Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 310 - Trouble Deviation

Chapter 310 Trouble Deviation

Though Roland’s method seemed plain and not as impressive as the tiny shelter that the six magic apprentices had created, both Andonara and Jerry knew that it was much better.

This pit couldn’t have been created without the teamwork of so many magic apprentices, but under most circumstances, there were few Mages in a mercenary squad, as most Mages would not operate with the “vulgar” mercenaries unless they were experiencing difficulties or had a special quest.

Besides, a shelter of such a size couldn’t have been accomplished by any single magic apprentice.

Even if they could, their magic power would be exhausted.

In the wilderness, a Mage was only slightly stronger than an ordinary person without magic power. Things would get tricky if they were caught in an emergency.

For example, the six apprentices had run out of their magic power at this point, which was a mistake. If Roland and Andonara weren’t around, a few hungry wolves could hurt them easily.

In comparison, Roland’s hideout inside the trunk was much easier and more convenient.

But Roland still praised the apprentices. After all, they were all from noble families and had never traveled before. It was actually not bad that they came up with such an idea.

“I’ll be on watch tonight. You can take a rest.”

Roland smiled at them and returned to the pavilion.

Andonara fetched her blanket from the carriage and followed Roland back to the pavilion. She unfolded the blanket on the floor and peeped at Roland who was one arm’s length away, before she closed her eyes.

Very soon, she fell asleep.

If anybody else were on watch, Andonara could only rest with her eyes closed; but since Roland was on watch, she could sleep deeply.

Roland dropped three magic spiders, which quickly left the camp and patrolled in a triangle.

The rain was still going.

Everybody was getting drowsy except Roland.

Generally speaking, night watching could be strenuous and boring.

But Roland could surf on the forums and watch videos while the three magic spiders were on duty. If those spiders whose night vision had been fortified couldn’t spot a possible enemy, then neither could Roland.

Therefore, he was quite casual when he was absentminded.

Very soon, the coachmen were asleep on the blankets in their clothes, and the magic apprentices were sitting or lying in their shelter with their blankets too.

It was still raining, and the leaves were rustling in the night.

This time, Roland found a lot of interesting posts on the forums. For example, a merchant described some interesting anecdotes from when he sold goods between Hollevin and Urganda.

There was another post whose author claimed that, after accidentally saving the only daughter of a small noble in a quest, he became a lord after marrying that daughter.

But of course, according to tradition, their children would be surnamed after his wife.

Even so, a lot of people posted jealous replies, because the only daughter of that noble was quite pretty.

It was easy to kill time with those threads. Roland quite enjoyed himself.

Very soon, it was already midnight. Though it was raining less heavily, it did not stop.

The rain would probably linger on to the dawn.

Roland rose and warmed himself up. He walked around the pavilion for a few rounds and was about to sit down when he found something.

After standing for three days, he walked to Andonara and woke her up.

Andonara immediately rose and asked in a low voice, “Anything going on?”

Roland nodded and woke up the coachmen, before he said to them, “Please bring the horses to the pavilion. Quietly.”

The coachmen did what he asked.

Andonara, on the other hand, woke up the apprentices and brought them from the pit.

Looking around and ensuring that everybody was here, Roland snapped his fingers.

The mud outside of the pavilion seethed and ascended, before it closed above Roland’s head into rock.

Just like that, everybody was surrounded by a four-meter-tall stone tent without gaps.

Roland heaved a sigh of relief.

It was rather exhausting to create such a huge building so quickly.

Andonara leaned close and asked, “What did you see?”

“Something weird is chasing a group of mercenaries,” Roland replied. “They’re coming in our direction.”

“They must’ve been attracted by the light.” Andonara looked at the luminous sphere above and said, “They’re probably looking for helpers.”

Roland nodded. It was why he created this impenetrable stone tent that felt like a secret chamber.

“Then how do we know what’s going on out there?” asked Vivian.

“I left three magic spiders outside for reconnaissance.”

In Roland’s head, a picture was delivered by the magic spiders every other second.

Almost ten mercenaries were running unsteadily in the rain.

They were quite anxious. Now and then, they looked back at a couple of eerie humanoid shadows running far behind them.

However, those creatures had a strange posture. They would crouch and accelerate with their forearms now and then, before they stood again and roared oddly.

One of the running mercenaries had a big beard. He suddenly shouted, “Where’s the strong light we saw?”

“They must’ve doused it when their scouts noticed us. Keep running!” shouted another mercenary.

They sped up and soon came to the place where Roland rested.

Then, they were all stunned.

The place was very dark because it was a rainy night, but they could still see an odd, gigantic rock tent before them.

They ran around the rock tent, only to see no doors or windows.

“Nobody’s here?”

They checked the place and got frustrated.

The bearded mercenary cried, “Those cowards must’ve fled when they saw danger!”

All the mercenaries seemed to be frightened and desperate.

Water splashed noisily as the creatures behind them stomped through puddles.

The leading mercenary, with his back against the rock tent, roared, “Stop thinking! It will be worth it if we each kill one of them!”

The mercenaries immediately turned around and raised their weapons at their pursuers.

The dozen humanoid creatures stopped fifteen meters from them and dispersed, surrounding the enemy in a semicircle.

In the end, a swarm of bats descended from the sky and changed into a charming woman in a black dress that revealed her shoulders. Her magic shield kept her protected from the rainwater.

“Hehe. Why are you not running anymore?”

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