Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 556 - Even a Demigod Has to Dodge

Chapter 556 Even a Demigod Has to Dodge

It was impossible for a human being to directly absorb the magic power stored in a brick of magic power. The process had to be guided with one’s mental power, which could take a long time.

In order to improve the absorption speed, one had to build a floating city with the bricks to create a large area of Magic Power Affluence. Then, one had to contain and compress the magic power with magic arrays to prevent it from leaking. In such a way, the master of the floating city would have a piece of legendary “equipment” that could quickly replenish his mana, fly in the sky, and serve as a sturdy stronghold.

He would be the best in terms of offense, defense, duration, and mobility.

Having such a thing in the main plane would almost be like cheating.

The bricks of magic power, as the fundamental materials to build a floating city, each contained an enormous amount of magic power and didn’t have any side effects.

The case was entirely different when such a brick was inserted into an elemental body. The flame man that Roland turned into instantly grew to 2.5 meters tall. Also, the flames turned from dark red to blue.

The sand nearby was scorched by the shocking heat.

All the sand within a six-meter radius of Roland had been melted into a boiling pond where bubbles were popping up. Because elements didn’t have any mass, Roland simply stood on the pond of magma as a man of flames without sinking Also, the blue fireball in his hand was expanding much more quickly than before.

An infinite number of comments were posted in the stream channel. “Sweet mother of god. What did he just stuff into his body?”

“I took a snapshot. I think it was a white brick.”

“That must be a special item for this quest.”

“It might not be a special item but some sort of alchemical product. At this moment, Roland knows the Mage much better than anybody else. The other Mages, including O’Neal, might not know half as much as Roland does.”

“I don’t care what it is. Don’t you think that Roland looks awesome right now? That’s Elemental Embodiment! Should I consider restarting as a Mage?” “Do you think he can win? The enemy seems very strong, although Roland doesn’t look weak either.”

Everybody in the stream channel had the same question.

They weren’t on the battlefield, and they didn’t know how strong the black angel was exactly.

But they could tell that the boss was formidable with the space attack he launched earlier.

Naturally, the black angel sensed Roland’s change as clearly as the players did.

He moved his fingers again and launched another cross attack with spatial crevices.

However, his attack range was significantly reduced this time. The previous attack was two kilometers long, but this one was only about one kilometer.

Roland was shattered into different parts again. In the next second, Roland took another brick of magic power out of his system Backpack and inserted it into his body.

Watching Roland turn into a massive man of flames again, the players in the stream channel were lost for words. The black angel opposite him was just as surprised.

This time, he didn’t move his fingers anymore but waited patiently.

Three seconds later, the blue fireball that Roland was raising became more than nine meters in diameter.

It was so bright that a radius of hundreds of meters was illuminated.

The dreadful temperature expanded the lava pond below Roland’s feet to ten meters in diameter.

The air nearby was heated and quickly pushed up, and the cold air farther away filled the vacuum, forming intense air currents that eventually escalated into unimaginable gales.

In such an atmosphere, Roland raised the horrifying massive fireball in his hands.

He looked more like a boss at this moment than the black angel did.

Sensing that the magic power in the brick in his body had been completely transferred to the fireball, Roland subconsciously took a deep breath, even though elemental creatures didn’t need


Then, he exerted his strength and threw out the fireball.

The movement of throwing was just a psychological hint. What really launched the fireball was his immense mental power.


After the fireball was thrown out, it charged at the black castle ahead unstoppably, covered in the high-temperature air currents that made it look like a comet flying at high


The black angel stared at the blue fireball as it got closer and closer. Then, he flapped his wings and soared to the high altitudes quickly. The blue fireball vanished suddenly the moment it hit the castle.

Everybody was stunned, including the viewers at the stream channel.

But in the next second, a dazzling flash occurred.

Half a second later, miserable cries burst out.

“Ah, my eyes…” “S*it, I can’t see!”

Roland’s teammates weren’t dead yet. Normal people could live more than ten minutes after being cut into halves from the waist, not to mention the professionals who were highly sturdy.

They had been watching the fireball fly while holding up their body with their hands.

However, they didn’t expect the nuclear flash of the explosion to be so astounding. Before they were done crying, rumbling noises carried to them from the distance

A ball of light quickly rose and grew larger in size like the sun. The rumbling noises pressed close quickly. The Shield Warrior watched the bright red waves of air flooding to him like a tsunami at an unbelievable speed. When the air waves reached them, all eight pieces of their bodies were carbonized and set ablaze in two seconds.

Their ashes then rolled forward along with the airwaves.

Wherever the airwaves reached, the sand on the ground was completely melted. Roland was absolutely unaffected.

With Elemental Embodiment, he found such an environment rather cozy. There was no longer any video in the stream channel.

The streaming had been cut off since the moment the Priest died.

When a player died, his streaming would be cut off. That was a rule set up by the authorities.

The terrifying red airwaves didn’t stop until they spread more than one kilometer.

The castle that was hit vanished in the enormous ball of light.

A red mushroom cloud rose from the spot of the explosion. It was almost five kilometers tall.

The mushroom cloud was so bright that the whole desert was illuminated.

Also, it opened a huge hole in the thick clouds in the sky.

The sunlight came in through the hole and formed a slanted enormous pillar of golden light.

The system already sent out notifications.

“You have killed the target and completed the quest. EXP +11,235.”

“You have killed the Heavy-Armored Skeleton. After the redistribution of the team system, you’ve received…” “You have killed the Banshee. After the redistribution of the team system, you’ve received…”

“You have killed the Evil Claw…”

Almost a thousand notifications told Roland how much EXP he received. Those minions didn’t yield much EXP individually, but there were a lot of them.

Roland was too lazy to count the EXP he received. He simply glanced at the EXP bar.

More than eighty percent of the bar had been filled.

“Too bad I can’t loot any equipment.” Looking at the enormous round pit from which red lava was still flowing, Roland heaved a helpless sigh.

It was impossible for any equipment below the level of Epic to remain intact under such an explosion. The dark clouds gradually dispersed.

The other players approached from the resurrection point nearby.

In fact, they had already laid down a simple altar for the Life Goddess before the battle.

Such portable altars were the inventions of certain deft players. They could be disassembled and assembled easily. Even a five-year-old could assemble it in a minute.

The Priest then reopened the streaming system.

The viewers in the stream channel, looking at the mushroom cloud that hadn’t completely dispersed and the gigantic pit far away, were too shocked to say anything

Roland resumed his human form.

He asked the Shield Warrior, “How much EXP did you receive? Is it enough to make up for your loss?”. “It’s more than enough.” The Shield Warrior smiled. “Why don’t you check our level?”

“You set it to be invisible,” said Roland helplessly. That was actually a system function that could be turned on and off.

“Oh, I forgot.” Immediately, the Shield Warrior showed his level. He was already level ten, and the other three teammates rose from level eight to nine, which meant that the EXP they earned was much more than that they lost upon death.

“We’ve completed the quest. Should we get going?”

Roland was about to take some magic materials out of his system Backpack and draw a teleportation magic array.

But exactly at this moment, the round shield hanging on his left hand moved upward on its own.

After a clink, Roland was forced to take a few steps back, and he almost fell on his knees.

In midair, a shadow was bounced back, and he regained his balance two seconds later.

It was the black angel. Now that the two parties were close, the players were finally able to see his face. He had short black hair and bright brown eyes. He was rather handsome.

He looked at Roland and the round shield in his hand with grief. “She gave that to you? Why?”

Roland felt excruciating pain all over his body, and he didn’t have any strength left.

He quickly opened the system menu, only to discover that a lot of his organs were bleeding.

Although the enemy’s attack was blocked by the round shield, the brunt was still too powerful for Roland to take.

Fortunately, his HP was very high. Any other players would’ve been killed by internal bleeding even though the round shield helped block the attack.

The male angel, whose face was twisted in jealousy, slowly landed with a sword in his hand. “Also, you’re a nonbeliever. I’m going to kill you and hang your soul on the Wall of Nonbelievers, where you will suffer from the blow of the Nether Wind in eternal agony.” Roland cast a healing spell on himself.

Stunned for a moment, the other four players all stood before Roland. “You dare to stand in my way, ants?” The black angel sneered and raised his longsword that emitted black light. He was about to swing the sword, but then he suddenly retreated. A streak of green light descended from the sky and landed before Roland. White wings were unfolded and protected Roland and the others.


The black angel seemed sad and exasperated.

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