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Chapter 285 - Chapter 285: 182. To the Pill Palace Again

Chapter 285: 182. To the Pill Palace Again

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Xia Ji knew that he would be found out sooner or later, so he didn’t read any books. Instead, he went straight to the top of the True Martial Pavilion’s library. His eyes swept across the place and quickly landed on some ancient books.

Those ancient books were easy to distinguish. They emitted an oily smell that preserved the pages, and the pages were yellowish.

He said without hesitation,

With long sleeves waving,

A gust of wind was like a dragon,

The pages of the book were blown by the wind and made a “Hua Hua” sound.

Then, they fell from the bookshelf like butterflies and floated in the air. Xia Ji pulled back his sleeve, and all the books were sucked into his storage space.

After collecting the books, he threw out a piece of paper, grabbed a pen, and wrote on it:

The book in the pavilion is very mysterious. I can’t help but yearn for it. I borrowed it without asking today. I will return it to you in the future.

After he finished writing, Xia Ji waved his hand.

The paper was stuck to the wall, swaying slightly in the wind.

He quickly went downstairs. He had already set his sights on the stream that surrounded the True Martial Pavilion.

After taking a few steps, his figure disappeared, leaving only a pool of water of the five elements on the ground.

The water moved.

Flowing into the stream

Then, it moved along with the flow of the endless stream.

Everything was as smooth as flowing water, as fast as lightning, so fast that no one had any time to react.

The tenth level of the dark red Skill Orb was such a BUG.

Xia Ji had truly turned into water for a short period of time.

It wasn’t an illusion or a Dharma Idol.

It was just like how the tenth level of the Little Black Dragon Qi had transformed his right hand into a true Black Dragon Claw.

True Martial Pavilion’s Protective Mountain Array could actually react to anyone passing through it, even if it was in the form of water. After all, it was passed down from ancient times.

However, this also required the disciples in charge of the True Martial Pavilion to activate the array.

However, they obviously did not activate it.

This was because activating it also required a huge consumption. Moreover, activating it required the approval of the person at the level of the sect leader. Now that the sect leader had led a team to participate in the battle of mantras, it was obvious that he was not in the sect.

The vice leader knew about this, but would he rashly activate a trump card like the “Mountain Protection Array” just because a fly had entered his house?

No one would make such a decision.

Neither did Chi Yanzi, the vice leader of True Martial Pavilion.

Unless he knew that this wasn’t a fly, but a fierce dragon.

Therefore, when Xia Ji left the True Martial Pavilion, a few figures in Taoist robes stood on the fifth floor of the library.

The leader of the group, a white-haired old Daoist, glanced at the bookshelf.

The bookshelves were neat, but there were a dozen books missing.

He had a strange expression because the books here were for all disciples. In other words, they were not cultivation techniques, but information.

Why would someone steal the books here?

“Check which Daoist scriptures have been lost,” he said loudly.

“Martial Uncle Chi Yanzi, there’s a piece of paper here. It seems to have been left behind by that person,” another Daoist suddenly said.

Chi Yanzi looked over and lifted his hand to suck the letter.

“The books in the pavilion are very mysterious. I can’t help but yearn for them.

I borrowed them without asking today. Will I return them in the future?”

He frowned. ” Borrowing books? Return it? I didn’t expect this to be so elegant.”

Soon …

The lost Daoist Canon had already been calculated.

In the end, there was no name. The names recorded in the book were first and second. Such names were usually ignored on the fifth floor.

Chi Yanzi was stunned for a moment before he said, ” Increase the surveillance.

If he wants to go out, he will definitely pass through the Protective Mountain Array. Although the token can enter and exit, it will definitely produce fluctuations. At that time, we will be able to detect it. ‘

“Yes, Uncle-Master!”

“Yes, sir!”

The group of people shot out again and scattered in all directions, searching everywhere.

But they were destined to never find Xia Ji.

Xia Ji had already reached the shore.

He wore a green robe and a Taoist robe. The sleeves of his robe fluttered in the wind in the early morning light. The spring weather was very warm. He bent down and scooped up a handful of water to drink.

The stream water on Fangzhang Island could be said to be immortal water. It was full of spiritual energy and was clear and sweet in the mouth.

The stream slipped away from his fingertips and shattered into sparkling beads, dazzling and eye-catching.

He sat for a while and suddenly raised his hand to take out a piece of double-winged dragon jade. This was a magic weapon, ” Dragon Traversing a Thousand Miles “, given to him by the ” rich woman ” Su Tian.

“You have to retrieve the book as soon as possible. Otherwise, once the information spreads, it will be difficult to deal with.”

Xia Ji mumbled to himself as he looked toward the southeast where the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Palace was located.

This force was located in the Medicine Valley of Fangzhang Mountain, which was full of immortal ganoderma and spirit herbs. The head of the palace was a generation of alchemy masters.

The valley was very mysterious, and there was very little information about it.

Even in the Goldjade Lane, most of the information they heard was things like ‘ Perfected One has been seriously injured and only the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Palace’s pills can save him “, ” The Nine Cauldron Alchemical Palace is truly powerful. It’s said that they can even produce medicines that can forcibly extend one’s life by a hundred years ‘                  If only I could find a Dao partner from the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Palace ”

“It’s not that easy to forcefully extend one’s life,” Xia Ji muttered to himself.

Even for him, he could only live for more than a hundred years in the human world without opening his Dharma Aperture and the eight meridians of Dharmakaya. In places like Fangzhang Island or aristocratic families with abundant Spiritual Qi, he could live for more than three hundred years, which was not much different from ordinarv Deoole.

The key point was that revealing the Dharmakaya was just the beginning. This indicated that you had already stepped into another level of life. However, only by opening the acupoints and meridians could you obtain a complete

Dharmakaya and truly enter another level of life, and increase your lifespan to

1,000 years..

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