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Chapter 283 - Chapter 283: 181. Entering True Martial First

Chapter 283: 181. Entering True Martial First

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One and a half months later.

Xia Ji counted his bountiful gains.

“15 light golden Skill Pearls, containing all kinds of Dao techniques;

Five golden Skill Pearls, containing powerful Dharma Power;

Two dark-gold Skill Pearls, which were the top-notch techniques in talismans and the techniques to summon the wind and rain;

There was also a black Skill Orb. The rest were all purple and not worth mentioning.

I didn’t expect this black color to be the advanced skill bead of [Water Path]. As expected of the largest Taoist Repository on Fangzhang Island.”

Xia Ji stood on the ninth floor, his body concealing his mysterious aura, making him look as simple and unadorned as an ordinary person.

After using the black skill,

His dark red [Water Path] had finally reached the tenth level.

“Not enough, far from enough.”

He sighed.

At this moment, the leather scroll contract suddenly moved.

This time, it was Ji Xuan.

‘ Teacher, the future master’s wife is looking for you. She’s asking where you are. ‘

“Prospective master’s wife?”

“It’s Su Tian. However, I told her that before Master left, he said that he would travel for half a year and would only return in two to three months. She asked you to look for her at the Smiths when you’re back.”

“Got it. ”

A few days later.

The leather scroll contract suddenly rang again.

“Master…” Hu Xian Er said.

“Did my mother force you to eat something again?”

“No, Master, a woman suddenly came to the Imperial City. She’s extremely powerful and calls herself Su Daji. She wants you to come out and see her.” Su Daji?

Xia Ji was stunned. There was no such person in the Su family, right?

“How strong is she?”

“Unfathomable. I couldn’t even withstand a single move from her. I told her you weren’t here, and she left a message inviting you to a duel at the summit of the forbidden city in three months.” “What does she look like?”

Swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh.

Soon, a ghost face appeared on the contract.

“So ugly?”

“No, no.”

Hu Xian Er continued to draw, and then another picture appeared. “So skinny? Like a matchstick?” “No, no, it’s very beautiful. It’s just that my drawing is not good.”

“What color is her hair?” “A head of black hair that reaches to the waist.” “What face shape?” ‘ Fox face. I suspect she’s our ancestor. ”

“What about height?”

“Less than 1.7 meters.”

Xia Ji’s expression turned quiet. It didn’t seem like Su Tian. Su Tian was tall and slender, about 1.75 meters tall. Although she looked rather charming, she was far from having a foxy face. Who could it be? It seemed that he had to go back in three months.

Half a month later.

Xia Ji had already roughly scanned the Daoist Repository.

As expected, as long as it was not an ancient book, the Skill Orbs provided would be blue or purple at most. Although there were many books left, they were of little value to him.

Then, should I return?

“Although I can leave behind the Nether World Transfer Station, I will still have some regrets…”

Xia Ji looked at the Daoists and nuns walking around the streets.

Suddenly, many flying swords flew east.

With a thought, Xia Ji took out the sword pellet that Xu Guzi had given him before he left. He poured his aura into it, and with a thought, the dragon-eye-sized sword pellet began to expand and transform. Soon, it took the shape of a flying sword.

He sensed it slightly.

This flying sword wasn’t like a divine weapon that could communicate with him telepathically, nor did it have a weapon spirit that could communicate with him. It was only a weapon that could extend to a certain range and attack in the air.

He stepped on the flying sword and followed the crowd to the east.

The east side was bustling with activity.

Xia Ji casually asked a young Daoist who was passing by, ” Senior Brother, may

I ask why everyone is gathered here? ”

“Senior Martial Brother Jushan is also going to register this time, right?” Another Daoist who passed by suddenly asked.

The Daoist who was talking to Xia Ji turned around and smiled. ‘”‘0f course I have to go. I have to fight for the Great Dao. Otherwise, how can I know who is better?”

“It’s said that the top few in this contest will be able to obtain immortal pills provided by the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Palace, the chance for Venerable Lie Huo to personally forge them in the True Martial Pavilion, and even the cultivation techniques provided by the Mysterious Heaven Temple.

Even if you can’t be ranked in the top few, as long as you perform well, you can leave your name on Fangzhang Island. If you can get on the True Human Ranking, that will be a blessing.”

“In that case, I have to go even more.”

“Haha, together, together.”

“Junior Brother, when will the competition be held?”

“He said it would be in half a month.’

The two of them were obviously familiar with each other and went east to register.

Although the people in the Gold and Jade Lane were Daoists, many of them were young people. Moreover, each sect was on the same island, so naturally, they had the intention of competing in Dao techniques.

Xia Ji listened quietly.

A sect naturally wouldn’t only focus on one thing. Many of the disciples who participated in the fire tribulation were from the eighth or even the seventh generation. The remaining young eighth and ninth generation disciples were going to participate in this “martial arts competition”.

However, he wasn’t interested in the battle of mantras at all.

Against that so-called True Human Ranking? He felt nothing.

Because he already knew that no matter what ranking it was, it was impossible to record those nine ancient people.

He only glanced at those nine people. Nothing else could enter his eyes.

The world was vast, but his enemies in the world were only those nine people. Perhaps Su Tian was his ally, but if he could not even defeat Su Tian, how could he deal with the others?

He sighed softly.

The young people who passed by were in high spirits.

There were men and women.

Upon hearing this sigh, some of them even turned to glance at Xia Ji.

Then, he revealed a disdainful smile..

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