Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 187 - Teleportation and Ice Ring Are the Best

Chapter 187 Teleportation and Ice Ring Are the Best

Cedarnik was infuriated.

In the group mode, he could see that, except for the players who weren’t in the base and those who had abundant EXP points at this point, all the guild players had dropped a level.

It meant that their guild had worked hard in the previous month for nothing.

However, the drop of levels was trivial compared to the fact that they had been provoked. As a major guild, they were ambushed and almost annihilated by a minor guild.

If they didn’t make a beautiful comeback, Moon Shadow would be a laughingstock to the whole game. Chances were that some people would even upload videos of their humiliations to make fun of them.

That was very possible.

For example, in a very famous game years back, a well-known guild was disbanded because the central persons of the guild cheated one another. The incident was still brought up now and then years later. Cedarnik did not intend for Moon Shadow, to which he had devoted his time and effort, to end up as a joke and a lesson for other people.

F6, Schuck, Roland! You think this is over? Just wait for it…

“Line up and listen to me.” Cedarnik stood on a rock and spoke to all the guild members coldly. “As far as we know, it was F6 who attacked us. After all, nobody except Roland could’ve launched that big fireball. So, this is a war, a war which will not end until they or we quit this game.”

“Well said, chairman!”

“Take them down!”

“Those little bastards had the guts to ambush us!”

The guild members shouted their indignity, their loud voices spreading far. The lights in many houses in the town were on, and people were yelling. The local sheriff came with a dozen militias, but when he saw almost a hundred professionals shouting at the entrance to town, he immediately lost his courage and stepped back.

“There should be only seven people in their guild,” Cedarnik continued, “but we have 91 people in total. They may have Roland, the best Mage, but Roland is not invincible. We’ll just never give him a chance to accumulate power for his spell. We can totally suppress them as long as Roland doesn’t kill too many of us in the first wave of attacks.

“So, here’s your mission…”

Near the road was a wood, and Roland was hiding in it.

Because of the long distance and the cover of the trees, he couldn’t see or hear what was going on over there clearly. He could only hear random noises.

However, Roland had his scouts. One of the magic spiders was lying in the grasses, and the other was hiding on a tree, while they sent what they saw to Roland.

“Too bad I can’t hear anything.” Roland immediately knew how he should upgrade the scouting puppets later.

He then pinged Schuck in the guild system and said, “Are you ready? They’re at the entrance of the town. It’s spacious and within the range of my teleportation.”

Schuck: “On my way. One minute.”

After reading the message, Roland began to calm himself down. He placed a magic spider below his feet as a space beacon first. Then, he focused on connecting the two spiders that were monitoring the Moon Shadow members. He had the one in the grasses crawl to the back of a stone five meters behind the crowd.

Under normal circumstances, Spell Puppets would release magic power, but the magic spiders were small, and the dozen spellcasters of Moon Shadow were unleashing magic waves too. As a result, the waves from the spiders were eclipsed. They were as inconspicuous as ants on the road.

After setting up the space beacons, Roland summoned the blue guardian puppet and laid his hand on the puppet.

He was ready!

At this point, Cedarnik was still giving orders. “The Rogues will leave first in stealth. When they spot the enemy, they will leave a message on the homepage of our guild about the position and number of the enemy. When the Priests are not in battle, they will read those reports and give us the information…”

While he was talking, he suddenly frowned.

Something was roaring in the distance. It also seemed to be coming closer.

Cedarnik didn’t really care. After all, there were plenty of powerful monsters in the woods around the cities in this world.

He lowered his head and continued, “Now, Schuck hasn’t shown up yet. I estimate…”

As he spoke, Cedarnik suddenly realized something. Stiffening, he looked at the night sky.

Under the blue moon, a shadow was flying toward them extremely quickly.

It was too fast. In no more than two seconds, the shadow was above them and hovered there.

Thanks to the moonlight, they saw that it was a red dragon that was not particularly huge, and a man in platinum armor on the back of the dragon.


Everybody raised their heads and looked at the dragon. They all sensed strange, overwhelming magic power from above, heavy as if a mountain had been placed on their heads.

Seeing that his companions were still dazed, Cedarnik roared, “Disperse!”

Now is the time… Through the picture that the magic spider sent, Roland determined that it was the best timing.

Teleportation… With the magic spider that he had hidden earlier as a beacon, Roland appeared behind the crowd in the blink of an eye with a bright blue dusting of light.

At this point, everybody was too distracted by the dragon knight in the sky to notice that a stranger had sneaked up on them. Roland took a deep breath.

“Ice Blade!”

He concentrated 50% of his magic power on this spell.

Centered around Roland, rings of ice rose on the ground and spread out quickly with massive magic power! Those who were sensitive to magic turned back in fear, only to see Roland as well as the ice blades that were cutting them from the ground.

“Jump!” shouted a Rogue who was responsive enough.

But they were too close. Only the players who were in Agility classes managed to jump in time.

The ice blades cut the feet of more than eighty people and then froze their legs.

As blocks of ice were stuck to their legs, their mobility was severely affected. That wasn’t all. Layers of frost appeared on the ground where the ice blades passed. When the players who jumped and avoided the ice blades landed, the ice immediately spread to their legs. In about three seconds, their feet and shoes were covered in ice too.

Though they couldn’t move any longer, their upper bodies still belonged to them. They turned aside and attacked Roland remotely with arrows and darts.

The arrows and darts were all shot at Roland’s plain face, only to be blocked by the blue guardian puppet with a bright blue magic shield.

In the midst of the attacks, Roland unleashed an enormous ball of light to the sky, which was a signal for Schuck to attack. Then, he waved his hand at the members of Moon Shadow with a smile behind the shield, before he quickly disappeared.

Cedarnik had finally freed his feet from the ice at this point. He was about to say something, when he saw the dragon knight right before him and the red dragon spewing out a long, thick pillar of fire. When they were swooping from the sky, they sounded like a storm.

The fiery breath of the dragon raged and splashed like a waterfall.

Even more dreadfully, Cedarnik saw that the waterfall of fire was quickly moving toward him.


Cedarnik roared in desperation.

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