Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 561 - Chapter 561: 29. Congratulations, Fellow Daoist. Thank you, Fellow Daoist.

Chapter 561: 29. Congratulations, Fellow Daoist. Thank you, Fellow Daoist.

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“You don’t deserve to know. Go back,” Xu Lingling said. Zhao Chengwei bowed and turned to leave.

Whispers came from afar.

” This sect member is really unscrupulous. Didn’t that young mister help us? Hurry up and kill her, kill all the sect members in the world, and then teach us so that we can also have extraordinary power. ”

‘ Not bad, not bad. He’s too lawless. The people of Qi State don’t want such disciples. ‘

Isn’t she just a little lucky? She thinks she’s so great just because she has some resources. If it were me, I’d be many times better than her. ‘

Isn’t Young Sir very strong? Isn’t Commander Jin very strong? Hurry up and kill her. If you don’t kill her, Young Sir and Commander Jin aren’t good people.

They bully the weak and fear the strong. They’re morally corrupt people.

Xu Lingling tapped her fingers on the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Those who said these words were pulled by the huge gravity and pressed to the ground. They were like mosquitoes that were full of blood that had been slapped and exploded. They immediately turned into two-dimensional blood-colored human skin.

Zhao Chengwei’s eyelids twitched. Although his hearing wasn’t as good as Xu Lingling’s, his strength was not weak among mortals. He was at the peak of the ninth realm and was only one mystic technique away from entering the tenth realm. At this moment, he naturally heard what those people said. Suddenly, he heard the fat woman’s laughter from afar.

“Sir, are you going to arrest me?”

Zhao Chengwei didn’t say anything and continued walking forward.

Xu Lingling laughed out loud, and her laughter enveloped the entire capital.” I can kill whoever I want. I like to kill those who spread rumors. Is there anyone who wants to catch me? ”

Soon …

A few ignorant people stepped forward. Then, they exploded into a bloody mist. Soon …

Some more ignorant soldiers rushed over.

Then, the soldiers turned into a bloody mist.

Soon …

A few more experts rushed over to ask her for an explanation.

Xu Lingling never explained and killed him again in a snap of her fingers.

Xia Ji pretended not to see it and continued his lecture.

The men and women who had withstood Xu Lingling’s pressure listened attentively, as if the slaughter outside had nothing to do with them.

After a long time…

Xu Lingling seemed to be not satisfied with the killing and shouted again,”The rules have changed. I’m not going to kill anyone who comes, I’m going to punish them all. If anyone comes, I’ll kill their family.

If someone else comes after a while, then I won’t look at them anymore. I’ll kill wherever I want until I slaughter the entire capital of Qi Country. If I’m still unhappy, I’ll slaughter the entire Qi Country.

So what if this old lady was a dictator and a law?

Whoever is not convinced, come on. Hurry up. Mommy loves you little cuties the most. Muah.”

Instantly, the world became peaceful.

Xu Lingling laughed wildly.

His laughter echoed in all directions, shocking the people on the ground and making them wet their pants.

Gongyang Zhang of the Ten Thousand Swords Training Hall had just left the city for some matters. When he received the news, he immediately returned. The young disciples might not recognize the Demon Venerable, but how could he not?

When he saw the demon,

He was afraid.

But more than that, it was respect.

This person had stained history with her blood two hundred years ago, making that historical fact a taboo that could not be discussed. However, she had killed tens of millions of people, but she had also brought peace to this continent for two hundred years.

This time, if it were not for the Demon Venerable, the invasion of the western sects would have been successful. At that time, the east would be destined to flow like a river of blood, and countless deaths would be destined between the sects. How could there be an intact egg when the nest was overturned? Who knew how many people would die directly or indirectly in the mortal dynasties of the east.

On the eve of the battle, the Demon Lord had all the 13-level experts of the Wan Jian House leave to look for an opportunity to enter the 14-level, while she was alone in the sect.

First, kill the true king of the three kings.

After that, One Emperor of the West retreated from the East.

Following that, he hugged his heavily injured body and fought with the western side who came to ambush him. They were evenly matched and both of them were heavily injured.

She had withstood almost all the attacks from the top combatants in the west by herself.

It was because she had sent all the Level 13 experts out to search for it that she was able to grasp the book in time. Then, she raised her level and began to fight back. After that, she completely expelled all the western sects.

Mortals didn’t feel this battle, but cultivators knew that it was as tragic as a war that wiped out the mortal world.

And this bitter war between the East and the West, which had lasted for nearly three years, was stopped by this fat and big woman.

With her around, the world would not be in chaos, and the territory of this vast land would not be turned upside down.

Therefore, Gongyang Zhang was truly impressed. This was a woman with great charisma.

He was savage and domineering, but he never missed the general direction.

She had killed countless people, but if it wasn’t for her, who knew how many more people would have died?

If it weren’t for her, who knew how many people would be called saints and how chaotic the world would be.

Gongyang Zhang might despise the sect’s style, but he definitely wouldn’t dare to comment on such a person in front of him.

Because he knew that the person in front of him was already a legend, and he was not worthy of commenting.

He raised his voice and respectfully said, “Greetings, sir…”

Before he could finish, Xu Lingling raised her hand and interrupted him.

Gongyang Zhang wanted to kneel, but before he could, a gentle force pulled him up, signaling him not to kneel.

Gongyang Zhang was stunned. Then, his return caused many people to


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