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Chapter 557 - Drama

Chapter 557 Drama

“We meet again, Paine.” Nia was utterly cold and unapproachable.

Everybody was howling in the stream channel.

“Oh! This is the angel girl whose picture Roland posted soon after the game was launched.”

“Look at her body, her face, her vibe. I’m going to save her image as my wallpaper.”

“She’s absolutely gorgeous. I think she’s even more beautiful than Roland’s queen.”

“I’m already done.” “I like her cold and condescending attitude. Come step on me! Step on me hard!”

In terms of appearance, Andonara and Nia were equally attractive. Both of them were so beautiful that no man could move his eyes away from them. However, the difference was that Nia was an angel.

Her identity had brought her huge sensual advantages.



On many occasions, one’s identity could significantly increase one’s charm. Suppose a civilian girl and a noble girl were equally beautiful and wore similar clothes; people would inevitably feel that the noble girl was prettier. That was the advantages of identity. By the same logic, even though Queen Andonara was as beautiful as Nia, the queen was a human being.

The angel, on the other hand, was the epitome of purity and sacredness. Also, their white wings made them a lot more exotic.

Therefore, it was understandable that Nia was more popular than Andonara.

Unlike the stream channel which was lively and delightful, the world Roland was in was freezing cold.

The black male angel glared at Roland, and Nia immediately stood before him. The Shield Warrior dropped a hint at the other three teammates. Then, all the four of them slowly backed off. After a dozen meters, they turned back and ran off.

At the same time, the Shield Warrior made an apologetic gesture and said something soundlessly. Although he didn’t hear anything, Roland understood what he wanted to express, as he could read lips with Language Proficiency. “Boss, sorry, but we don’t want to get involved in your love triangle! Until next time!”


What love triangle?

Watching the four of them disappear as quickly as scared rabbits, Roland was lost for words.

You don’t even know where you are. Do you not need me to teleport you back?

Roland mumbled to himself.

However, he did understand that the professional players, especially those above level eight, had abundant experience in battle and wilderness survival. As long as they escaped from the danger, they could find a way to survive and go back.

It was much better than being accidentally killed by the AOE attacks in the conflict between the two angels. After all, they had already accomplished their quest and received their EXP.

However, the viewers in the stream channel didn’t want that.

All kinds of comments were flying out. “Bro, don’t run away from the drama!”

“You’re refusing such an excellent drama? Are you even a human being?”

“Someone tip him! Nothing in this world can’t be taken care of with money.”

That comment shed light on many rich viewers.

Immediately, a dozen notifications of generous tips appeared on the top of the stream channel with shock fireworks effects.

The running Priest was so shocked that he lost balance and accidentally kicked a rock.

He immediately fell off and slipped on the ground, performing a standard prostate braking. Three trails, two thick and one thin, were left on the sand.

Then, the Priest jumped back to his feet and declared solemnly, “It just occurred to me that we can’t abandon Roland like this. This is not what friends should do, so I’m going back. Who’s with me?”

His three teammates looked at him weirdly and raised their middle fingers at him.

Having played the game for such a long time, none of them were idiots.

Watching his teammates running off, the Priest shook his head helplessly. “What a bunch of disloyal men. Dear viewers, give me more tips. I’m going to be killed soon, and I’ll lose a great amount of EXP.”

The banners of another few generous tips flew across his stream channel.

The Priest was quite satisfied. As if he were ready to sacrifice himself, he said, “Since you’re all eager to see the result, I’ll just go back for all of you. Keep it


After that, the Priest roared and ran back.

When he returned to somewhere near Roland, he heard the black angel shouting in rage.

“Why? We’ve known each other for more than a hundred years, but you never let me touch Mother’s button at all. Why did you give it to him when you’ve known him for no more than two years? Why?”

Wow… The viewers in the stream channel began to enjoy the drama.

The Priest hid somewhere far behind Roland, but he was able to overhear their conversation.

Roland looked back at the Priest. He was slightly confused, wondering why the guy had returned from his escape.

But Roland’s attention was soon drawn to Nia’s voice.

Nia raised her beautiful golden eyebrows and said coldly, “All of our siblings have Mother’s button except you. Do you not know why? You think Mother didn’t see what you were thinking in your dark heart?”

“What was I thinking?” The male angel sneered with curled lips. “Why don’t you tell me?”

Nia stopped talking and put on an even more awful expression, as if she were too embarrassed to speak

At this moment, the black angel said again with that sarcastic tone, “You dare not say it aloud? Are you afraid that your little man will think badly of the Paradise of Life if he hears it?”

If Nia’s attitude was cold just now, she felt like absolute zero at this moment.

She stepped back and said softly, “Roland, I’ll hold him back later. You leave with teleportation first, understand?”

“I can stay and help you!” “You’ll only be helping him if you stay,” said Nia gently. “Although you’ve been growing fast, you’re still too weak to participate in our battle. I’ll be more reassured to fight if you go away.” “Then you can keep this.” Roland took out a white brick from the system Backpack and said, “I think you should be able to absorb the magic power in it.”

After a brief shock, Nia smiled and said, “Okay, thanks.”

Then, she grabbed Roland’s brick with her left hand carefully. A swarm of comments popped up in the stream channel again. “The angel is beautiful when she’s cold, and even more so when she smiles!”

“She’s nonchalant to her compatriot but so friendly to Roland. There’s definitely something between those two.”

“Roland is so awesome. Not only does he have a queen, but he’s also stealing someone else’s love.”

“How do you know that she’s his love? Can’t they be regular friends?” “According to Roland’s taste, I believe that this angel must be someone’s wife, or he wouldn’t have taken action.” “You’re all too filthy. Aren’t those two angels a brother and a sister?”

“That’s an even more provocative thought. You’re truly familiar with promiscuities, aren’t you?” Exactly like what the viewers said, Nia’s completely different attitudes toward the two of them pissed off the male angel opposite her.

He waved his sword and slashed at Roland.

Roland didn’t take any reaction, because the enemy’s attack was too fast.

After all, the angel was a Demigod, and he was from a species that was famous for their speed By the time Roland realized that he was being attacked, Nia had already blocked it with her emerald sword.

However, the blast from the collision of the swords knocked Roland several meters away.

Although the impact seemed heavy, Roland simply rolled on the ground and got back to his feet unscathed.

After blocking the guy’s attack, Nia subconsciously kicked him… which, of course, was also too fast for Roland and the other viewers to see.

They only saw a black thread being flung backward at a crazy speed, before they heard the sonic explosion and noticed the dust on the way behind the black thread.

It was a truly shocking battle.

Roland couldn’t even see the attacks clearly.

The gap between him and them was still too huge. Roland blinked to the Priest and patted his shoulder. “I’m leaving. I’m the black angel’s target, so you should head opposite of where I go.” After that, Roland performed multiple teleportations.

But each time he blinked far away, a black storm would be raging around him.

Then, the black storm would be stopped by a mass of green light.

Those two parties were clashing and fighting ten meters around him, leaving countless deep marks on the ground.

Roland was secretly shocked.

He naturally knew that the invisible black storm was the black angel and the green light was Nia.

He had teleported many times, but he still couldn’t get rid of them.

Those two angels were too fast.

It seemed that he had to use Long-Distance Teleportation.

However, it would take two seconds to prepare for it, and something might go wrong if he was disturbed during the preparation. Earlier, the spatial crevice attacks that the black angel launched indicated that he was better at spatial magic than Roland was.

Therefore, it was definitely a stupid thing to use Long-Distance Teleportation at this moment.

But Roland had other solutions.

He began to flash and teleport consistently in the same direction.

It was a silly but practical approach. Roland had as much MP as a Legendary Mage at this moment. Also, with his talents in spatial magic, his mana cost would be reduced when he used spatial magic. Besides, he had Roland’s Zeal, the special mana regeneration skill. Therefore, he could persist for a long time even though he kept flashing from place to place. The black angel might not be able to do the same—not because his mana was less than Roland’s, but because he had to deal with Nia.

Logically, Nia should be stronger than the black angel, especially when the latter was still wounded. However, in order to protect Roland, Nia dared not attack with all her strength, in case her enemy circumvented her and attacked Roland directly.

She did a great job stopping the black angel from approaching Roland. Therefore, with her protection, Roland believed that he should be safe from the black angel’s attacks as long as he kept running.

With that in mind, Roland kept flashing in the same direction.

The view before his eyes changed nonstop, and he moved faster and faster.

At first, the black angel was able to keep up with Roland, but he couldn’t hit Roland because all his attacks were blocked by Nia. He was soon exhausted.

As time went by, and with old wounds and new ones, he couldn’t keep up with Roland anymore.

Just like that, half an hour later, Roland found that the black angel was fighting the green light somewhere far away after three consecutive flashes.

He immediately used Long-Distance Teleportation and vanished into thin air two seconds later.

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