Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 560 - Chapter 560: 29. Congratulations, Fellow Daoist. Thank you, Fellow Daoist.

Chapter 560: 29. Congratulations, Fellow Daoist. Thank you, Fellow Daoist.

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Xia Ji was preaching on a snowy day.

There were many people around.

A huge figure walked over from afar.

Even though she had restrained all her aura, she could not suppress the bloodlust and power around her. It still made the people near her tremble and then turn around to look behind her.

With a glance, he saw her.

As if they had seen a natural disaster, everyone ran to the surroundings as if they were escaping for their lives.

He was even shouting in a somewhat sorry state, “Monster, monster,””This is a monster coming to destroy us,””Get out of here.”

Xu Lingling frowned and didn’t say anything. She wasn’t distracted by ants.


She wasn’t friendly.

She thought that the weak were ants, and that mere mortals were ants. However, there was a valve in her heart, and that valve was the Headmaster of the Academy for 1,500 years.

Therefore, she followed her heart. Her heart was evil, but she stabilized the world, so that the mortal country would not be completely reduced to slaves. She was waiting for a new situation, to suppress the chaos of the world with her own strength, and to prolong peace for all generations.

This was indeed something that could not be done, but it was only because his heart was not damaged.

The people listening to the lecture fled and made way for them.

She walked towards the prince who was lecturing on the high platform. The corners of her lips curled up into a smile. It was a ferocious smile, carrying a suppressed but unconcealed bloodthirsty aura.

He turned into a monster in the spiritual world that could devour people’s minds and destroy people’s hearts. He stepped out of the sticky demonic waves and pounced toward the high platform with a suffocating invisible force.

This pounce was like a gentle breeze.

Xia Ji smiled,

He recognized the person at a glance.

“Fellow Daoist, please take a seat.” He pointed at the empty seats.

Xu Lingling’s eyes lit up. He really had the demeanor of a teacher. Moreover, this young man’s will was so firm that he was not affected by her baleful aura at all. So, she sat down.

Xia Ji raised his voice. ” Those who are listening to my lecture, do not speak ill of me. Do not spread rumors. Those who criticized me for no reason just now, please leave. ‘

As soon as he finished speaking, the person who shouted “monster” and “get lost” stood up sulkily and walked out. He muttered in a low voice that no one else could hear.

” Tsk, even if I tell the truth, I’ll still be blamed. This little mister isn’t worthy of teaching others. ”

“He’s the only kind person. The others were expelled just because they said the truth. How disgusting. If I had his fortune, I would definitely be a hundred times better than him.”

“She’s a monster to begin with. That woman must have killed countless people to have such a bloody smell. Isn’t this little mister bullying the weak and fearing the strong? I just don’t dare to offend that woman.”

“That’s right, that’s right. But it’s fine. What kind of cultivation technique is this? Even if he doesn’t come to listen to the lecture, he can just ask someone later. Hmph, what’s so great about it? It’s still a common thing. I can also preach on it another day.”

Xia Ji didn’t say anything.

But Xu Lingling put her fingers together and gently tapped the ground. A terrifying force burst out from her fingertips.

The power attached itself to the earth, and the earth had a pulling force.

The target of the traction force was precisely located on the few people with strange expressions, and then it was activated.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The few people who thought that no one could hear them and that they would not be punished immediately knelt down.

They could only feel the power pressing down on them growing rapidly.

Immediately after, their entire bodies stuck to the ground.

Then, they were crushed into a two-dimensional layer of blood-colored skin as if they were being crushed by a huge mountain.

“Fellow Daoist, it’s too much,” Xia Ji said.

“It I’m not nappy, I’ll Kill.” Xu Lingung laughed.

“They weren’t scolding you,” Xia Ji said.

“So what?” Xu Lingling asked. I see that a young man like you is really not bad, but you are bound by these mortal filth.

And these people who spout nonsense and spread rumors are useless to the world. They will kill me when they see me.

I’ll kill whoever stops me, and I’ll destroy whoever catches me.

If anyone tried to stop me, I would kill them. If a city tried to stop me, I would slaughter it. If a country tried to slander me, I would destroy it. Such blind and blind people should not have existed.

What, are you going to criticize me because of this pedantic rule?

Those who want to listen, listen properly, listen respectfully, and listen with respect. Those who don’t want to listen, get lost!”

As soon as she said that, she slapped her hands on the ground.

Power was injected into the ground again.

The pressure in this world suddenly multiplied, causing everyone who held their heads high to bend down.

At the same time, the bloodthirsty aura around her dissipated slightly and spread out. Those who were not firm enough and had evil intentions were so frightened that they lay down.

Xu Lingling glanced sideways and saw that there were still many people who were trying to raise their heads and stand up stubbornly. Therefore, she slightly withdrew her strength, and those unyielding people were no longer under pressure.

“Everyone else, get lost. Mommy doesn’t have children like you,” Xu Lingling said.

At this moment, a calm man in uniform came from afar. There were dozens of policemen behind him.

This man had a dignified appearance. He was Captain Zhao, who had captured Netherclaw a while ago.

Zhao Chengwei was stunned when he saw the fat woman commit murder in broad daylight. Even a fool could feel the terrifying aura of this woman.

“You want to catch me?” Xu Lingling grinned.

Zhao Chengwei heard the voice from afar and guessed the reason, so he said, “No, the sect doesn’t need the human method.. May I know your name?”

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