Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 459 - Chapter 459: 269. Stitching the World, Ruthless Plunder

Chapter 459: 269. Stitching the World, Ruthless Plunder

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Xia Ji looked at the Bone-burying River that was hundreds of meters wide and felt that it was not a good idea to rush over. What if the guardian of the Haunted House activated the protective array?

Transforming into the Black Emperor and attacking with great fanfare might not be a problem in the Origin World, but in someone else’s home ground, it was equivalent to courting death.

He suddenly thought of Lu Miaomiao. If Lu Miaomiao was here, she would probably dig some soil for him and Azurite to smear, and then they could sneak in.

Xia Ji paused and sensed.

Divine arts could still be used here.

Instantly, he felt relieved.

However, the accompanying problem was that any power that exceeded the ten states would form a kind of interaction with heaven and earth. It was impossible to be silent unless it was one’s own power.

“My own strength…”

While Xia Ji was thinking, Azurite, who was beside him, kept lying down, jumping up, lying down, and jumping up…lt was very strange.

When Xia Ji looked at it, Azurite said, “”l’ve never used my tail to walk so far. I can’t stand anymore.”

Xia Ji looked at the open area in the distance and suddenly whispered, ‘”‘ Liuli, stand over there and make some exaggerated movements to attract the attention of possible observers. ”

“Exaggerated movements?”

“The ones I told you about…

“Oh … What about you?”

“I’ll dig over…”

The most primitive method of invasion was also the most effective method.

After Xia Ji finished speaking, his hands quietly turned into dragon claws, and the black fire that originated from his body ignited everything in front of him.

He jumped into the ground in front of him as if he was diving into the water. In the blink of an eye, he had already gone to an extremely deep place.

Liu Li was speechless.

It thought about it carefully and decided to go over. It was better than standing there. It was really tiring.

Therefore, Little Phoenix ” ran ” to an open space by the Maigu River with a clear line of sight. It began to move its body and did the embarrassing broadcast gymnastics. ”

In his heart, he was shouting, ” One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, spinning and jumping with his eyes closed “..

This was what its only friend had taught it.

It had to be said that this was very useful.

This dance was like a dance with background music, and it quickly attracted the attention of the Wu family disciples in the secluded house opposite.

“F * ck, what is that? Is the mutated species in heat?”

“Oh … This dance should be a declaration of love. Look at the beautiful feathers that inadvertently peeked out from the bottom of the dress. That graceful dance that jumped into the air but didn’t immediately fall. I bet that this must be a female of the forbidden land species.”

“Go and take a look. Maybe this hopeless species has fallen in love with you?


The Wu family was just that strange. Fortunately, Xia Ji had some understanding of the situation from Concubine Wu.

The Wu family might treat everything as abnormal, but they would not treat those strange mutated Zergs as abnormal. This might have something to do with their rich experience in entering the Forbidden Lands with the Forbidden Lands Order.

It was also normal for Mutated Zergs to make exaggerated gestures to express their love.

Azurite danced happily and seriously.

After finishing one set, it started to make the second set.

One two three four five six seven eight…

Two, two …

Three, two …

The Black Emperor’s black flames were the number one divine weapon to open the path.

Xia Ji was wandering in the underground world.

During this period, it was also thanks to his extremely strong sense of danger. Otherwise, he would have died long ago.


Because there was actually a space crack underground.

The Wu family’s first heaven seemed to have been created by sewing.

When the string moved, it was naturally the space slit.

Xia Ji couldn’t help but wonder why an Imperial Token could split a third of the territory. If it were the Su family, they wouldn’t have such a thing.

The Wu family was also very special because it was connected to many dangerous places.

In short…

This place could be a heavenly transit station.

Xia Ji relied on his own strength to pass through the underground space that hid the spatial cracks, swam through the extremely corrosive River of Buried Bones, and entered a foundation that was much harder than steel. After sensing for a while, he roughly knew that he was under the Haunted House.

He spent some time to find a natural passage to the top. Then, he used the ancient Five Elements Water Technique to turn into a pool of water and climb up the wall slowly.

He already knew about the situation outside the Haunted House through Concubine Wu, but he still had no idea what was going on inside. He began to investigate, but this still needed some time.

“The aristocratic family competition has come to an end! The most outstanding disciple among the ten is Su Jian, a disciple of the Su family.


Amidst the scattered applause.

The one standing in the middle was a handsome young man from the Su family.

Although he was a teenager, he had lived for more than 50 years because he often lived in the Su family.

At this moment, Su Jian raised his voice and said, “I’m willing to dedicate my honor to the head of my Su family, Su Yueqing!” Another round of applause.

Occasionally, there was a look of disdain.

As for Su Jian, his expression soared. When he thought of the current Su family’s head, he could not help but feel both reverence and longing in his heart.

The master was such a peerless beauty, but he still didn’t have a partner. He really didn’t know who could kiss her.

He could not help but think of the family head’s weak and boneless posture, that dreamy face, and even the soles of his feet were like ice and snow covered in flames, making his mouth dry..

If he could sleep with a beautiful and powerful woman like the family head for a night, he would be willing to die immediately..

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