Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 188 - Mock With Your Best

Chapter 188 Mock With Your Best

The fire that dragons breathed out was more sticky and flammable than the fire caused by common spells.

The fire of Mages was not as destructive as the fire of dragons of the same level. So, it was understandable that Cedarnik roared in desperation when he saw the enormous pillar of fire.

The pillar of fire passed through the crowd and then moved away. More than thirty men in the crowd were set ablaze. They struggled and collapsed, soon falling quiet.

The scent of roasted meat spread in the air, but the dragon fire was still burning.

The pillar of fire had gone far away.

Because of the heat of the dragon fire, the ice that Roland summoned was thawing, and the victims could easily free their feet from it.

But they couldn’t walk fast.

Roland’s Ice Blade was sort of a physical attack. Now, everybody’s ankles had been cut to some extent.

Although their legs were not broken, it was unavoidable that their ligaments got damaged.

So, they weren’t fast even though they could move now.

At this point, a young man in heavy platinum armor dropped from the sky. He had a pair of golden wings on his back, which illuminated the environment and added to his magnificence.

He almost looked like an angel that had come to the human world.

Saint Samurai was the most omnipotent of all classes. They were capable as attackers and support. They even had skills that could help in a group fight.

However, their greatest weakness was that they couldn’t fly until they developed two pairs of wings. They could only float with one pair of wings.

Also, they couldn’t learn Charge and Leap Slash, two skills of the Warriors.

So, they could be slow when their level was low.

However, this weakness was no longer a problem, because Schuck’s enemies had been half crippled.

Holding his giant, glittering golden sword, he put on a friendly smile for the people of Moon Shadow.

Then, it’s needless to say what happened next.

Moon Shadow was annihilated again.

Soon, the players on the forums learned of the incident.

The reason was very simple. It was because of selfishness.

Cedarnik had stressed again and again that nobody should livestream the battle until they were sure winners, so that their plan could be kept a secret from F6, but not everybody in the guild was completely willing to listen to him.

It was easier to attract fans with livestreaming, and fans meant tips. Nobody would refuse money.

Therefore, somebody secretly started livestreaming when they were gathered. Now, the conflict between F6 and Moon Shadow was a heated topic, and he wanted to use it to attract more fans.

The man was a beginner liverstreamer and only about thirty viewers were watching him at the start, but since a lot of players had been following up on the battle between F6 and Moon Shadow, they soon found the man’s channel, and the number of the audience soared, until the people in Moon shadow noticed it and forced him to shut down livestreaming before kicking him out.

But then Roland showed up… His strengthened Ice Blade froze everybody in Moon Shadow, and they certainly had no time to pay attention to the forums anymore. Then, Schuck came on a dragon and killed half of the members of Moon Shadow with one breath of fire.

After that, he slowly landed and eliminated the rest of the crippled enemies awesomely.

The whole process had been livestreamed. Someone even recorded it.

Half an hour after Moon Shadow was annihilated again, countless new posts appeared in the game forums.

How To Deal With Mages Who Are Capable of Teleportation and Crowd Control.

“Saint Samurai is not bad, but Saint Samurai plus dragon night is too OP.”

“The developers should reconsider the balance of classes, or the players will be frustrated.”

“Two men destroying a whole guild. That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Too many similar posts had been submitted.

Their response was understandable. It was shocking but acceptable when Roland and Hawk conquered a city with several hundred people. After all, Roland and Hawk had overwhelming advantages against the NPCs in the game in terms of attributes. Besides, they had several hundred beggars with them. It was not too unbelievable.

Overall, that had been a tactical victory.

But it was different this time. Both parties involved were players, and Moon Shadow was not a small guild but an organization of almost a hundred people.

Most importantly, Roland and Schuck were only level five, and Moon Shadow had three level five players as well as even more level three and level four players.

By logic, Moon Shadow was much stronger and should have crushed Roland and Schuck.

But the truth was the opposite. Roland and Schuck, one controlling and the other killing, gracefully and easily knocked down a whole guild.

They had never given their opponents any chance to fight back.

The leaders of the guilds and organizations were all shocked after watching the video.

They could imagine that their guild would’ve ended up similarly if they had confronted F6.

Almost every spellcaster was capable of Inferior Fireball, but who could cast one with a radius of more than two meters and a blue color?

The fireball even looked like an atomic bomb when it exploded.

Whose Ice Ring could cut and freeze people’s legs? Even more unbelievably, it could be seen from the video that the effective range of Roland’s Ice Ring was at least a hundred meters in radius.

Most level-five Warlocks could only have an effective radius of five meters when they cast Ice Ring.

Also, they could not cut the enemy’s feet or freeze the enemy with thick ice.

The best they could do was to add ice to the enemy’s legs and slow down the enemy’s blood flow, so that it would be less convenient for the enemy to move.

Roland’s Ice Ring, in comparison, had truly rooted the enemy for a very long time. As for Schuck, the dragon knight, he demonstrated his ability to deal damage. The fire from the dragon was devastating… and that was only a girl dragon who was only several meters long.

When she grew up into an adult dragon more than twenty meters long, how destructive would it be when she spewed out fire?

Also, after Schuck landed with his pair of wings, he waved his thick heavy sword as if it were as light as a toothpick.

He also attacked as fast as if he were only holding a dagger. Physical laws did not seem to apply to him.

The viewers could see nothing but gold on the screen when he attacked. His sword was so fast that they could only see its shadows. Every time he cut an opponent, not only would his opponent break in half, but the opponent would also melt in golden light as if he were made of snow.

From the start to the end, Schuck had never used any real aggressive technique.

Based on the information from other NPCs, all Saint Samurai were adept at destructive divine techniques against individuals.

Besides, Saint Samurai were also capable of supporting and aura skills.

So, Schuck had only revealed half of his capabilities.

Saint Samurai was indeed one of the strongest classes recommended by the game developers.

After watching the video three times, Cedarnik quit the game and dialed a number gloomily on his phone.

“It’s very late, Mr. Cedarnik. What’s the matter?”

“Go check the game forums, and slander them with your army. Do you understand?”

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