Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 189 - All Settled

Chapter 189 All Settled

In a dark tunnel, Husseret, in a black robe, was faced with another few people dressed just like him.

They might look similar, but their auras were not entirely the same.

Husseret was creepy, and the people with him bordered on horrendous.

A few carts were pushed at them, loaded with naked bodies.

Husseret said, “All of them are bodies of professionals. They’re intact except for heart damage. They should be perfect material for you to make death knights.”

A man came close and examined the carts. He nodded in satisfaction and returned to his teammates.

“Like we agreed, one gold coin for each corpse.” The man in the lead nodded, and another man threw a big bag to Husseret.

Husseret tossed the money bag lightly and listened to the clink of coins. Then he remarked in surprise, “I think this is too much.”

“That’s a hundred gold coins. The additional ones are rewarded for your trouble.” The man in black said, “If you find so many excellent bodies again, please do contact us.”

Husseret put on a rarely seen smile and said, “Okay. I’m sure we can cooperate.”

“Let’s hope so.”

They said goodbye to each other in the tunnel.

Returning to the ground, Husseret left a message in the guild channel.

Husseret: “I’ve sold the bodies for a hundred gold coins. What’s your situation?”

Li Lin: “I’ve got a piece of magic equipment, and some silver coins.”

Raffel: “I got two pieces, and several gold coins.”

Brazil: “I’ve found nothing but garbage.”

Husseret: “Do you have any bodies that are relatively intact?”

Li Lin: “There are about twenty.”

Husseret: “Okay. I’ll ask someone to collect the bodies later. Their password is ‘no cavities.’ Don’t be fooled by other Rogues.”

Li Lin: “Got it.”

A moment later, Schuck left a message too. “I’ve succeeded too, but I’m afraid I don’t have a complete body here. Margret has blown all them to smithereens, and those cut by me were all purged by light without leaving any trace.”

Everybody typed ellipses to show their speechlessness.

Roland: “We’re really famous now. Also, a lot of posts are slandering us.” Schuck: “Isn’t it within your expectations? When do you think we should launch our counterattack?”

Roland: “Let’s wait until this incident gets more heated.”

Schuck: “Okay. Just drop me a message when we’re good to go.” Although Roland and Schuck were close, they didn’t intend to meet.

Mages were very fragile, or at least, Roland was fragile at this point. It was possible that he would be ambushed if he were to stay with a dragon knight.

The people of Moon Shadow could resurrect in the temple in the town; F6 didn’t have enough people to lock down this resurrection point.

Therefore, the people of Moon Shadow, especially the Rogues, could at least hide themselves several seconds after their resurrections.

It wouldn’t be good if they spotted Roland. After all, Roland had run out of mana. Even the mana in his Mind-Calming Necklace had been used up. He was terribly weak at this point.

Schuck, on the other hand, was hovering above the town on Margret.

“All the residents of this town, I am Schuck, a Saint Samurai from the Temple of Light. I’m now fighting a group of nefarious and shameless Golden Sons who can resurrect. So, please stay in your homes. You will be regarded as an enemy and attacked if you leave this town.”

Thanks to broadcasting spells, Schuck’s words echoed throughout the town.

All the residents in the town were relieved. They all trusted the Temple of Light and the Saint Samurai.

They still didn’t dare to go to sleep, but they were not as scared as before when they were worried that the dragon would rain fire upon them.

The members of Moon Shadow who were hiding in the town after resurrection burst into fury. Nefarious and shameless?

You ambushed us first, and you claim that we’re the bad guys?

That’s too shameless!

Immediately, many players of Moon Shadow made posts in the forums, complaining that F6 was shameless and blamed other people for the PK that they started.

At this point, Roland was sitting against a tree in the woods and monitoring the forums.

Naturally, he read the posts of the Moon Shadow members. He browsed through them and saw more and more trolling.

At first, the posts were technical discussions about how general players of a guild could deal with Roland and Schuck.

However, as the trolling took over, more and more players began to question F6.

“Can you do whatever you want just because you’re strong?”

“PK without any reason? Can other players ever feel safe again?”

“It’s perfectly normal that you forget who you are after you grow strong!”

“It’s in the nature of people. Humans have never been civilized!”

More and more posts were made. Eventually, someone even argued that F6 was the epitome of the deep-rooted bad habits of the people in this country.

Some players asked the authorities to punish F6 to ensure the interests of other players, or they would quit the game.

Roland felt that it was good enough. He pinged Schuck in the guild system.

Roland: “You can post what you have prepared.” Schuck: “Got it.”

Two minutes later, a post made by someone nicknamed “Schuck” appeared and was pinned one minute later, and people were replying to it faster than ever.

“The reasons why F6 attacked Moon Shadow!”

The post mostly consisted of snapshots of a chat between Schuck and Cedarnik. Schuck simply left one remark in his post: “Those who insult other people must be prepared to be insulted.”

Then, it was the replies of the funny netizens.

“That explains why F6 suddenly attacked Moon Shadow when they usually kept a low profile. Also, the attack was obviously well organized instead of an improvisation. I take F6’s side.”

“I feel lucky that I didn’t comment when I saw the posts earlier. I thought that Schuck definitely had a justifiable reason. What a calm and smart girl I am!”

“Hey, my friend, you were just too into Schuck’s looks to get to the bottom of everything, weren’t you?” “Huh? How did you know?”

“Haha. Cedarnik was generous enough to offer fifteen million for the girl dragon. Just think about it. The equipment in the turn-based game that he played before is already worth that price. The girl dragon in this immersive game, in comparison, can not only improve your strength but also let you travel day and night. You want to take her with only only fifteen million? That’s too far-fetched.”

“Hey, don’t talk dirty to me, or I’ll punch you.”

“It’s hard to say whether or not the price is acceptable, but it’s outrageous to threaten someone when he doesn’t want to sell it to you. All the profanities seem unnecessary too. If I were Schuck, I would’ve tried to kill you more times.”

The atmosphere in the general discussion section was completely changed by the post.

Cedarnik saw the post too. He angrily called someone with his phone. “I’ll give you ten million. Delete that post for me.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Cedarnik. It was Director Ma who highlighted and pinned the post. I can’t delete it.”


His extravagant phone of the latest model fell on the ground and cracked into pieces.

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