Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 462 - Chapter 462: 270. Fighting the Su Family and the Shen Family’ s Ancestor

Chapter 462: 270. Fighting the Su Family and the Shen Family’ s Ancestor

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It can be said that there are many kinds of appearance and near no appearance. The God-Slaying Flying Dagger spun and turned into a knife wheel, spinning quietly and dangerously behind him.

The number of throwing knives gradually increased. It was like a lotus flower blooming more than ten times. There were hundreds of throwing knives, presenting an incomparably shocking visual impact.

With a thought, Xia Ji sent out two flying daggers that would never miss.

The flying knives struck the two blood shadows.

The terrifying power contained in the saber completed the shattering and tearing in many directions.



In the sky, two bloody shadows exploded into two pools of bloody mist.

The blood mist quickly condensed into two drops of blood and flew back.

Xia Ji’s expression changed. He understood that there was a high chance that a patriarch he didn’t know had come to probe him.

He clasped his hands together.

He retreated quickly.

However, an extremely lifelike figure was left on the spot.

He spread out his hands and formed an air shield with an isolation effect.

Just as he was done, an extremely shocking scene appeared in the sky opposite him.

A red shadow.

Red shadows covered the sky.

There were probably hundreds of thousands of red shadows that distorted the light into a blood-red color as they flew over.

“It really is the ancestor.”

Xia Ji didn’t know which family’s ancestor it was. He controlled the blade wheel behind his fake body with both hands, but he didn’t shoot.

There were not many God-Slaying Flying Daggers, and it would be a waste to use them against such a large number of enemies.

He tapped the ground lightly.

360,000 Dharma Forms instantly appeared around his fake body in front of him, turning into a barrier that flowed endlessly.


He silently recited.

After a thought, a gap appeared in the round shield.

The Dharma Form transformed into a 10,000-foot-long saber and slashed forward.

Saber light filled the sky, and blood shadows filled the sky.

Blood mist exploded continuously, and the saber light dimmed.

Not long after, the blade light dissipated, and there were not many of the hundreds of thousands of blood shadows left. They condensed into many blood drops in the air and shot back. However, there were still many who passed through the blade and continued to pounce on the island where the secluded house was.




The flying knife wheel moved.

The God-Slaying Flying Daggers pierced through the remaining blood shadows one after another, and some of them were directly killed by the Great Dark Heavenly Halberd that rose into the sky.

The blood mist dispersed and quickly disappeared.

The two sides hadn’t even met yet, but the battle was like a war between countries.

In the distance.

Holy Wind glanced at Su Daji and suddenly revealed a strange expression.”l’ve heard of it. Is this the power of your Su family?”

He met with a bad omen when he fought against the Lu Family’s person and the Grand Supreme, ” Su Daji sighed. ” He should have died. ‘

“Could it be that he didn’t die?” Divine Wind asked.

Su Daji said, “We’ll know when we go and take a look. I’m not worried that Feng Nanbei is still alive…” Instead …”

Old Ancestor Su began to change the topic without batting an eyelid. True enough, Holy Wind realized it and said hesitantly, “”Could it be…”

Su Daji nodded seriously. ” I’m worried that it’s what you think.

“The Black Emperor has such an ability?” Divine Wind asked.

Su Daji shook her head. ” After all, I’ve only seen the Black Emperor once in the last era. I don’t know much about him. What about you? ‘ “I’ve only seen it once…” Could it be…”

Su Daji nodded slowly and heavily. ” It’s possible. ”

“Why did your Sus give birth to two monsters?” Divine Wind asked curiously.

“I’m good at pinching people,” Su Daji said proudly.

Divine Wind pondered for a moment and seemed to think that it made sense, so he said, ‘”‘1 can only take out the Black Yellow Exquisite Pagoda.”

Su Daji said, ” You can sacrifice yourself. I have my own magic weapon. But let’s make a deal. You go first, I’ll be behind. ‘

“Of course,” Holy Wind replied.

Both of them were familiar with each other, so they didn’t bother with each other.

Divine Wind raised his hand.

Mysterious and mysterious Heaven and Earth Black and Yellow Qi rose up and condensed into a pagoda. The pagoda was held in his palm and was only one foot in size.

Divine Wind chanted and threw the exquisite pagoda above his head. Then, he raised his right hand and grabbed another blood-red double-crescent halberd.

The blood beads that filled the sky returned to his pores.

Su Daji saw that he was going up, so she took out a scroll and opened it.

The mist instantly curled up.

The lifelike ink-colored mountains and rivers were displayed in the picture. The sun and moon moved, the mountains and rivers, the capital of the country. The vast scenery seemed to exist, making people feel as if they were in it, and their hearts were shocked.

At the beginning of the fire tribulation, she still needed to pull it open and use it. Now that the fire tribulation had passed for nearly 40 years, she could already control the Mountain and River State Painting with her mind more skillfully.

With the protection of the Mountain River State Painting, Su Daji took out another red embroidered ball that was more than a foot in circumference. The embroidered ball was adorned with jade beads, golden pearls, and bells that emitted seven-colored light.

He moved his long legs and sat on the red embroidered ball. He followed the divine wind far away.

The moment the Divine Wind saw Xia Ji, it recognized the Black Emperor.

At the same time, he only felt the boundless heavenly might coming from all directions and locking his body from all directions, making him unable to move.

However, he was not afraid. With the Exquisite Pagoda above his head, even if the power of the Exquisite Pagoda had not been exerted, it was still a top-notch defensive magic weapon.

This pagoda belonged to the Grand Supreme in ancient times. The Grand Supreme relied on this exquisite pagoda to charge back and forth between the attacks of various mighty figures without being damaged at all.

Su Daji immediately stopped when she saw that he was frozen.. She exclaimed from afar,”Xia Ji, you…Why are there twelve states!”

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