Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 558 - Cats and Cats

Chapter 558 Cats and Cats

After Roland flashed away, the Priest ran off in the opposite direction.

Everybody in the stream channel was disappointed.

There were no more dramas to watch… The netizens were always passionate about gossip, or famous stars’ visits to hair salons wouldn’t have been trending topics for days.

The Priest thanked those who tipped him again and then ended the stream.

The viewers, who hadn’t fully expressed themselves yet, all went to the forum. Then all kinds of posts about Roland, the angel, and love appeared.

For example:

One nuclear bomb to destroy the nest along with the BOSS and the inferior monsters: do Mages really not need nerfing?

I strongly demand that the top Mages be nerfed and the rookie Mages be buffed, so that their gap won’t be so huge!

I’m also a Mage, but I’m as different from Roland as a man is from a dog.

Such posts were all complaining about the class imbalance.

There were certain other posts that were purely gossip. “I came to her first”: a lesson on how to pick up angels.

Why does Roland keep getting such super beautiful girls who have noble identities?

What exactly did Roland do to him to make an innocent angel fall to darkness?

Some other threads went like this:

A rational analysis on the nature of Roland’s bricks.

What kind of revolution will elementization bring to Mages?

Loss of fatal weaknesses: Elementization turns the game into one where nothing but stats matter.

Whatever the posts were about, Roland became the center of attention on the forum again.

Many people even made auto-tune videos for him.

It almost became a carnival for the netizens.

Roland didn’t know any of that. He had teleported back to the Red Magic Tower.

He was complaining to the Great Elder. “I’ve killed the First Princess’s ex-husband, but Great Elder, the black angel was still there treating his wounds. I almost couldn’t make it back.”

Alfred the Great Elder was dealing with school affairs while he listened to Roland.

He was so shocked to hear what Roland said that he accidentally left a scratch on the paper. He frowned and said, “We know very well how strong the black angel is. We only managed to escape when someone sacrificed themselves. How did you get back?” “With the help of another angel!”

The Great Elder’s eyes widened. “Was it a he or a she?”

“A she!”


Alfred eyed Roland up and down. “This is uncanny. You don’t look very handsome to me, but why are so many women attracted to you? Not just your queen, even Stephanie has let you take charge of her territory. Now you’ve picked up an angel too? Can you teach me how to do that? I’d like to keep a Life Angel by my side.”

Roland said helplessly, “Great Elder, can we be serious?”

“Hahahaha.” The Great Elder laughed in delight. “You don’t have much sense of humor, which is not very good. It’s already a stereotype that Mages are sullen and rigid. I don’t want the younger generation to remain like that.”

Roland couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “Great Elder, there isn’t really much I can do when everybody is behaving that way.”

Actually, just like Roland said, most Mages were so addicted to magic that they were emotionally and socially impaired. Every day, they were either studying magic or on their way to do so.

Their character wouldn’t change until they made great progress in magic and traveled the world for a while.

For those who were smart, they wouldn’t be really bad at socialization.

It was just that the Mages never bothered chit-chatting with others. Wasn’t it more fun to study magic than to discuss the girl that a certain noble recently scored or the unmarried lady who got pregnant? Also, on many occasions, they might suddenly have an inspiration about magic during their conversation with others, and then they would immediately leave.


It was also the reason why the Mages came across to everybody as condescending and temperamental loners.

Hearing that, the Great Elder smiled and said, “In that case, I won’t force you to do anything. Although you didn’t bring back the angel’s blood, it’s fine. Our main objective was to kill the First Princess’s ex-husband, which you have accomplished. You’ve also survived the hunt of a Demigod. Your eyes were opened, so we achieved both our purposes.”

Roland was rather touched as he listened.

He found that the Red Magic Tower was very nice to him.

Although it was nothing on the surface, many resources had been subtly delivered to him without drawing much attention.

Was the Red Magic Tower intentionally grooming him?

Though he understood it well, Roland showed no feelings on his face. He said, “Great Elder, I’ll be leaving, if that’s all.”

“Okay.” The Great Elder waved his hand. “I know you’re eager to study magic, so get the hell out of here. Right… I’ll have the reward delivered to your manor in a day or two.”

“Okay. Thank you, Great Elder.” Roland then left.

After the door was closed, the Great Elder chuckled and slightly shook his head, before he continued his work.

About half an hour later, someone knocked at the door.

“Come in.”

A young Mage pushed open the door and walked in. He was smiling and looked very sunny and delighted.

He walked straight to the Great Elder and bowed. He then said cheerfully, “Great Elder, I’m here to apply for the spell model of Language Proficiency. I’m told that Roland already submitted it to the Red Magic Tower a while back. I want to learn it.”

“The modified model of Language Proficiency is indeed much simpler. You can learn it.” The Great Elder nodded. “However, you will only be able to hear and speak, not read or write, at your current level.”

“Okay.” The young man smiled and said, “Then I’ll work harder and try to get to the bottom of this spell next year.” Hearing that, the Great Elder slightly raised his head and said to the young man, “Jared, I’ve heard a lot about you. You’re good at socialization and leadership You’re quite talented in magic too. It seems that you have balanced your social life and magic studies


The young man nodded and accepted the Great Elder’s compliment confidently.

He believed that he deserved the compliment.

“But that’s not very good.” The Great Elder slightly shook his head.

Jared was briefly stunned.

“In the end, strength is what matters to a Mage,” said the Great Elder casually. “Any social connections will be brittle in front of absolute strength. Mages have to be steady and mysterious. You don’t have to be loyal to anyone except magic.” Jared was stunned.

He was the kind of person who was good at socializing and believed that socializing was of great help to his career as a Mage. Also, since he began to study magic, his social connections had helped him a lot in the acquisition of magic resources.

Seeing that Jared was stunned, the Great Elder continued, “In that regard, you must learn from Roland. You need to be as steady, self-restrained, smart, and always eager to study as him.”

Jared’s smiling face became solemner. He nodded, showing that he had accepted the Great Elder’s advice.

“Very good. This is the spell model you asked for.” The Great Elder gave a parchment to Jared. “Don’t care so much about socializing in the future, and don’t smile every day. A Mage has to be self-contained, got it?”

Jared nodded again.

Then, the Great Elder waved his hand and dismissed the visitor.

After leaving the room, Jared opened the parchment. Looking at the dense and patterned nodes on the parchment, he couldn’t help but feel that those nodes were really beautiful.

“Is this the Language Proficiency that Roland has simplified?” Jared’s eyes glowed. “Impressive. The Great Elder was right. I truly have to learn from him to be an orthodox Mage. I’m older than he is, yet I’m far less skilled than him. My social connections have wasted too much of my time. From today on, I’ll reduce my participation in unnecessary social gatherings.”

Roland had no idea that a decent young man had set him as an example thanks to the persuasion of the Great Elder, who clearly had double standards.

He was simply confused at the messy yard before his eyes. “I remember that everything looked well before I left. Why is it such a mess now?”

There had been a flat lawn in the manor, which was clean and beautiful.

However, some parts of the lawn had been replaced by pits and clods.

As a result, the whole manor looked hideous.

A few servants were standing nearby. One of them said timidly, “Master, a Mage just came from outside and had a fight with Miss Marilyn. This is the result of their fight.”


Roland was rather surprised. Everybody in the Red Magic Tower knew that Marilyn was his “slave.” Even the Elders had been showing her some respect. Why would anyone come to fight him?

Did the catgirl do anything terrible? “Where are they right now?”

All the servants shook their heads.

Thinking for a moment, Roland took a stick out of his system Backpack. He was about to locate Marilyn with Lesser Benediction, when Marilyn suddenly jumped over the wall and landed steadily.

Upon seeing Roland, she ran to him and shouted, “Master, help! Someone wants to catch me! Meow!”

Roland felt a headache coming on. He wasn’t convinced by the catgirl; she didn’t have the fear and desperation of someone being hunted on her face even though she looked anxious.

There was more fury than fear on her face.

The catgirl ran to Roland and hid behind him.

Then, another person jumped over the wall agilely. The stranger was wearing a magic robe with a pair of black cat ears and a long cat tail.

She seemed both cute and somewhat domineering

She was another catgirl.

After she jumped in, she walked straight to Roland.

“Sell your cat to me.”

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