Lord Of The People: I Recruited A Mutant Succubus From The Start

Chapter 208 - Encirclement and Counter-encirclement!  

Chapter 208: Chapter 208: Encirclement and Counter-encirclement!

Elise led the succubus army and rushed out. Behind them, Ao Xing and Han Wu also led their clansmen and moved quickly.

The Black Flood Dragon Clan led by Ao Xing was the first to attack the heads of those frost rhinos.

Ao Xing opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of dragon breath. Together with the dragon breath spat out by the black flood dragons beside him, thei attacks directly headed towards those frost rhinos that had revealed their heads.

The frost rhinos below directly submerged their bodies below the pool water.

The dragon breath landed on the pool water and instantly vaporized some of the pool water. A large amount of fog surged and instantly reduced the visibility of the surrounding environment.

At this moment, numerous powerful water pillars suddenly rushed out from below the cold pool. They were like sharp arrows as they swiftly headed towards the black flood dragons in the sky.

The black flood dragons quickly dodged. Some of the black flood dragons were a little slow. They were directly struck by these water pillars, and their bodies were instantly pushed up a little.

Soon after, some of the water pillars instantly solidified and turned into extremely hard ice pillars. They directly penetrated the bodies of two to three black flood dragons, causing them to let out painful cries.

Ren Qi frowned slightly. The attacks of these frost rhinos were indeed a little strange. This method of transforming water-type attacjs into ice-type attacks had an unexpected effect.

At this moment, the black turtles quickly rushed over and directly entered the cold pool, heading toward the frost rhinoS under the cold pool.

Although the Black Turtle clan was dark-type, their fighting strength in the water was still extraordinary, especially in this relatively cold water region.

Elise, Risa, and the other succubi also entered the cold pond.

Although this was the home ground of these frost rhinos, and their fighting strength would decrease a little, it would not decrease by too much.

Large amounts of hellfire began to appear within the water, heading towards the frost rhinos that were within the cold pool.

Following the appearance of the hellfire, most of the water in the pool did not vaporise, causing the power of the hellfire to decrease by quite a bit. However, it was still extremely powerful.

When some frost rhinos were struck by the hellfire, a large amount of their skin would be burned, and they would struggle in pain.

These frost rhinos that had been hit by the hellfire all began to head towards the depths of the cold pool. They wanted to use the pool water, which was getting colder and colder, to extinguish the hellfire on their bodies.

However, the hellfire was not something that could be easily extinguished. Because of the special characteristics of the hellfire, even the surrounding pool water was vaporised.

These frost rhinos that were covered by the hellfire quickly floated upwards.

They were already dead!

The remaining frost rhinos swiftly surged in the water and charged towards Elise and the rest.

At this moment, they finally understood that the succubi in front of them were the creatures that posed the greatest threat to them.

At this moment, a couple of Tier-9 plague succubi quietly appeared around these frost rhinos. Wave after wave of plague followed the flow of the pool water and headed towards these frost rhinos.

Meanwhile, Risa led the death succubi and began to continuously appear behind these frost rhinos. They were carrying out assassinations in an attempt to cause chaos among the frost rhinos.

However, these frost rhinos did not turn chaotic. Instead, they continued to charge towards the succubus in front of them as usual. Clearly, they were treating the succubi as their first targets.

Their choice was extremely correct. After all, compared to the black flood dragons and the black turtles, the succubi had the lowest defense.

As long as they could kill these succubi, they would be able to survive.

However, what the frost rhinos did not know was that these succubi, who appeared to be a breakthrough point, were the hardest to deal with.

The frost rhinos were extremely heavy. This could be seen from their fat bodies.

However, within the water, the speed of these frost rhinos had become extremely fast. They were just like sharp arrows as they swiftly headed towards Elise and the other succubi.

When they were almost in front of Elise and the other succubi, water pillars quickly gathered and headed toward Elise and the other succubi in the water.

Maggie raised her eyebrows and opened her arms. A dark barrier instantly opened and blocked these water pillars.

A huge impact force was transmitted over. The power of this water pillar was extremely strong, causing the entire dark barrier to tremble.

Then, the water pillar suddenly hardened and turned into sharp icicles, which directly pierced through the dark barrier.

The icicles extended forward again, heading toward Elise and the others.

Even though Maggie was at Tier 9, facing the attacks of so many frost rhinos, her defensive power could not completely block them.

At this time, black shadows came from not far away and protected Elise and the others.

It was the black turtles.

The movement speed of the black turtles was very fast. In the cold pool, they were even faster.

These black turtles had their backs facing the ice spikes and used their shells to block the attacks.

At this time, Irene and the others quickly charged into the front of the frost rhinos and began their slaughter.

The environment here was not very suitable for succubi to fight, so the ones charging into the front of the frost rhinos were all Tier-9 mutated succubi. The other succubi were all attacking from afar.

Ao Xing, who was in the sky, also brought the Black Flood Dragon clan and charged into the water below, directly charging towards the frost rhinos from above.

Just as the frost rhinos were about to resist, a few of them suddenly twitched and fell downwards.

The remaining frost rhinos also had an ugly expression on their faces. Their aura became dispirited, and their combat strength dropped rapidly.

The plague succubus’ ability had taken effect.

Previously, the plague succubus’ ability could not be fully unleashed. After all, their levels were not too high.

However, now that the plague succubi had completely evolved, the power they could unleash was even stronger. The effects were becoming more and more obvious.

These frost rhinos that were affected by the death plague succubi had their combat strength reduced by 30% . Furthermore, their bodies were beginning to suffer from various problems.

Some of them vomited in the water, some of them were in constant pain in their stomachs, and some of them even threw up and collapsed.

With the addition of Ao Xing and the Black Flood Dragon clan, the frost rhinos were instantly slaughtered and defeated.

Some of thefrost rhinos began to flee, no longer charging forward like before.

At this moment, outside of the territory of Scarlet Rose, the hellhounds and a large number of soldiers were rapidly advancing towards the position of the frost rhinos.

The eyes of Scarlet Rose were filled with excitement as she rode on a gigantic three-headed hellhound.

“Ren Qi should be fighting with the frost rhinos by now, right?” A Tier-8 recruit laughed.

His expression was very relaxed, and he didn’t seem too nervous.

After all, in his opinion, no matter how powerful Ren Qi’s forces were, with the frost rhinos holding them back and the six Tier-8 recruit lords surrounding them, wouldn’t he be killed by a pincer attack?

Even if his troops were stronger, as long as they engaged in a roundabout battle and let him finish off the frost rhinos before launching an attack, they would still be able to kill him.

No matter what, it was a sure-fire win this time.

Another Tier-8 new lord also spoke up, “The battle is probably intense right now. If we go over, we’ll probably only need to finish it off.”

Hearing this, the surrounding new lords all laughed. The atmosphere was very relaxed.

Scarlet Rose looked at them with disdain in her eyes.

These idiots were simply short-sighted.

They knew that they had to deal with Ren Qi. Even though he was outside the succubus territory, they had no idea what he was capable of.

The previous live broadcast had shown how strong Ren Qi’s succubi were.

Moreover, the Black Flood Dragon clan and the Black Turtle clan had also submitted to him, so his strength couldn’t be underestimated.

Was the frost rhinoceros the real bait?

No, these Tier-8 new lords were the bait in Scarlet Rose’s heart.

When these Tier-8 lords fought Ren Qi to the death, she would be able to take everything.

Ren Qi, oh Ren Qi! I have high hopes for you. You should have the strength to fight these tier 8 new lords to the death, right?

Please don’t let me down.

Scarlet Rose licked her lips and revealed an excited smile.

Soon, their team arrived in front of the cold pool where the frost rhinos lived.

Seeing Ren Qi sitting beside the cold pool on top of a dark dragon, a smile appeared on Sscarlet Rose and the others’ faces.

“There’s only one dark dragon. Looks like all of his troops have gone down to the frost pool to fight the frost rhinos.”

“Hahaha, this guy really doesn’t have any brains. Fighting the frost rhinos in the frost pool, isn’t that reducing his chances of winning?”

“That’s right. It looks like this Ren Qi is only so-so. Perhaps his army is already fighting with the frost rhinos to the death, and there aren’t many left. He’s currently jumping around on the dark dragon.”

“What should we do? Should we just charge over? I don’t think there’s a need to hide anything else.”

“I think so too. We’ll just charge over and be done with it. After killing this guy, we’ll be able to attack the succubus territory.”

“I can’t wait any longer. Hurry up and move. I feel like a large amount of wealth is waiting for me in the succubus territory.”

Scarlet Rose frowned slightly. However, she quickly said, “Then let’s just rush over!”

After saying this, she took the lead and headed straight for Ren Qi.

Meanwhile, the new lords behind her also swarmed over and rushed forward.

Now that Ren Qi only had a dark dragon by his side, this was a good opportunity to kill him!

“Lord Ren Qi! We’re here to support you!” Scarlet Rose shouted as she rushed forward

Ren Qi could also feel the movement behind him. He turned around and frowned as he looked at the approaching Scarlet Rose and the others.

“Oh, I was wondering what this Scarlet Rose was up to. It turns out that she’s up to no good. My previous vigilance wasn’t wrong after all.”

Ren Qi’s eyes flickered. Without any hesitation, he sent the dark dragons flying towards the frostpool.

The smile on Scarlet Rose’s face grew wider as she shouted, “Lord Ren Qi, wait for us! We won’t fight you for the credit! These frost rhinos belong to you! We’re only here to help you!”

A look of disdain appeared on Ren Qi’s face as he looked at the rapidly approaching Scarlet Rose.

Wait for you?

Wait to die?

The dark dragon beneath him spread its wings and flew towards the center of the frost pool.

Meanwhile, Scarlet Rose quickly arrived beside the frost pool and stopped herself.

The few new lords behind her also quickly rushed over with their own troops.

“Everyone, my hellhound isn’t suited for underwater battles.” Scarlet Rose turned around, looking helpless.

One of the new lords, who had a Tier-8 army, said excitedly, “Since that’s the case, Scarlet Rose, you can intercept the succubi that try to escape.”

As he said this, he led his troops and excitedly charged into the frost pool.

The only thing he could see was a dark dragon. Even if the other succubi were fighting in the frost pool, it was likely that many of them had been killed by the frost rhinos. This was a good opportunity.

Whoever killed Ren Qi would be able to take the initiative when they attacked the succubi’s territory.

Another new lord with a Tier-8 army also said, “Alright. Since it’s inconvenient for the Scarlet Rose, you can just stop the escaping troops here.”

After saying this, he led his troops and charged into the frost pool.

The other Tier-8 lords also led their troops and charged into the frost pool, afraid that they would be a step too late.

The last Tier-8 lord wanted to say something to Scarlet Rose before he left. However, when he saw that the army had already entered the frost lake, he only had time to say the word ‘stay’ before then quickly led his army into the frost pool.

Standing beside the frost pool, Scarlet Rose smiled as she watched the new lords and their soldiers enter the frost pool.

The frost rhinos might not be enough to deal much damage to Ren Qi, but the new lords and their armies should be enough.

“You’ll have to bring your troops to clean up the battlefield later,” Scarlet rose said slowly as she looked at the remaining lords with Tier-7 troops.

She had called hmi here to clean up the battlefield. Tier-7 troops weren’t enough to pose any threat to her. They were perfect tools.

“Alright, I understand, Lord Scarlet Rose,” The new lord with Tier 7 troops said hurriedly.

His territory was not too far away from Scarlet Rose’s territory. If not for the fact that his own soldier was humanoid, he would have been annihilated like the other new lords.

Looking at the new lord with Tier-7 soldiers, Scarlet Rose smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t attack you in the end. To me, you’re a perfect tool.”

Although she was smiling, the Tier 7 Lord felt a chill in his heart, making his body tremble.

Following which, Scarlet Rose turned her gaze to the frost pool in front of her. When she saw Ren Qi’s unchanging expression, the smile on her face grew wider.

“I knew that with your strength, these frost rhinos wouldn’t be able to severely injure you. That’s why I found you five playmates. hehehe.”

At this moment, the dark dragon beneath Ren Qi had already brought him to the center of the frost pool.

Meanwhile, the few Tier-8 new lords leading their respective forces quickly chased after him.

Ren Qi frowned as he looked at Scarlet Rose and the hellhounds beside the frost pool.

This woman wasn’t stupid. At this moment, she was still thinking of using a wolf to devour a tiger.

Unfortunately, she had used the wrong person. It was just a waste of time.

Originally, Ren Qi thought that this trip to wipe out the frost rhino faction, along with the 50,000 energy crystals, would be all he would have.

He didn’t expect there to be an unexpected surprise.

These new lords with Tier-8 soldiers were practically stuffing their bodies and souls into Ren Qi’s arms.

As they did so, they shouted, “Lord Ren Qi, please come to our territory and take a look. The warehouse and the like are all yours.”

They were so passionate that Ren Qi was embarrassed to reject them!

With a thought from Ren Qi, Elise swam quickly below and blocked the path of retreat for these new lords with Tier-8 soldiers.

Following which, a large amount of hellfire surged up and burned the pool below, forming a large amount of mist that rose up.

The entire surface of the water was covered by this mist, so the visibility was extremely low.

In front of the cold pool, Scarlet Rose frowned slightly. The mist that surged out blocked her vision, preventing her from seeing the battle ahead clearly.

However, she wasn’t in a hurry. In any case, she just had to wait.

After the battle between the two sides ended, she would go over and clean up the mess.

Ren Qi looked at the mist that surged out in front of him, and a smile appeared on his face.

“You can’t see anymore, right? I’ll definitely give you a big surprise in a while.”

Following which, Ren Qi’s gaze fell on the Tier-8 armies of the new lords, and his eyes were filled with coldness.


Under Ren Qi’s command, succubi emerged from the pool below, their gazes fixed on the Tier-8 soldiers.

Black flood dragons also emerged from the cold pool, eyeing the Tier-8 soldiers in front of them.

The black turtles quickly arrived around the enemies soldiers, forming a black shield wall.

It was not to attack these Tier-8 soldiers, but to prevent them from escaping.

A huge encirclement was formed.

The new lords who had thought that they had surrounded Ren Qi suddenly realized that they had been surrounded!

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