Lord Of The People: I Recruited A Mutant Succubus From The Start

Chapter 209 - Quickly Support Me!    

Chapter 209: Chapter 209: Quickly Support Me!


Because they were blinded by the fact that there was only a dark dragon guarding Ren Qi, these Tier-8 new lords did not allow their own troops to dive underwater to check on Ren Qi’s troops and the battle with the frost rhinos.

They all wanted to quickly catch up to Ren Qi and kill him.

The fastest one was a new lord with a flying army.

His army was a Tier-8 red-eyed crow. It was a huge crow army, and its fur was thick and heavy.

The most peculiar thing was its blood-red eyes. They seemed to be formed entirely from blood. There were no whites or eyeballs, only blood-red.

The red-eyed crow was best at sound wave attacks and mental attacks. The moment it got close to Ren Qi, it immediately opened its mouth and cried out towards Ren Qi.

A large mass of sound waves rapidly flew towards Ren Qi in mid-air like ripples. At the same time, numerous mental attacks also flew towards Ren Qi.

The huge dark dragon beneath Ren Qi instantly became a little manic as it quickly flapped its wings.

If Ren Qi hadn’t been on top of it and given it an order, this dark dragon would probably have immediately fled.

When the new lord, who was riding on the red-eyed crow, saw this, a smile appeared on his face.

He knew very well how strong his army was. Although it could be said that his physical attacks were a little weak, his spiritual attacks were definitely top-notch.

With so many red-eyed crows attacking at the same time, this guy and the head of the dark dragon beneath him would explode like a bomb in a moment.

So what if they were surrounded now? As long as Ren Qi was killed, his troops would instantly fall into chaos!

At that time, wouldn’t they be fish on a chopping board?

However, in the next moment, the smile on his face froze.

He could clearly feel that the sound waves and spiritual attacks released by the red-eyed crow had all disappeared, as if they were blocked by something.

At this moment, Maggie emerged from the frost pool and went directly to the dark dragon, standing beside Ren Qi.

Maggie was now a Tier-9 complete body, and with her protection, the red-eyed crow couldn’t hurt Ren Qi at all.

Even the dark dragon beneath him had recovered its composure and no longer showed any trace of anger.

Seeing this, the new lord riding on the red-eyed crow was about to order the surrounding red-eyed crows to attack again when something quietly emerged from the shadow behind him.

The new lord with the red-eyed crow only felt a chill behind him, and then a sharp dagger directly penetrated his body from behind.

He opened his mouth, wanting to say something. However, when the air entered his mouth, he only let out a gasping sound.

Until he died, the last impression in his mind was of an absolutely beautiful figure, just like a fairy.

Is this a succubus? It’s really beautiful.

Finally, his consciousness dissipated, and his entire body instantly fell downwards.


The surrounding red-eyed crows felt the death of their master. All of them opened their mouths and cried out helplessly.

However, it was already useless.

After losing their master, these red-eyed crows were momentarily stunned before they scattered in all directions, wanting to escape this place quickly.

However, the encirclement had already been formed. How could they escape?

One by one, the black flood dragons directly attacked the red-eyed crows.

Although they were all Tier-8 creatures, the black flood dragons were considered relatively strong amongst the Tier-8 soldiers.

Furthermore, these black flood drgons were already complete creatures, and their strength was even stronger.

Furthermore, after losing their master, the red-eyed crows’ combat strength had been greatly reduced, and the scene had turned into a one-sided massacre by the black flood dragons.

The Tier-8 new lords behind were completely stunned. They had never thought that such a thing would happen.

How could there be so many succubi, black flood dragons, and black turtles in the surroundings?

There was almost no decrease compared to before!

Could it be that they hadn’t fought with the frost rhinos in the frost pool yet?

But if that was really the case, then with such a huge commotion, they should be able to attract the frost rhinos below, right? Why wasn’t there any movement yet?

Or perhaps, Ren Qi didn’t clash head-on with the frost rhinos? Instead, he chased them away?

He knew of their plan and had set up an ambush here?

The eyes of the Tier-8 soldier new lords flickered crazily. As they looked at the situation around them, they panicked.

Following which, a new lord riding a Tier-8 azure dragon cupped his hands towards Ren Qi and said, “Lord Ren Qi, what are you doing? We’re here to help you eliminate those frost rhinos.”

Ren Qi looked at him with a fake smile and said, “Do you think I’ll believe your nonsense in this situation?”

The new lord’s expression changed, he then looked at Ren Qi and said coldly, “Lord Ren Qi, I’m sure you’re aware of the current situation. Even though your army hasn’t started a war with the frost rhinos, we have five Tier-8 armies on our side.”

“This matter was orchestrated by that Scarlet Rose. We didn’t want to agree to it before. Why don’t we join forces and destroy her?”

“That’s right. This was all her idea. We don’t have any intention of going against you, Lord Ren Qi.”

“Let’s work together and break through Scarlet Rose’s territory. When the time comes, we’ll give you all the resources inside.”

Faced with the surrounding succubi, black flood dragons and black turtles, these new lords felt a little fearful.

After all, Ren Qi’s troops didn’t seem to have suffered any losses.

Of course, the fact that the red-eyed crow’s lord had been killed had also accelerated their mental breakdown.

Hearing their words, the disdain on Ren Qi’s face grew even more intense.

“Join forces? Why should I join forces with you guys? I’ll just kill you guys and then kill that Scarlet Rose. Isn’t that good?”

“You guys have already delivered yourselves to my doorstep. If I join forces with you guys again, wouldn’t I be wasting all of your efforts?”

“I’ll naturally settle the score with Scarlet Rose, but I don’t want to let you guys off either.”

The expressions of the people in front of him instantly became very unsightly.

“Lord Ren Qi, are you really going to do this? This will result in both sides suffering heavy losses. I advise you to think about it carefully.”

“That’s right. Even if your army is strong, we’re not pushovers. This isn’t your succubus territory. Without the territory’s defensive power, how strong can you be?”

“Let me give you a piece of advice. If we work together, we can at least break through Scarlet Rose’s territory and obtain resources. If you insist on doing this, then we can only fight to the death.”

Ren Qi laughed as he looked at the few new lords in front of him and said disdainfully, “Fight to the death? Do you think you’re worthy? The fish will definitely die, but this net of mine will still be as good as new.”

As soon as Ren Qi finished speaking, Risa’s figure appeared in the shadow of a new lord. Her dagger pierced towards his neck.


At the critical moment, the soldier under the new lord sensed danger. It quickly moved its body, making Risa’s dagger hit the new lord’s armor.

The dagger in Risa’s hand was incomparably sharp. It directly pierced through the armor and stabbed into his body.

The surrounding soldiers instantly tried to surround Risa, but she disappeared into the shadows.

Although she did not hit any vital points, the dagger in her hand was made from the fangs of Shi Kongshen. Not only was it extremely sharp, but it also carried a lethal poison.

A large amount of poison began to take effect, and the aura of the new lord that had been stabbed instantly weakened.

Seeing this, the other new lords hurriedly ordered their soldiers to break out of the encirclement.

They simply didn’t have the mood to fight Ren Qi anymore. Just the sudden appearance of Risa had dispelled all of their desire to fight.

Right now, they only had one thought in their minds, and that was to quickly escape this place and not be targeted by that strange succubus.

Elise quickly rushed out of the frost pool below, carrying a large amount of hellfire beside her as she directly charged into the army above.

Irene and the other Tier-9 mutated succubi also charged out, directly entering the troops and starting their slaughter.

The surrounding succubi also released their attacks. The plague succubi once again displayed their powerful large-scale battle advantage.

Previously, while Ren Qi was speaking to these new lords, the plague succubi had already started doing their jobs.

Not long after the battle began, the combat strength of these new lords’ troops rapidly declined. Some of their troops even lost nearly 40% of their combat strength.

This made it even more difficult for the new lords, who were already unable to deal with them, to continue.

The cries of the dying soldiers rose and fell one after another. The troops quickly fell into the frost pool below, dyeing the water red.

At the bottom of the frost pool, a large number of frost rhino corpses were scattered. There was no longer any sound.

The large number of soldiers’ corpses also quickly descended, piling on top of the frost rhino corpses below.

The entire frost pool below instantly turned blood red, spreading out in all directions.

At this moment, by the side of the frost pool, Scarlet Rose was staring intently at the mist in front of her.

She was only waiting for the mist to disperse. Seeing the current situation, she was prepared to launch an attack from behind.

Ren Qi was definitely surrounded now. She was only waiting for him to fight to the death with the few Tier-8 new lords.

Very quickly, a large amount of blood-red color began to seep out from the pool, passing through the mist in front of her and appearing in front of Scarlet Rose.

Seeing the blood on the surface of the water, a smile appeared on her face.

The battle seemed to be very intense.

Unfortunately, her vision was blocked by the mist, so she wasn’t able to properly enjoy the intense battle.

This was a rare and beautiful painting.

Scarlet Rose suppressed the turmoil in her heart and didn’t rush over to watch.

In the mist, Ren Qi had already killed all the soldiers in front of him. Blood dyed the frost pool red.

With the black turtles blocking them, none of the soldiers were able to escape.

Ren Qi’s side also suffered some casualties, but not many. His high-tier combat strength was basically unharmed.

Of course, this was all thanks to Maggie and a few Tier-9 support succubi.

With them around, as long as it wasn’t a fatal injury, it could be healed.

Looking at the mist in front of them, Ren Qi let the succubi in the surroundings rest for a while before letting Elise and the others immerse themselves in the frost pool below.

However, Ren Qi led a dark dragon and some black turtles towards the mist in front of them.

Soon, Ren Qi broke through the mist and led the dark dragon towards Scarlet Rose.

Following Ren Qi’s instructions, the few frost turtles began to pretend to protect Ren Qi in panic.

Ren Qi, who was on the dark dragon’s body, revealed a panicked expression. As he rushed towards Scarlet Rose, he shouted for help.

“Lord Scarlet Rose! Quickly come and support me! Those Tier-8 new lords have gone crazy! They’re attacking me! They’ve killed more than half of my troops!”

“I’ve helped you wipe out the frost rhinos. I’ve used up nearly half of my troops. Now, most of my remaining troops have been wiped out. Scarlet Rose, you can’t just leave me to die!”

“How about this? I don’t want the 50,000 energy crystals as payment. As long as you can save me, I’ll definitely reward you handsomely!”

Ren Qi shouted loudly, his voice so mournful that it made people cry.

Scarlet Rose looked at Ren Qi, who only had a dark dragon and a few black turtles around him. A smile appeared on her face.

Everything was going according to her plan. All she needed to do now was kill this guy!

However, just as she was about to make her move, she frowned when she looked behind Ren Qi.

It was simply too quiet behind him.

Even if he had broken through the encirclement of the Tier-8 lords, there should have been soldiers chasing after him.

Why was it so quiet now? Why wasn’t there any sound at all?

Could it be that Ren Qi had left all of the Tier-8 new lords behind? Was that why he was only left with this small number of soldiers?

This explanation was the closest to the current situation. However, for some reason, a strong sense of unease rose in her heart.

This feeling was as if some sort of danger was rapidly approaching her.

Previously, Scarlet Rose had relied on her keen senses to avoid danger several times, so she was very confident in her own senses.

Something was wrong!

Something was very wrong!

Scarlet Rose’s heart suddenly started beating rapidly. Her eyelids twitched as she looked at Ren Qi, who was rapidly ‘escaping’ towards her.

That’s right! Blood!

This guy’s body wasn’t stained with a single drop of blood. It could be said that his body was completely spotless.

Under such an intense battle, how could he not have shed a single drop of blood?

Just as Scarlet Rose was about to turn around and escape, the sound of the water splashing could be heard.

Succubi and black flood dragons emerged from the frost pool not far in front of her and charged towards her.

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