Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 311 - A Magic Power Competition?

Chapter 311 A Magic Power Competition?

Seeing the woman, the leading mercenary roared, “Wretched vampire, just give it up! We don’t have the Black Bones anymore! You’ll never know where they are!”

The woman walked forward gracefully and stood five meters away from the mercenary.

Then she smiled. “Vampire? Only humble human beings dare to call us that. Even the elves have to treat us with respect. Who do you think you are?”

The mercenary was soaked with water, which made him highly uncomfortable.

The rainwater was flowing into his eyes, but he dared not wipe them, fearing that the vampire would attack suddenly.

“Haha. Vampires are vampires. You are a dark creature, however noble you pretend to be. Just walk in the daylight if you think you’re capable of it!”

The woman in black was not angry. She simply went on with her alluring, mature voice: “It’s fine. I can walk in daylight when I become a Legend. But you should be more concerned about yourself right now. Bring out the Black Bones, and I can spare half of you.”

“Let me repeat, we don’t have the Black Bones!” The leading mercenary was anxious, but he still roared at the woman. “You can get nothing by killing us. Besides, we’re not so easy to kill.”

The woman laid her fingers on her fiery lips and laughed so hard, she shook. “You’re not easy to kill? I would like to have a try!”

Though they were under the threat of death, the mercenaries felt lustful when they heard her laughter.

They were even more frightened.

When the woman appeared, the dozen black humanoid creatures fell quiet, but they were getting aggressive again as she laughed.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere was full of tension.

The black humanoid creatures crept forward and pressed on.

“Let me say it again. Hand me the Black Bones, and I can spare half of you.” The woman glanced at the mercenaries.

Someone was immediately tempted. After all, it seemed that they couldn’t get away from this, and the instinct for survival was strong in most people.

One of the mercenaries shouted, “My lady, I don’t know about the Black Bones, but I know that Simba hid something. I caught him meeting someone we didn’t know in the mercenary guild two days earlier.”

The leading mercenary turned around and looked at his companion in disbelief. “Korotia, how can you…”

The woman in black rolled her eyes, which were emitting a faint red glow. Her voice was not loud, but she interrupted the leading mercenary and said, “Okay, you can go now.”

The mercenary named Korotia slowly retreated, holding his weapon.

Those hideous humanoid creatures opened a gap for him to pass through.

Korotia slowly moved backward while holding his weapon, and when he thought he was at a safe distance, he turned around and ran.

Very soon, his back disappeared into the hazy rain.

Almost everybody, including Roland who was monitoring the battle with the three magic spiders, thought that the woman would attack Korotia when he turned around and fled, or that she would deploy the creepy sharp-toothed humanoid creatures to hunt him down.

But after they waited a while, she really didn’t do anything.

“Okay, I’ve already set one of you free…” Noticing everybody’s strange expressions, the woman chuckled and said, “You think I would go back on my word?”

She glanced at all the mercenaries in disdain. “Don’t compare vampires to pitiful human beings. Lies are expected for you, but not for the vampires.”

Everybody was silent.

The woman grinned and said, “Now, who else is going to provide intelligence for me? I’ll let them go too.”

Now that Korotia had set an example for them, almost everybody lost their steadfastness.

Quite a few mercenaries quickly stepped away from their leader.

The leading mercenary looked at them and roared, “I paid a fortune for your service! How can you abandon me at such a crucial moment?”

“Sorry.” One of the mercenaries wiped the rainwater on his face and said calmly, “But I don’t think gold coins are as important as my life.”

“But if you fail a quest from the mercenary guild…”

“I can’t receive another quest in the next two years.” The mercenary slowly retreated and said when he was a dozen meters from the leader, “I can afford the wait.”

His face twisted, the leading mercenary declared, “I really shouldn’t have hired you to protect me.”

“I really shouldn’t have worked as your guard! Look at how many of my brothers have been killed!” the defecting mercenary roared. “You stupid coward, you told me that there might be minor problems. But vampires are involved and you’re telling me that that’s a minor problem?”

The woman in black smiled cockily now that they were fighting. In the darkness, her glimmering red eyes were like wind in the moonlight.

After cursing his leader, the mercenary turned around and said to the woman, “I don’t know anything about the Black Bones, but we split up three hours ago, and a team went southeast.”

“Got it.” The woman in black nodded. “You can take three men away with you.”

The mercenary was relieved, but he still did not drop his weapon. “Thank you, my lady.”

Another three mercenaries immediately came to him

The woman in black waved her hand, and the humanoid creatures let them pass.

Those four immediately moved back and then ran away without looking back at all.

While the leaves were rustling, the leading mercenary looked at the dozen humanoid creatures as well as the woman who was getting cold, knowing that he would be dead for sure if he didn’t do something.

“My lady, why are you still killing us when you know that we do not have the Black Bones?”

“I gave you a chance,” the woman said expressionlessly. “If you had told me that another squad went in a different direction earlier, I would’ve spared half of you, or even all of you if I was in a good mood. But you shouldn’t have taken your chances and wasted my time.”

The woman pointed her finger at the leading mercenary.

“Let’s fight her!”

The leading mercenary roared, and his two remaining companions charged with him.

But the moment those mercenaries took off, a tornado was formed on the woman’s fingertip, before it expanded into a gigantic cannonball and blew at the three mercenaries.

A tunnel of empty space was left behind when the air bubble was launched. On its path, all the raindrops were blown away by the unbelievable blast.

The leading mercenary was hit first. He was flung back into the wall of the rock tent and immediately shattered into smithereens. The blood on the tent splashed radially but was soon washed away by rainwater.

After hitting the leading mercenary, the bubble turned into countless air blades that cut down everything within five meters.

The other two mercenaries were chopped into countless pieces by the dense air blades.

It was impossible to tell that they used to be humans.

Their blood flowed and sprawled on the ground along with the rainwater.

The woman in black turned her eyes at the rock tent that she had found odd from the start.

She could tell that it was likely a magic creation made through a transformation spell.

Also, just like those mercenaries, she had seen strong light coming from here before, but the light was now gone, which indicated that someone might be hiding in the rock tent.

She made a gesture and asked the humanoid creatures to surround the rock tent.

Then, with a pair of black bat wings growing on her back, she flew around the rock, only to find no entrances at all. She simply kicked it.

After a thud, she was blown back five meters.

She subconsciously frowned. The wall was so hard that her feet had become numb. If she couldn’t break the wall, neither could her subordinates.

Many books had it that the vampires were magic creatures and bad at melee battles.

But that was a lie. The vampires were weak during the day and would be heavily wounded in sunlight, so they could only deal with enemies with spells.

But vampires would be in their peak state at night, and their dark powers were specially enhanced during this time.

The vampires were actually good at both physical and magical abilities, except that they preferred spells. After all, gracefulness was the pursuit of every vampire.

“I know that someone’s inside. You may have special ways to see what’s going on outside and hear my voice,” the woman said casually. “I’ll give you five minutes to come out. I don’t want to waste my strength. If you’re unrelated to those mercenaries, I’ll let you go.”

While those inside the rock tent were unlikely to be connected to the mercenaries who stole the Black Bones, she was not 100% sure. If those mercenaries were only lying and they had stored the Black Bones in the rock tent, wouldn’t she be the greatest joke of she were to believe them and chase the rats who had fled southeast? In that case, whoever was in the rock tent could take the opportunity to run away.

Flapping her wings slowly, the woman in black dress floated in midair.

After waiting for five minutes, she heard no replies from within the shelter, so she sneered and pointed at it while she chanted, “Stone to Mud.”

A circle with a radius of about two meters appeared on the wall.

At this point, Roland saw that the woman was taking action through the picture that the spiders delivered, and that she was using Stone to Mud, which he was quite familiar with.

Roland immediately reacted. He snapped his fingers and said, “Mud to Stone.”

Outside of the tent, the woman was briefly stunned. When she had just softened the wall and it hadn’t really turned into mud yet, a stream of magic power flowed from inside the tent and turned the circle into hard stone again.


A magic power competition with me?

The woman’s wine-colored eyes glowed even brighter. She licked her lips in obvious excitement.

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