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Chapter 559 - Chapter 559: 28. If You ‘re Worthy, I’ll Go Against the World for You

Chapter 559: 28. If You ‘re Worthy, I’ll Go Against the World for You

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Chun Shanjun suddenly raised his head and asked, ” Sword Six, what was the result of your investigation? ”

Sword King was the new system of the Wan Jian House. The numbers ranged from one to forty-nine, and they were only responsible to the sect master. Now, the number had just reached eight.

Swordsix was a female cultivator with the appearance of a young girl. She stood in front of the hall and reported, “”Reporting to Sect Master, this ‘Heavenly Constitution’ was said to have been obtained by that young mister in his dream, and was thus spread throughout the world.” “Little mister?”

“He is the Seventeenth Prince of Qi State, Qi Yu.”

“What I obtained in my dream…What a dream. In the five hundred years of our

Cloud Continent, how come no one has ever dreamed of such a good thing?”

“This subordinate does not know.” Swordsix’s pretty face revealed a look of recollection. She only thought for a moment, and the image of the gentle and jade-like prince appeared in front of her. Perhaps people like him were indeed different.

Chun Shanjun felt a headache coming on.

The reason was simple.

The sect burned the Ten Thousand Laws Manual to cut off the path of immortals and mortals.

Now that this little mister was teaching the Heavenly Constitution, it was opening up the path to heaven for mortals.

He was going against all the sects.

However, this little mister was a very special existence to the Wan Jian House, and he had saved his life.

How should he deal with this matter?

What should he do?

Chun Shanjun would rather form a team and head to the Blacktide region now than face this matter. It was too troublesome.

After thinking about it, he decided to use the seemingly incompetent but all-purpose method of a golden finger-report it to the higher authorities.

Therefore, he grabbed the Heavenly Constitution and went to see the Demon Venerable. Then, he told him everything.

Xu Lingling grabbed the ” Heavenly Constitution ” and flipped through it a few times. She had made up her mind. If this Xuan technique was only above average, then there was no need to say anything. She would just have someone burn all the techniques without wasting any effort.

However, she only took a glance and could not move her gaze away.

Although Xu Lingling had just entered the 14th realm, her knowledge and experience were far superior to others. What she saw was naturally different from others. Even so, she could not see through the mysteries of this book.

She looked at this book as if she was standing on the top of a mountain and looking up at the starry sky. She felt that it was vast and mysterious, boundless, and beautiful, but she couldn’t help but swim in it.

After a long time…

After a long time…

As she watched, Chunshan Jun was waiting.

This look lasted for three days and three nights. However, Xu Lingling finally realized that she had not been able to exhaust the mysteries of the nine oxen. Obviously, she could not cultivate this mysterious skill because the core of this mysterious skill was kindness.

She wasn’t good, so she couldn’t cultivate.

This even made her feel a sense of regret.

Why couldn’t he cultivate?

Xu Lingling was shocked when she thought of this.

Having such thoughts was not right. This was the beginning of a flaw in his heart.

But because of this, the level of this cultivation method was extremely high. At least, Xu Lingling didn’t see anything close to it.

So, Xu Lingling closed the book.

“Lord Demon Venerable, what do you think of this method?” Chun Shanjun asked softly.

“This technique is supreme. It’s the number one technique in the world,” Xu Lingling said.

“Then how should we deal with it?” Chun Shanjun smiled bitterly.

Xu Lingling thought for a moment. ” The one who recited the Earth Bodhisattva Sutra for Yu Long and the one who saved you at the Dai family’s house in Waterside City. He’s the one, right? ”


“Yes, so…l’ll go see him and make plans later.”

“Then I’ll arrange the itinerary for Lord Demon Venerable.”

“No need, I can go alone.”

Xu Lingling touched her lips with her index finger and looked at the sky in the distance. She seemed to remember a long time ago when she was still a child…

It was raining heavily that day. That man dragged her out of the coffin and changed her life.

Xu Lingling opened her mouth, revealing her jagged teeth and forked tongue.

She muttered,”Teacher, you might have a successor.”

After saying this, a happy smile appeared on her face.

She took a step forward and moved her left hand. This hand had been injured in the battle with One Emperor of the West two years ago. It had not recovered yet, but One Emperor’s injuries were several times worse.

When she walked past Chun Shan Jun, even if she did not deliberately release her aura, Chun Shan Jun, who had already entered the fourteenth realm, did not dare to move…

He only dared to turn around and leave with her after she walked past him. Then, he saw the Demon Lord laugh at the sky. Then, his incomparably huge body stepped on the void and flew far away.

Xu Lingling’s hands were like flowers as she flew in the air. The scenery under her feet quickly retreated.

She muttered, “Don’t disappoint me…” Little mister.”

If you’re really worth it, so what if I go against all the sects in the world for you?

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