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Chapter 312 - A Man Should Be Enduring

Chapter 312 A Man Should Be Enduring

The magic spiders could only deliver images but not sound, which was a problem that Roland had yet to resolve.The wall of the tent was so thick that it physically blocked the sounds from outside.

Therefore, Roland had no idea what the woman in black said.

He only saw that the woman killed three mercenaries more than easily.

His eyes glittered when he saw how she changed her air cannonball into multiple wind blades.

Roland had been meaning to learn the trick to change the effects of a spell model, but nobody ever taught him that… Or rather, nobody in Hollevin was capable of that.

He was of a mind to ask the black-dressed lady how to alter the qualities of a spell model.

But after seeing that Simba was squashed and his two fellows were cut into pieces, Roland gave up the idea.

There was no telling if this woman would go crazy and attack the magic apprentices.

Roland considered himself an even match with the woman, and Andonara could kill those weirdly-shaped creatures.

But the problem was that Roland wouldn’t be able to protect the magic apprentices and the six coachmen.

Roland could dodge the air cannonball, but the multiple wind blades with a radius of several meters could kill a couple of apprentices or coachmen easily.

If he were by himself, Roland would’ve jumped out and asked the woman about the variations of spell models. It would be fine even if she were to kill him a couple of times. If that didn’t work, he could ask his friends to help him control her and force the knowledge from her.

After all, the woman did not seem like a nice person, and he wouldn’t feel guilty interrogating her.

But regretfully… those around him needed his protection.

Then, seeing that the woman cast Stone to Mud on the rock tent, he subconsciously cast Mud to Stone to counter.

Watching the wall that turned solid again, the woman licked her crimson lips and pointed remotely, and the wall softened again.

Then, the magic power from inside the tent hardened the wall yet again.

“Interesting.” The woman pointed at the rock tent even faster.

The wall softened.

But the person inside the tent reacted faster too and solidified the wall.


The woman laughed crazily and pointed at the tent faster and faster.

After that, counterattacks were initiated from the tent in accordance with her speed.

Then things got interesting.

The woman pointed at the same spot on the wall, which was softened and hardened again and again.

It was quite a funny scene.

The woman stopped laughing at one point. Her eyes were already as bright as lanterns. Black mist was gathered and absorbed into her body.

The vampires were almost never short of mana at night.

Their naturally-endowed innate skill, Night’s Kin, could increase their basic stats and their mana regeneration during the night.

The woman pointed so fast that her fingers almost blurred by the end.

She was delighted at first that someone was bold enough to play a war of attrition with her, a master of magic among vampires.

But then she was rather surprised, wondering what was possibly inside the rock tent to have such a great capacity of magic power that it wasn’t used up after two hours.

But it would probably run out after another hour.

But an hour later, the rapid reaction from within the tent informed the woman that the guy still had sufficient mana.

At this point, the woman’s delight had been replaced by competitiveness.

She grinned, baring her cute teeth, which were then covered by her red lips.

At this point, she began to point with both hands!

Dual Casting was her ultimate technique.

It worked at first, as the wall was obviously softening much faster.

But in no more than two seconds, whoever was inside the shelter improved their speed too.

The two parties were caught in an impasse again.

Actually, the woman felt that she was on the losing side. After all, the enemy could only fix whatever she messed up, which meant that their speed of restoration was higher than her speed of destruction.

Four hours later, the woman stopped and wiped her sweat.

Now she felt that the opponent inside the tent couldn’t be a human being, but was an elf or something with a dragon bloodline.

Those were the only two creatures with such a copious storage of magic power except vampires in the night.

She took a few breaths, and the black mist nearby flowed into her body like clouds.

Even the rain was twisted by the rapid absorption.

Sensing that the power in her was increasing, the woman cast Stone to Mud again.

Another round of the battle started.

Another two hours passed.

The rain had stopped, and the east was turning bright.

It was almost dawn.

The woman was covered in sweat, as if she had just been doused in water. Her dress and her brown hair were stuck to her skin, making her less appealing than before.

Her face had gotten much paler too.

Even though she was a vampire, and she had Night’s Kin, using spells for such a long time was too much for her.

Her head was aching badly.

Besides, the sun was coming out. If she didn’t find a hideout, she would be burnt into a fireball by the sunlight within two minutes.

It was impossible to continue the competition anymore.

The humanoid creatures near her feet were getting uneasy too.

The woman declared to the rock tent regretfully, “Just wait for it! I’ll come back tonight!”

Then, she morphed into a flock of bats and disappeared into the woods, followed by the humanoid creatures.

She’s finally gone!

Inside the rock tent, Roland helplessly looked at his thumbs and his middle fingers.

It was his habit to snap his fingers when he cast a spell because it looked cool.

However, the vampire in the black dress had taught him a lesson today.

He couldn’t remember how many times he snapped his fingers tonight. Was it five thousand? Or maybe ten?

The skin on his thumbs and his middle fingers on both hands had been worn off, exposing the red flesh to the air.

It looked very miserable, but since he could only feel one-tenth of pain, it was not very uncomfortable.

Was this the repercussion of being cool?

It seemed that he shouldn’t snap his fingers anymore. If another lunatic approached him, he might lose his fingers.

Andonara treated Roland’s fingers in sympathy.

When the sun was up, Roland finally created a door in the rock tent.

Everybody came out and resumed the journey.

The magic apprentices didn’t really know what happened, but they could guess that their chairman ran into a formidable enemy, or he wouldn’t have snapped his fingers for a whole night.

As a result, they were hearing things. Even though they were in their carriages, the snap of fingers was still echoing in their heads continually.

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