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Chapter 252 - Chapter 252: 167. The Geniuses of the Five Aristocratic Families

Chapter 252: 167. The Geniuses of the Five Aristocratic Families

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Oh right, he had cut off the chapter of the Legend of the Condor Heroes and did not finish it for her.

Seeing that everyone was present, Su Tian walked out.

He waved his left hand.

A map appeared in his sleeve.

On it was an extremely detailed map.

This map had been drawn a second time on top of the original.

Everyone walked over and looked at the map.

“My Su Family has spent a lot of effort to explore the Tribulation Lands. This is the new map we have drawn.” Su Tian said clearly. However, the magma is constantly changing, and the fire tribulation in the west is also constantly becoming stronger. The change in the terrain is also possible at any time.”

She pointed at a spot on the map that was inclined to the southeast. ” But here, my Su family found a treasure land of fire seeds. There are at least ten balls of deviant fire seeds. They are very precious. ‘

“The Su family is generous. My Lu family is grateful.” the scholar said with a smile.

The others also expressed their gratitude.

“The problem now is, how?” Su Tian asked. Where the Heavenly Flame is, there will definitely be a Demonic Dragon.”

The man wearing the skeleton flower armor snorted and said, “”What is the Mystic Dragon?

“I guess everyone doesn’t have a concept of fire demons, right?” Su Tian asked.

Now that the weather was cold, the fire demons had been greatly weakened. However, there were still a few characteristics that had not changed.

First, the Fire Demon’s body was hard, and any power below the Dharma Power would not harm them.

Secondly, the body temperature of the fire demon was very high, and any weapon that came into contact with it would melt.

Third, the fire of the fire demon is poisonous fire. The weakest poisonous fire can cause the breathing of people to become chaotic, making it difficult for people to breathe smoothly. Therefore, when fighting close to each other, everyone can only display very little of their strength.

This was a fire demon, not a fire demon dragon.

And the Fire Demon Dragon is a monster that feeds on fire demons.”

After she finished speaking, the people around them laughed softly. The man from the Shen family frowned and said,”Even so, so what?”

The Lu Family scholar walked out with narrowed eyes. ” I understand what Miss Su Tian means. There are at least ten balls of Alien Flame. This means that there are many demonic dragons in this land, or perhaps there are existences stronger than the demonic dragons.

“If we want to pick the tinder, we first need more specific information. Next, we need to divide them into three groups.”

The Lu Family scholar’s narrowed eyes swept across the crowd coldly. ” The first group will lure the demonic dragon away. The second group will harvest the Alien Flame. The third group will protect the picker. Each group is quite difficult. However. I believe that evervone has their own divine Dowers and trump cards. There should be no problem in escaping. Then the problem lies in grouping. Is there anyone willing to volunteer?”

The ten people looked at each other. None of the three groups had it easy.

Luring the Mystic Dragon away required him to continuously ” pull the Mystic Dragon and not let it return “. This was a life-threatening mission.

Picking up the Strange Fire meant losing freedom. Once one acted rashly, it was very likely that they would suffer the backlash of the Strange Fire and be seriously injured.

The guardian pickers were also responsible for important tasks such as ‘luring away the fire demons to prevent sudden attacks’ and so on.

The ten of them were all geniuses of the young generation of the aristocratic families. They were all truly outstanding in the world. They all held many magical artifacts and treasures that ordinary people could not even imagine. However, this matter was indeed difficult, and everyone fell silent.

I’ll lure the demonic dragons away, ” Xia Ji said. ” I have experience. I guarantee that none of the demonic dragons that I lure away will return. ‘ well,

He wondered if the Mystic Dragon could withstand a slap from the Black Emperor.

If there was still time,

Perhaps he could try to make the Mystic Dragon into cooked food.

When everyone heard what he said, they suddenly felt that it would be relatively easy to lure the Mystic Dragon away.

However, Su Tian suddenly said,”Nanbei, accompany me. I’ll gather the deviant flame while you guard it.” I don’t trust others to guard me. ‘

Everyone chimed in.

“I think four people will draw the demonic dragon away, four will pick it, and two will guard it.”

Ordinary fire demons didn’t dare to approach the demonic dragon, but there were many demonic dragons, so they naturally needed four people to lure them.

The faster they plucked the tinder, the better. The remaining two will be guardians.”

This person’s words did make sense, and everyone quieted down slightly. “As for how to distribute it, let’s draw lots to decide,” said the Lu family scholar.


“No problem.”

“This is the fairest way.”

Thus, the Lu family scholar took out ten white jade stones of the same size and color from his bosom. He then painted on them and turned around. He looked around and said, “Capture the red ones to lure the Mystic Dragon away, capture the yellow ones to harvest the ‘Heavenly Flame’, and capture the blue ones to protect them. One by one?”

Everyone looked at each other. “No, catch them together.”

“It’s not good to do it one by one.”

The Confucian scholar from the Lu family was speechless.

“Alright then. ”

Hence, everyone surrounded him.

The Lu family scholar placed ten white jade stones on the sand.

In an instant, ten claw shadows flew out, and the sound of fighting could be heard. The scene was in chaos, and even a white jade stone was shattered into powder.

The Confucian scholar from the Lu family was speechless.

He finally understood what was going on. This was a fight for the lottery, right?

In an instant, the nine of them had zrabbed the white iade stone. Wu Jue had nothing in his hands, so he stood awkwardly at the side. He had wanted to snatch the jade stone, but he had fought with someone and was pushed to the side. When he tried to snatch the jade stone again, the last one had already been shattered by the whistling airflow.

The others spread out the jade stones in their hands and distributed them.

The people who lured the demonic dragon away were Shen Tiansan (the man in the skeleton flower armor), Shen Tianjiu (the masked woman), and Sanzhangxue.

The people who picked the Alien Flame were Su Tian, Lu Chen, the Fourth Princess of Wu, and Zhou Wang.

The guardians were Xia Ji and Xia Yun (or Lu Yun).

Everyone was satisfied with the result, so Wu Jue, who didn’t get the jade, also took on the task of luring the demonic dragon away.

There was a small balance hidden here.

Putting aside the people who lured the Mystic Dragon away,

And among the Su and Zhou Families and the Shen, Lu, and Wu Families, the ratio of guardians to plucking was exactly the same.

After that, he would first explore more specific information about the Alien Flame.

The Lu Family scholar was obviously very proficient in the deployment method, so he was in charge.

The other families listened to their orders.

The Su family took out the Divination Ball and selected two thousand men of sacrifice to test the waters.

The other families also displayed their abilities, providing support with magic tools, and at the same time, making a simple personal attack.

Two days later.

The situation was basically clear-there were five demonic dragons and no other fire demons.

Therefore, the Lu family scholar arranged for a second draw. After all, five people were needed to lure the five demonic dragons. There was no other way.

Then, Zhou Wang’s speed of drawing lots was slightly slower, and he was transferred to lure the demonic dragon away.

The young man with the middle on his back frowned and plucked his prayer beads. He felt bitter in his heart. Before he left, he could only look at Xia Ji and Su Tian fervently and send them a voice transmission. “We’ll be depending on you. The fire seeds obtained by the Lu and Wu families won’t be shared with us.”

“Don’t worry, I’m already at the eleventh realm,” said Su Tian.

Zhou Wang turned around and left.

The group hid behind a sand hill. After consulting Xia Ji for his experience, the Death-Courting Quintet went to lure the Demon Dragon. The moonlight is bright and clear,

Thousands and thousands of miles of foreign desert,

There was not even the slightest sound of insects.

The world was frighteningly silent.


An ear-piercing roar tore through the silence.

The cold night sky instantly turned into flames.

The sky was filled with fiery red, giving the black color a dazzling brilliance!

The veil that had covered the moon turned into flowing lava that spread across the sky.

Everything on the ground began to burn, and the rocks melted.

Everyone grabbed the Fire-repelling Pearl, Freezing Sky Pearl, Great Cold Jade,

Soon, the demonic dragons were lured out and flew in five different directions.

Those demonic dragons were covered in red and black armor, and their backs were burning with terrifying purple flames. They were like living lava, spreading their four legs and chasing after the five of them like missiles. Wherever they went, it was like flames washing the ground, laying down a red carpet of high temperature flames.

Everyone quietly waited for a while. After which, they looked at each other before shooting out from behind the hidden sand dune at the same time and swiftly headed towards the ‘Heavenly Flame’. Xia Ji glanced at Su Tian, who mouthed, Follow me closely..

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