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Chapter 461 - Chapter 461: 270. Fighting the Su Family and the Shen Family’ s Ancestor

Chapter 461: 270. Fighting the Su Family and the Shen Family’ s Ancestor

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“Master, someone has disappeared from the audience. One of them is from the Su family, and the other is from the Shen family. They’re very fast. In the blink of an eye, there’s no one left.” Ji Xuan was still unable to change the way he addressed him as ‘master’.

Got it. Find a chance to run. Tonight’s battle will be difficult to control. ”

Stunned, Ji Xuan hurriedly replied, “”Understood!”

The two of them cut off the message.

Xia Ji could feel the speed at which the land was separating.

It wasn’t fast.

This meant that a war was inevitable.

He waved his hand from afar, and the little phoenix that was still spinning and jumping suddenly stopped dancing. It flew over the Boneyard River and landed beside him.

Liuli, you don’t have to participate in the fierce battle later, ” Xia Ji said. ” Help me escape with someone. I promised her that I would save her. I can’t break my promise. ” But if I go and take care of her, I won’t be able to use it. ‘ Azurite was in a state of excitement, and her light dance steps did not stop.

I’m meeting her at the corner of the Three-fingered Strange Rock, ” Xia Ji said. ” Wait for her there. ” She’s the bride tonight.”

Azurite recalled that it and Xia Ji had indeed passed by such a place and nodded.

It seemed to have a natural concept of the bride and knew what it was.

But it didn’t seem to want to leave…

” I didn’t manage to eat today, ” Xia Ji said with a smile. ” I’ll treat you to a big meal another day. ‘

Azurite shook her platinum sleeves, indicating that she didn’t mean that. Instead, she said, “”l’m also very strong now.”

“But this is not the home ground of the Tribulation Lands. Your flames can’t be reborn indefinitely.”

“Let’s go together.”

“I can’t leave. I have to wait for the world to be completely torn apart. I don’t know what level of enemies and variables I will face next…

Xia Ji tilted his head to look at his progress. He estimated that he would need at least the time for an incense stick to burn to complete the task.

” Well, Feng, Xia Ji, I’ll wait for you outside…”

“Azurite, stay with the bride first. You can go to the outer area of the fire tribulation.”

Azurite didn’t want to leave.

Xia Ji was a little touched. Little Fire Crow was so loyal. ” It’s okay. ‘

Azurite smacked her beak and said reluctantly, “”Be careful.” Xia Ji smiled.

The golden-robed figure flew up again and swept into the distance.

With that, Xia Ji calmed down.

He knew that this was the Wu family’s grand array. This was the information that Concubine Wu had obtained after repeated investigations.

However, he knew that the formation could not be destroyed. As long as he was in the formation and visualized the appropriate ” pattern, ” he could activate the formation.

This kind of Xuan formation had a strong regional nature and could not be moved.

Xia Ji had killed all the beings here, but he couldn’t leave. He had to guard this place until the division was complete.

He looked at Azurite’s departing figure and calmed down.

He took out the Great Dark Heavenly Halberd and stabbed it into his side.

Then, he sat cross-legged on the edge of the island of the Serene House in the Boneyard River and looked into the distance.

The black sun hung high in the sky, emitting a cold and ominous light…

What scattered into this world was a golden black light.

Xia Ji thought for a moment. At this stage, the most important things were the attack range, attack speed, preemptive awareness, and degree of importance.

He had mastered the twelve levels of divine power.

The forefathers had rich foundations.

It was very important who made the first move.

The Wu family’s ancestor was killed instantly by him because he could not use his trump card.

The first move was always the power of the 12 states.

Just as he was thinking about it, two red figures flew over from the sky.

Xia Ji resisted the urge to attack. Burning Lamp Breaks the Void, and he instantly recognized the uniqueness of the two red shadows…

It seemed real and fake. It had no tendons, bones, and meridians. He didn’t know what kind of existence it was.

Xia Ji had a lot of Xuan energy and stored a lot of things.

He sat several dozen kilometers away and waved his sleeve, sending out many paper people.

The paper man was like a scout riding a light horse. When he saw the wind, he took on an evil appearance. He held a knife, spear, and stick in his hands and went with the airflow to meet the red shadow in the sky.

The paper man didn’t float over, but moved in an evil way that kept flickering.

Paper people were prone to evilness, and ordinary Taoist priests were afraid that they could not restrain themselves, so they needed to eliminate this evil. However, eliminating the evil also weakened its power.

Xia Ji didn’t eliminate it at all.

Soon …

The paper figures collided with the two red shadows in midair.

One of the red shadows suddenly pointed, and a blood-red color filled with the smell of evil spread out. All the evil paper figures that came into contact with it began to melt.

This kind of power was completely the power of the eleventh realm. Other than that, it also carried that special supreme demonic qi.

A shrill scream rang out.

In the blink of an eye, the paper figurines were all destroyed.

Xia Ji still didn’t use his god art.

He felt that the enemy was luring him to attack.

Perhaps, at this level, it was normal to “cheat”?

Therefore, he didn’t use any divine arts. Instead, he spread out his hands, and mysterious flying daggers appeared behind him like a peacock spreading its tail.

Every throwing knife was shining with a dull gray light.

It was as if it had rusted.

This was the mystic skill that Xia Ji had first comprehended-God-Slaying Flying Dagger.

Now, he had integrated more content into this mystic skill, and it had already undergone countless qualitative changes. It was approaching perfection, forming his unique mystic skill that could not even be evaluated. At this moment, each flying knife was wrapped in tens of thousands of Dharma Idols..

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