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Chapter 460 - Chapter 460: 269. Stitching the World, Ruthless Plunder

Chapter 460: 269. Stitching the World, Ruthless Plunder

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The current family head should be on his way, right?

He really wished he could see her sooner.

Su Jian walked down the bone-burying pit amidst the cheers.

At this moment…

The man in the skeleton robe stood on top of the bone-burying pit and continued to shout, ” Below is the sacrifice of life to the dead. It is also the greatest blessing for this couple.

Of the eight 11th level slaves, only one will survive. His survival indicates the strongest vitality and the best luck, while the rest of the dead will bless this couple with their lives.”

Bai Ye Gu heard the commotion and stood up indifferently.

The lighting in the underground rooms around the bone-burying pit was extremely cold.

Bai Xiaoye tugged at him and said softly, ‘”‘Brother, come back alive.”

Bai Yegu’s expression was ice-cold. He broke free from her hand and walked forward. After taking a few steps, he suddenly took out a jade token from his bosom and threw it behind him. Then, he did not look back.

Bai Xiaoye was wearing a black top, and her long legs were like lotus roots that were pressed together. Her red lips, nose, and slightly drooping eyes revealed a sense of exquisiteness. She had a refreshing aura, and she had the demeanor of a young lady.

She cupped her hands and took the jade token that was thrown over from afar.

The token was Bai Yegu’s point token. It contained all the points that Bai Yegu had obtained from completing missions.

Bai Yegu walked out of the underground room and stood in a temporary room that could be pushed out at any time.

He looked into the distance with a calm and indifferent expression.

The high platform was surrounded by a circle, and the people who looked down were all nobles.

He was born to help the Wu family carry out missions, and his life and death were completely up to him.

He didn’t dare to touch the dog collar on his neck. He was afraid that he would have extravagant hopes for freedom.

Open your heart. I can give you strength to help you get through this difficult


A strange thought rose from the bottom of his heart.

Bai Yegu closed his eyes. He had finally arrived.

A few days ago, when he was out on a mission, he encountered a snowstorm that could not be classified as a natural phenomenon, but was similar. In order to avoid the snowstorm, he stayed in a cave for a night.

That night, he had a strange dream. The dream was very long and very realistic. In the dream, he became a person named Yang Wei and lived in an orphanage in a strange world for a long time.

When he woke up, the sky was clear, and Bai Yegu felt as if there was an additional existence in his body.

Fortunately, that existence did not seem to have spoken or woken up until now.

Bai Yegu sat quietly in the temporary battle compartment, watching the first round of battle that had just begun in the distance. He was the third round.

This battle might last for a long time or a short time. There were many experts among the servants of the Wu family. As an assassin, he really did not know if he could survive.

“I don’t believe you,” he replied in his mind.

” I am your past life, ” the voice replied quickly. ” Open your heart and mind. You and I will coexist.

Bai Yegu was stunned for a moment before he suddenly said, “You are…” Yang Wei?”

“Yes and no. I’m Yang Wei, but I’m also you from my previous life.”

“I still don’t believe you.”

“You’re going to die soon.”

Bai Yegu didn’t say anything else. He sat down cross-legged and rested his energy. He opened his eyes from time to time to look at the battle in the distance.

Outside the iron bars, amidst the laughter and cheers of the high platform, two servants of the Wu family had already started a life-and-death battle.

Perhaps they knew each other and were good friends, but only one of them could live now.

The two figures kept clashing, and the clashing of the sword and saber produced a thunderous sound. The air currents brought by the power of the eleventh realm were endless, and the gray skeleton in the deep pit kept rolling because of this shocking power.

The fierce battle was brutal.

Xia Ji finished his investigation.

After confirming it several times, he understood that he had to kill the elite disciples of the Wu family in the four small pavilions at the same time. Otherwise, he might be attacked by the array.

And among these elite disciples of the Wu family, there were actually two who were in the form of spirit bodies.

Those who could be arranged to guard this place were definitely the best in the Wu family.

However, after confirming his target, Xia Ji heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, he confirmed all the guards in the Haunted House.

There were a total of thirteen people.

Then …

Let’s kill them together.

At this moment…

A few Wu family disciples were standing on a high spot, gathered together and looking at the distant ‘Mutated Species of Death Land’s Love-Revealing Dance’. They were enjoying themselves, but they did not notice a shadow approaching from behind them.

Actually, even if he didn’t look, he wouldn’t have noticed Xia Ji’s approach.

” You don’t have to say. Her dance is really not bad. Looking at her graceful figure, she must be a very beautiful mutated species. ‘

“It would be even better if you had a woman’s face.”

“This is too exciting. Just what kind of delicate figure is wrapped in that platinum robe…No, I have to go and ask that beautiful Mutated Zerg lady if she has a contractor.”

It’s so cute. It’s spinning and jumping again, but it’s not falling. I really want to lie under its skirt and watch it dance. ‘

“I can’t take it anymore. I’ll go and take a look. I must go and take a look… Anyway, there are many people on duty here, and nothing will happen. I’ll be back soon.

A graceful and strange breed, a gentleman is a good match. Even if the family head knows that I left my post without permission, he won’t blame me. This will also be a good story in my Wu family. ”

Xia Ji listened to this speechless conversation.

Was the Wu family a perverted aristocratic family?

He stopped listening.

The puddle of water condensed into a human figure in the shadow of the corner.

Xia Ji tapped the ground with his fingers.


A soft sound rang out.

However, no matter how subtle it was, it could still be heard by everyone.

However, even if they heard it, they were only shocked.

Then, they realized that they could no longer move.

It was as if a vast power of heaven and earth had completely suppressed them.

Before they could react, Xia Ji clenched his left hand.

The power of the 12 states crushed towards the 13 people that his spiritual sense had locked onto.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In an instant, in different rooms and different places, thirteen balls of blood mist exploded at the same time. Whether it was physical or spiritual, they all exploded with a casual pinch.

Xia Ji was extremely fast. By the time he was done, he had already thrown the imperial token in his hand.

The Imperial Token flew in the air and stabbed into a strange millstone.


The emperor’s order was inserted into the millstone.

Gray lines appeared on the millstone. The lines formed the shape of a map and formed three equal parts.

This imperial token happened to land in the northern one-third of the area.

In an instant, Xia Ji had a rough idea of the Wu family’s strength.

A huge amount of information flowed into his mind, and even he felt his brain nerves suddenly swell with blood. It was very painful.

He instantly understood that his usage was too crude and direct. The Wu family must have had a ritual in the middle when using it. Otherwise, this level of information could instantly turn people into idiots.

He gritted his teeth and endured for a while. The swelling pain in his mind slowly eased, and the information became clear.

The Wu family’s First Heaven was really, really big, so big that it was unimaginable.

After all, who would have thought that a small world would be as big as the entire Great Shang?

Xia Ji’s imperial token had the effect of controlling the Wu Clan’s Northern

Lands. He could now ‘tear’ the entire Northern Lands away from the Wu Clan at

any time.

That’s right.

It was tearing.

The Wu family’s world was simply stitched together.

The effect of the Imperial Token was similar to “suppression”.

The Imperial Decree would not grant you god-like power in this land, but it could allow you to determine the entrance and exit of this land.

He pressed down on the Imperial Token, and the small world descended.

Raising the Imperial Token, the small world was torn apart.

Xia Ji couldn’t help but praise the Ghost Emperor.

Then, without hesitation, he directly used the imperial token with his will.

He wanted to drag the entire Wu family of the North into darkness, then re-determine the entrance and exit, making this world his backyard.




An unimaginable world shock spread throughout the entire Wu family.

No one realized what had happened.

However, no one panicked because the aristocratic families had an incomparably powerful clan protection array. In this home ground, no outsiders could invade.

In the darkness of the side hall, the bride, who was wearing a red veil, moved and disappeared into the shadows. She knew that Xia Ji had begun to move.

On the seat, Su Daji, who was originally eating green grapes with her legs crossed, suddenly changed her expression. She stood up abruptly and turned her head slightly to see that there was a man from the Shen family who stood up with her.

The man was extremely ugly.

Because of Xia Ji, Su Daji had some understanding of the people around him. Therefore, at this moment, Su Daji determined the identity of this man from the Shen family. He was once the sixth prince of Great Shang, Xia Feng.

But now, it was probably the divine wind of the Shen family’s ancestor.

Su Daji and Kamikaze looked at each other, and the two of them disappeared from where they were, flying towards the source of the movement..

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