Lord Of The People: I Recruited A Mutant Succubus From The Start

Chapter 210 - Even Donkeys Weren’t Treated Like This!  

Chapter 210: Chapter 210: Even Donkeys Weren’t Treated Like This!

Seeing the large number of succubi and black flood dragons rushing out from below, Scarlet Rose’s expression suddenly changed.

Without any hesitation, she immediately turned around and fled.

At this moment, in the shadow of the hellhound beneath her, Risa’s figure quietly appeared. The dagger in her hand directly stabbed towards sanguine primrose.

Scarlet Rose’s expression changed as the hellhound’s three heads suddenly stretched out and bit towards Risa.

Risa’s eyes flashed as she was forced to shift her gaze away from the dagger in her hand, blocking the attack of the three heads. Following which, her body entered the shadow.

Just as she was about to enter the shadow, Risa threw another dagger towards the back of Scarlet Rose’s head.

The dagger was extremely fast, and the three dog heads had no time or space to stop it.

However, just as the dagger was about to enter Scarlet Rose’s body, a blood-red flower wrapped around her body suddenly opened its petals and swallowed the dagger.

Very quickly, the blood-red flower left Scarlet Rose’s body and fell to the ground, its body quickly withering.

Following that, the dagger that Risa had thrown out appeared on the ground.

With the help of the blood-red flower, she managed to dodge the fatal blow.

However, this caused Scarlet Rose’s expression to turn tense.

She knew that she was in deep danger.


Quickly flee!

Although she did not know what methods Ren Qi had used to deal with the Tier-8 new lords and their troops, since the other party had such strength, she was definitely not his match!

Only by escaping back to her territory would she have a chance of survival.

As she ran towards her territory, she turned her head to look at the increasing number of succubi and black flood dragons, as well as the rapidly approaching black turtles. Her expression turned even uglier.

This fellow actually did not suffer too much damage to his troops!

How did he do it?

The fear in her heart grew even more intense as she commanded the hellhounds to pounce towards the succubi and black flood dragons that were chasing after her. This was to buy time for her to escape.

Without any hesitation, the hellhounds turned around and pounced towards the enemies that were chasing after them.

Some of the hellhounds’ bodies expanded once more, their scarlet eyes turning even redder as their expressions turned berserk.

In order to unleash the full power of the hellhounds, Scarlet Rose ordered the hellhound to unleash themselves and enter berserk mode.

Although this would cause the hellhounds to lose their life force, Scarlet Rose couldn’t care less.

In order to escape, she was willing to give up on the hellhounds completely.

After going berserk, the hellhounds’ combat strength increased greatly, and they were able to block the succubi.

However, the black flood dragons in the sky chased after them, wanting to directly pass through the berserk hellhounds.

However, the backs of the other hellhounds suddenly expanded, and a pair of pitch-black wings extended out from their backs.

As they let out painful howls, these hellhounds that had their flesh wings sliced open soared into the air, bringing with them a wild and violent strength as they charged towards the black flood dragons in the sky.

Ao Xing opened his mouth and spat out a dragon breath, directly enveloping one of the hellhounds. However, it was quickly mixed with flames as it charged out.

Three dog heads quickly extended, directly biting towards Ao Xing.

Unable to defend in time, Ao Xing’s claw was directly bitten by the opponent. Under the pain, the other flood dragon claw directly grabbed the hellhound.

The sharp flood dragon claw directly penetrated into the hellhound’s body. After which, Ao Xing suddenly tore it apart, directly tearing the hellhound into two halves.

Compared to Ao Xing, who had a complete Tier 9 body, the three-headed hellhound’s defense was still too weak.

Even so, the three heads of the hellhound still bit onto Ao Xing’s claws, unwilling to let go.

Feeling the pain from this claw, ao Xing coldly said, “It’s really a f*cking mad dog!”

Following which, Ao Xing turned around and directly bit off the three heads of the hellhound, swallowing them whole.

Elise and the rest quickly joined the battle, killing the hellhounds.

Although the strength of the hellhounds had increased, it was still incomparable to the Tier-9 complete-form Elise and the rest.

Tabitha walked amongst the hellhounds. In this state, she could easily trigger the greed in their hearts.

The greed deep within the hearts of the hellhounds was triggered one after another. Waves of energy swiftly flowed from their bodies towards Tabitha’s body.

In this battle, Tabitha’s gains were the greatest.

The strength of the various troops and the frost rhinos continuously entered her body, allowing her to increase her strength by a lot.

According to this trend, it would not be long before Tabitha’s fighting strength would directly reach the level of the star-killing succubus, Irene.

Once Tabitha’s strength had reached that level, she would turn this devouring strength into her life foundation to help her raise her tier. She would advance to half-step Saint-tier and then Saint-tier.

If she had enough devouring targets, Tabitha might surpass Elise and become the fastest succubus to reach Saint tier.

Of course, there was no need to think about reaching the half-step Saint-tier. Elise was already close to reaching the half-step Saint-tier.

As Elise and the others entered the battlefield, the hellhounds in front of them broke through the defense line. Elise led some succubi to chase after them, while ordering the other succubi behind them began to destroy the berserk hellhounds around them.

Very quickly, the large group killed all the hellhounds.

There were still many hellhounds with wings in the sky.

After all, most of the black flood dragons did not have a complete Tier-8 body. Some of them were not a match for these hellhounds.

Only Ao Xing could quickly kill these hellhounds.

Seeing this, the succubi below began to attack the hellhounds in the sky.

Meanwhile, Risa kept appearing amidst the flying hellhounds, carrying out precise assassinations one by one.

Ten minutes later, all the hellhounds had been completely killed. Ren Qi did not choose to abandon the battlefield. Instead, he left behind some succubi to guard it. He then gathered his combat power and prepared to continue his pursuit.

At this moment, Ren Qi saw the Tier-7 new lord beside him.

When Ren Qi rushed over, the other party immediately brought his troops and knelt on the ground, surrendering.

Ren Qi did not let the succubi, black flood dragons, and black turtles attack this Tier-7 new lord.

“What’s your name?” Ren Qi looked at him and asked.

“Big Boss 77, my name is Wang Muyu. I was really forced here by Scarlet Rose. My territory is right next to her territory. If I don’t listen to her, I will be destroyed by her!”

Wang Muyu knelt on the ground and looked up at Ren Qi, his face filled with fear.

Although he said that he was forced here, if Big Boss 77 did not believe him, he would probably be killed too!

After so long, he had managed to survive in the cracks of the other territory. He didn’t want to die at this moment.

Ren Qi looked at Wang Muyu who was kneeling on the ground. Then, he said, “I’ll give you a chance. Gather the hellhounds’ corpses and go to the frost pool to gather the corpses there.”

“I’ll have these succubi stay behind to monitor you. If you can complete it well, I can let you go.”

It was just a new lord of a Tier-7 soldier. Ren Qi didn’t take it to heart and simply let him do some chores.

When Wang Muyu heard this, he said excitedly, “Thank you for sparing my life, Big Brother 77. Don’t worry, I promise to complete your mission well. I’ll definitely help you collect and categorize these corpses!”

As he said that, Wang Muyu kowtowed three times to Ren Qi, “Big Brother 77, I am really grateful to you. I will kowtow three times for you.”

Ren Qi looked at Wang Muyu who was kowtowing and only raised his eyebrows.

His appearance made Ren Qi think of Tarusa.

“Alright, do your best!”

Ren Qi left behind a sentence and led the rest of the team to chase after him.

Wang Muyu remained where he was as he watched Ren Qi’s back.

Although they were both using him as tools, Wang Muyu couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief in his heart.

Previously, Wang Muyu knew very well that although Scarlet Rose treated him as a tool, she might kill him one day.

That woman was too abnormal.

In comparison, Wang Muyu was more inclined to help Ren Qi.

After this, Ren Qi would probably destroy Scarlet Rose’s territory, right?

If that was the case, he wouldn’t have to worry anymore.

Thinking of this, Wang Muyu quickly ordered his troops to gather the hellhound corpses.

At this moment, Elise, who had been chasing after the hellhounds, had already arrived not far behind Scarlet Rose.

The three-headed hellhounds under Scarlet Rose were extremely fast. Elise led a small team of succubi and chased after them for a long time before they finally managed to catch up.

This was because the succubi were faster.

Flapping her wings, Elise once again headed towards Scarlet Rose.

At this moment, Scarlet Rose’s eyes flashed with joy as she looked at the territory in front of her.

As long as she could enter the territory, she would be temporarily safe.

However, Elise, who was behind her, caused her to feel a chill.

Tier 9!

She could clearly feel that the succubus chasing after her was at Tier 9!

No wonder the frost rhinos didn’t cause much damage to Ren Qi!

No wonder those Tier-8 new lords didn’t have the combat power to seriously injure Ren Qi!

It turned out that Ren Qi had more than one Tier-9 succubus!

Earlier, she had sensed the auras of quite a few Tier-9 mutated succubi.

Although Elise was still a distance away from her, she still didn’t feel any sense of security.

On the contrary, a bone-chilling feeling rose from insider her, causing her expression to turn ugly.

It was that intense sense of danger again!

Without any hesitation, she chose to believe in this feeling once again, urging the hellhound beneath her to explode forth!

The hellhound beneath her let out a mournful cry, and its body rapidly expanded.

Following which, the hellhound increased its speed once more as it rapidly headed towards Scarlet Rose’s territory.


Elise’s figure instantly disappeared from her original spot. When she reappeared, she was already ten meters behind Scarlet Rose.

Following which, Elise raised her hand and shot out a stream of hellfire towards her.

The hellhound beneath Scarlet Rose suddenly extended one of its head and quickly moved towards the hellfire, blocking it.

Elise raised her eyebrows.

This woman’s sense of danger was very strong. Elise had just entered Phantom’s range and did not expect her to speed up the hellhound under her.

If she had been faster, she would have been able to kill this woman!

Seeing the approaching Scarlet Rose territory, Elise frowned and didn’t choose to continue chasing after her.

It was too late.

However, she still had to continue the pursuit. She only slowed down a bit and waited for the succubi behind her to catch up. Only then did she continue chasing after her.

Although Scarlet Rose had lost Elise, she still did not dare to let her guard down. She frantically urged the hellhound beneath her to increase its speed.

As its speed continued to increase, the hellhound beneath Scarlet Rose’s body began to crack, and large amounts of blood began to seep out from within.

However, it continued to increase its speed. Even though it was already vomiting blood, it still continued to sprint forward.

Finally, when it arrived in front of Scarlet Rose’s pink territory, the three-headed hellhound beneath her could no longer hold on any longer.

Even the donkeys that worked at farms were not so oppressed!

Following a mournful cry, the hellhound beneath Scarlet Rose instantly disintegrated. Its body split apart and the pieces rolled out in all directions.

Meanwhile, Scarlet Rose was also thrown out and rolled on the ground.

Not caring about her current sorry state, Scarlet Rose quickly got up from the ground and quickly entered the territory in front of her!

After closing the city gates, she leaned her back against the city gates and panted heavily.

“Exciting! This is really too exciting!”

As Scarlet Rose muttered to herself, a perverted expression of excitement appeared on her face.

However, a trace of fear soon appeared in her eyes.

Although she was a pervert, she was still extremely afraid of the threat of death.

After taking a few short breaths, Scarlet Rose led the remaining hellhounds to the top of the city wall.

At this moment, Ren Qi had already led a large group to meet up with Elise.

After listening to Elise’s report, Ren Qi led his army towards the pink territory of Scarlet Rose.

Very quickly, Ren Qi arrived in front of the pink territory.

When Ren Qi saw Scarlet Rose on the city wall, a cold smile appeared on his face.

“I didn’t expect you to be able to run so fast. However, do you think that hiding in your territory is useful?”

Hearing Ren Qi’s words, Scarlet Rose’s face instantly paled.

However, she then looked at Ren Qi and said, “Lord Ren Qi, we can be considered enemies. It’s all my fault. You’ve already killed more than half of my hellhounds. Why don’t you just let me go?”

“As long as you’re willing to sign a peace contract with me, I’ll be yours tonight. You can play with me however you want!”

As she spoke, she even deliberately tugged at her clothes, revealing a patch of snow white in front of her.

Ren Qi curled his lips in disdain when he saw the look on her face.

“No way! Do you really think that your body is that ‘precious’?”

“Look at the succubus beside me and then look at yourself. Don’t you know shame?”

“It’s not your fault that you’re ugly. It’s really not your fault that you’re ugly. However, if you’re ugly and stupid, then it’s definitely your fault!”

“If you don’t know your place, then I suggest that you look in the mirror.”

Hearing Ren Qi’s words, Scarlet Rose was so angry that her chest kept heaving up and down.

Following which, she looked at Ren Qi and took a deep breath. Chuckling, she said, “Lord Ren Qi, I admit that your army is very strong. However, I’m already in my territory.”

“As you can see, my territory is a Tier-4 territory, so its defense is extremely strong.”

“If you choose to attack, I don’t know how many troops you will lose.”

“If you’re willing to stop the war, I can pay you the resources as surrender. I guarantee that you’ll be satisfied. What do you think?”

Ren Qi raised his eyebrows. “Since you’ve said so, I’ll give you a chance. Hand over all the resources in your territory, and I’ll let you off this time.”

“Hand over all the resources? Do you think I’m an idiot?” Scarlet Rose asked

Ren Qi pretended to be surprised. “Aren’t you?”

A cold expression appeared on Scarlet Rose’s face as she ordered the hellhounds to fill up the energy crystal cannons on the city walls.

She had obtained these energy crystal cannons from the chat group, and they had Tier-7 attack power.

There were also two cannons that could fire Tier-8 attacks.

Ren Qi waved his hand when he saw Scarlet Rose’s actions. Han Wu led the black turtles and instantly stood in front of him.

After wasting so much time, the main force that had rushed over took the opportunity to rest for a while.

After all, the surrounding succubi were still a little tired from the continuous battles.

However, with the support of Maggie and a few healing succubi, the surrounding succubi quickly became lively.

Streams of fallen flames began to head towards the pink territory in front of them. Ren Qi and the others took the lead in launching an attack!

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