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Chapter 284 - Chapter 284: 181. Entering True Martial First

Chapter 284: 181. Entering True Martial First

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It was as if he was saying, ” What’s the use of sighing now if you don’t cultivate properly normally? I will definitely make a name for myself in this competition!”

Xia Ji passed by them.

Back at the Golden Jade Lane, in the manor where Perfected Jingming lived.

Under his bed, he used the King of Pingdeng’s mask to install the ” Inferno Transfer Station ” so that he could return to the Imperial Capital and head to Mirror Lake.

Then, he sat alone in the courtyard.

He brewed a pot of hot tea.

It was steaming hot.

It emitted the refreshing fragrance of spiritual herbs.

He suddenly felt a little old.

Because young people are fearless,

I want to compare myself with Heaven,

They would be high-spirited and want to win first place in the competition.

However, he did not have these thoughts.

The more he knew, the lonelier and older he became.

Because you will find that those so-called battles have no meaning and value.

Xia Ji took a sip of hot tea and tapped his fingers on the table.

He muttered, “The martial arts competition is held once every ten years. It’s unprecedentedly grand. Many people will go…” Oh ..

He closed his eyes and pondered, ‘If he goes, won’t the sect be empty? This was truly a godsend opportunity.

I have a rough idea of the locations of the other sects.

One only needed a token to enter the sect..After entering the sect, you can read books. The other three sects have many disciples. It’s enough to enter the pavilion with a token.”

He stood up, and his body contained a terrifying and deep power. His heart was even stronger than the heart of the Mystic Dragon, beating quietly in this empty world.

“Water Dragon.”

He raised his hands slowly, and specks of starlight suddenly condensed in the air. They were like the scales of a water dragon, coiling around his body.

“Mist form.”

With a thought, these scales turned into mist again.


The steaming mist turned into a comet with a casual point of his finger. It shot towards the distance with its tail. Its power was so strong that it seemed to bring the space to pounce over. Halfway through, it was like a strong bow shooting out. Halfway through, the crossbow encountered time stop and suddenly stopped.


Xia Ji opened his palm, and the comet turned into ordinary water. It was poured into the soil under a withered tree, and the tree immediately turned into a lush green leaf. “Water element.”

His thoughts moved again.

Xia Ji took a step forward, and his skin began to change. Soon after, his body began to change as well. In an instant, Xia Ji was no longer there. All that was left was a pool of water that was slowly flowing forward.

The water flowed through the soil, through the crack in the door, and into the pitch-black house. It rose from the ground and reformed into Xia Ji’s figure.

This was the tenth level of [Water Path]. It was a temporary transformation of the body by the water element, driven by bloodline power.

Xia Ji didn’t light a candle. He lay on his bed in the darkness, and the surroundings were filled with silence.

There seemed to be a faint beeping sound.

The leather scroll contract sent a message.

It was Hu Xian Er.

“Master, your mother wants to know if you can get the tail of a Flame Eater

Python and the flesh of a Fire Snail.”

Xia Ji’s expression changed. ” I’ll try. ‘

Xia Ji pondered. He had read in a book that the Flame Eater Boa was a kind of snake that lived in the tropics. It liked to devour burning flowers and trees. It was an extremely strange species of snake. This kind of snake was extremely rare, but now that the Fire Calamity had just started, he might encounter it.

The Fire Snail was a similar species. Its defense mechanism was the high temperature of the snail shell, making it impossible for other creatures to touch it. According to the books, they often appeared in the boundary between the shrubs and lava.

His mother would definitely not have thought of these things. The only explanation was that his mother had a fortuitous encounter. It was most likely a transmigrator’s benefit.

But this was her mother’s secret.

He would just pretend not to know.

He extinguished the candle flame and closed his eyes to sleep. The beating of his heart was constantly forging his body, making him stronger and stronger.

Half a month later.

The Fangzhang Island in the East Sea was connected to the sky and the waves.

If one were to look down from above, one would be able to see that the flying swords were like cold currents in a vortex, spinning towards a center.

The scene was spectacular and grand.

This was the once-in-a-decade contest of mantras. Disciples of various sects and clans were rushing to the martial arts competition hall.

However, Fangzhang Island was extremely long, and the roads varied from place to place. There were also many Daoists who spent the night on the way.

In late spring the air is warm,

At night, the moon rose with the tide.

In the northwest of the island, a stream flowed down from the peak of the mountain.

A few Taoist priests and nuns were leisurely catching fish in the stream. They lowered their heads and scooped water to drink.

The water is as sweet as dew,

The Taoist priests and nuns were dressed in the True Martial Pavilion disciple uniform.

“This time, I must let the other sects see the mantras of my True Martial


Senior Brother, ” the young round-faced nun said with a smile, ” you look so smug. You must have broken through the tenth realm and condensed your Dharma Power? ”

“I’m still half a chip away, but it’s enough.”

The young Taoist priest on the other side suddenly laughed and shook his head.

“Junior Brother Jiang, why are you laughing?”

“Am I smiling?”

For a moment, the atmosphere suddenly became a little oppressive.

The young round-faced nun hurriedly tried to smooth things over.” Senior

Brother, Junior Brother, this trip should reflect the prestige of our True Martial

Pavilion. We can’t be underestimated by the other three sects. ” “I hope Junior Brother Jiang won’t embarrass himself.”

“I’ll return your words to Senior Brother.”


“What about me?”

“Stop arguing. We’re outside. If anyone sees us, they’ll make a fool of themselves.” the round-faced nun hurriedly shouted.

However, the two of them suddenly started fighting on their swords.

The sword lights intersected, and the air currents crisscrossed. The night wind was also broken, and the waves of the surrounding streams were also shot up.

No one noticed that a wave of water had swept away the token on the waist of a Daoist priest. Then, it slapped down naturally and went far away with the other streams.

When the waves reached the lower reaches of the stream, they reached the shore, revealing the appearance of Xia Ji under the moonlight.

He held the token in his hand and looked at it. He muttered, “True Martial

Pavilion’s token, now all three sects have it,”

Xia Ji looked around and muttered to himself, ‘”‘The closest place to this place is the True Martial Pavilion. Let’s go there when dawn comes.”

The next day at dawn.

No one saw a figure quietly enter the protective array membrane of the True Martial Pavilion.

It was like a ray of light entering it.

However, unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the array membrane, the bell on the peak of the True Martial Pavilion suddenly rang.

In an instant, several figures appeared on the mountain peak.

“It must be an outsider who stole the disciple token and sneaked into my sect.”

‘ A few years ago, someone did it and his cultivation was crippled by Master.

Now, there’s still someone who dares to do so? ”

“Do you really think that my True Martial Pavilion can come and go as you please?”

Xia Ji looked up at the ringing bell and thought to himself that it would not be that easy.

However, it was impossible for him to give up and withdraw immediately.

He swept his gaze around and combined it with the information he had heard about the True Martial Pavilion in the Golden Jade Lane. He quickly headed southwest. That was the library of the True Martial Pavilion, which had a total of five floors.

The True Martial Pavilion’s method of searching for intruders was very simple. They would gather their disciples on the True Martial Square, and then the remaining person would be easy to find.




The bell on the mountain peak rang three times, signaling the gathering.

At this moment, Xia Ji had already arrived at the entrance of the library. The guardian of the library was a young Daoist nun. She stretched out her hand, and Xia Ji took out a token and handed it to her.

The young Daoist nun looked around. ” Go in. ‘

As soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly heard the bell and said, “Junior brother, let’s go to the square together.”

“I’ve been thinking hard about a channeling technique for the past few days, but I can’t understand it…” Xia Ji seemed to be lost in thought.

After saying that, his eyes were lifeless as he muttered, “The dragon guides the tiger, the bear goes through the turtle’s throat, the swallow flies, the snake bends, the bird stretches out, the sky bows and the earth bows…” How could this human body imitate its form and become one with its breathing? I really don’t understand, I don’t understand …”

As he spoke, he walked into the library.

The young Daoist nun couldn’t help but laugh when she saw him like this. This junior brother looked quite handsome, but she didn’t expect him to be…


She smiled and ignored him. She went out to answer the call of the bronze bell..

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