people looked at Roland and three stood up and tried to leave, but were dragged back to their chairs by a few of their friends.

They wore annoyed expressions and didn’t want to look at Roland anymore.

Gardner said, “Roland, don’t take things too far. Everything is negotiable, isn’t it?”

“When you united with the lichs to kill me, why didn’t you think that things shouldn’t be taken too far? Why didn’t you think that everything is negotiable then?” Roland humiliated them with their own words. “That’s a bad double standard to have.”

Gardner’s head also hurt when he heard this.

“So let’s put it another way,” Gardner said, scratching his head in pain. “What exactly would it take for you to let us off the hook and not force us to send a video apology?”

Roland shook his head and stood up.

That meant the negotiations had failed.

The others looked annoyed as they watched Roland leave and had no choice but to leave the manor themselves.

Roland came back into the room and Andonara, who had been watching from the side, laughed. “I’ve rarely seen you so aggressive.”

“I know these people of my own too well.” Roland sighed. “Sometimes your humility, your keeping the peace, is just a sign of your weakness and gullibility to them. You can’t talk things over with people who have always enjoyed having the world revolve around them-you just can’t back down at all.”

Andonara smiled and said, “By the way, how is it going with Stephanie?” “I’m planning to head over there.” Roland took Andonara’s soft and warm right hand. “I’ll trouble you to keep an eye on the house.”

“Okay.” Andonara smiled lightly.

Then Roland found time to teleport to the capital of Fareins and met Queen Stephanie without any problems.

“I was just about to send for you.” Stephanie grinned.

Because of the teleportation arrays that had been built everywhere, it wasn’t difficult to travel from Fareins to Hollevin now.

Moreover, the teleportation array was set for a maximum of ten people. This also cut off the idea of any country raiding another.

“I reckon the Temple of Light has got the mole by now.”

Sitting on Roland’s lap, Stephanie laughed. “They did find out, and you’ll never guess who the mole is!” “It’s either the Holy Lady or the Pope!” Roland smiled.

“You actually guessed right!” Stephanie then smiled slyly. “But only half right. There are not one, but two moles—the Holy Lady and the Pope!”

Roland couldn’t help but whistle.

This was some powerful news.

This was much more shocking than a fallen Saint Samurai.

Stephanie laughed and gloated, “Both of them were found out by Schuck. After he returned last month, he held a high-level meeting as both a Saint Samurai and a Golden Son, saying that the Alignment Detection could fail and that you told him about this.”

Roland nodded. “Indeed that’s what I said. I’ve done similar tests and the Alignment Detection isn’t really reliable. It can be misleading. And then?”

Then he requested the Goddess of Light to descend as a clone.


Roland clicked his tongue.

“And he stressed that the goddess had to use her divine eyes to check the top brass one by one.” Stephanie put her arm around Roland and smiled quite happily. “The first one was the Pope, and then the Holy Lady! Double bingo!”


Stephanie laughed so hard that she could barely stand.

She hung on Roland’s body like a pile of rotten meat.

It was no wonder she was so excited.

It was the tradition for the royal family to see the Temple of Light in trouble and expect them to make a fool of themselves.

“And then what?” asked Roland curiously.

“The Goddess of Light interrogated them as to why they were apostates.” Stephanie laughed. “I heard that the Goddess of Light was sad and annoyed at that time.”

“Did they say anything?” Roland was also quite curious.

This kind of gossip could hardly be seen in centuries.

“The Pope grew up as a pawn planted in the Temple of Light by the Realm of Devils and was a henchman of the Demon Goddess Sidi, who isn’t strong in combat, but is quite good at supporting magic and knew how to subvert Alignment Detection.” Stephanie laughed. “Then the Pope went undercover in the Temple of Light and rose moved up all the way to where he is now.”

“He must have died a terrible death,” said Roland after some thought.

“Yes, the Goddess of Light burned him directly on the spot; even his soul was burned into light crystals.” “What about the Holy Lady?” Roland asked.

“You’ll never think of the reason for her betrayal.” Stephanie’s expression looked rather comical at this point, trying desperately to stifle a laugh but unable to do so.

Then she laughed her head off in Roland’s lap and couldn’t stop for a while.

“Say it.” Roland slapped her buttocks.

They felt extremely good in his hand. “Then I’ll mimic the cries of the Holy Lady at that time!”

Stephanie cleared her throat. “‘Why, Goddess, why did you steal my man!””

Roland’s mouth stayed open.

Stephanie’s expression instantly became resentful. “‘I was the one who met Schuck first, brought him into the church, had our first meal together, and went on our first date together, but why… are you, as a goddess, stealing men from mortals like us? Aren’t any of the male gods in the Realm of Gods to your liking? Or can they not satisfy you!’”

Roland’s mouth stayed open.

“According to my informant’s report—”. Stephanie laughed again, and after a while, she wiped her eyes and said, “The atmosphere of the high council meeting was quite odd. All the cardinals, and all the Saint Samurai, their mouths were so wide open that it wasn’t a problem to stick a fist in them.”

“And then what of the Lady?” Roland laughed too, unable to hold it in.

“The Goddess of Light’s clone was first stunned, then covered her face and flew back to the divine realm. She didn’t even give an order about what to do with the Holy Lady, who ended up in jail for now.” Stephanie’s voice was hoarse with laughter. “Then Schuck also ran away on the red dragon… It’s said that there is no news of him even till now. The entire Church of the Light is now leaderless, but the good thing is that the cardinals still have some power. They are desperately trying to suppress the flow of news, but I predict it won’t be suppressed for long.”

Of course, it couldn’t be suppressed for long.

The Pope was dead and the Holy Lady had been seized.

The entire Temple of Light was almost paralyzed.

What else could be done?

Roland laughed and pinged Schuck in the system chat.

“How does it feel to be caught between two feuding women?”

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