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Chapter 251 - Chapter 251: 167. The Geniuses of the Five Aristocratic Families

Chapter 251: 167. The Geniuses of the Five Aristocratic Families

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“It’s actually not the Su surname…lsn’t Su Yu here?” Another member of the Wu family walked up. It was a midget-like woman. She had a young and cute face, but she was slightly hunched and had white hair.

“Fourth Princess Wu, isn’t your Hidden Lord not here either?” Su Tian asked.

When the white-haired dwarf woman heard this, she suddenly looked at Xia Ji in realization. “”so it’s your Su family’s Imperial Teacher.”

“Feng Nanbei?”

She tilted her head and looked at Xia Ji carefully, as if she wanted to see what was different about him.

Soon, she giggled and walked away.

Wu Jue’s expression was a little cold, but he also left with the white-haired dwarf.

Su Tian introduced them to Xia Ji softly. ” These two are from the Wu family.

Apart from the normal realm, the Wu family often has incredible power. That Fourth Miss Wu is the seventh daughter of the Wu family’s head, and also the youngest daughter.

However, her mother was pregnant with her for ten years before giving birth to her, so she was called the Princess of Death. After a long time, she became the Fourth Princess. Anyway, the real Fourth Princess is already dead.”

Then, she pointed at the man in the armor with the skull flower pattern and said,” This is the Shen family. They are allied with the demonic and evil paths. They usually have strong vitality and are known to be unkillable. ”

‘ Same here, ” the man said. ” The recovery power of your Su family’s dragon blood is not weak either. ‘

Su Tian didn’t ask how to address him.

The man snorted and slowly walked away with a masked woman behind him.

At this moment, a young man carrying a heavy sword on his back and holding a string of prayer beads walked over. He said elegantly,”Zhou Wang greets the two of you.”

Xia Ji could clearly feel the kindness in his words, and there was a hint of closeness in his expression.

The other young woman from the Zhou Clan wore a white robe and carried three thin swords on her back. There was a dark red plum blossom on her forehead. The five petals could not be brushed away, but it gave off a feeling of ice and jade. She clasped her hands and said, “San Zhang Xue greets the two of you.”

Su Tian and Xia Ji also introduced themselves.

” The five aristocratic families are one in name, ” Su Tian said softly. ‘

However, we are closer to the Zhou family. The Wu, Lu, and Shen families are closer. ‘

Xia Ji suppressed his emotions.

Now, he was clearly not on the same level as Su Tian, but he was not someone who could be intimidated by a few words.

At times like this, they couldn’t afford to mess around. Otherwise, they would really be seen clearly by others.

Thus, he pretended that nothing had happened and said calmly, “”Feng Nanbei greets the two of you.”

I’ve long heard of Senior Brother Feng’s great name, ” Zhou Wang said. ” To be able to emerge victorious from the many geniuses of the Su Family is truly impressive. ”

The state preceptor of my Zhou family is about to come out of the mountain. At

that time, he will have a tacit understanding with the emperor teacher. I will follow by the state preceptor’s side. Perhaps in the future, you and I will have the opportunity to meet in the same court.”

Su Tian also introduced herself.

San Zhang Xue walked over and said in a friendly manner, ‘”‘ I’ve heard of you. You were actually sent to the Wu family for an exchange. Now that you’ve returned from your studies and are the director of both families, your future is limitless. ‘

When Xia Ji heard the word “sister”, he looked at Su Tian with a strange expression…

According to what the clan disciples said, the ancestor was an existence that had lived for ten thousand years. How could such a figure be insulted?

As expected, Su Tian would not be insulted. She said to herself,” How is there a limitless future? Even an eleventh level Dharmakaya hasn’t become a Chromatic Dragon. It’s just a mottled dragon. It’s very embarrassing.

San Zhang Xue wanted to comfort him, but he didn’t know where to start. After all, they were all from aristocratic families, so he didn’t want to use that method on outsiders.

Xia Ji really couldn’t figure out what was going on with Old Ancestor Su. He didn’t believe it if he said she was real and looked weak.

Hence, he changed the topic. ” Why doesn’t Miss Xue use the surname Zhou? ”

Sanzhangxue said, ” When I was young, I was adopted as a nun in Tianguan

Lingquan Temple. Because I was too short, I was given the Buddhist name Sanzhangxue. After I returned to the aristocratic family, I was unwilling to change my name to Zhou Xue, so I called myself Sanzhangxue. ‘

Zhou Wang smiled. ” Junior Sister Xue is the demon of my Zhou family. If it were anyone else, who would not change their name just like that? ”

“Senior Brother Zhou, you don’t have to be so humble. The disciples who are able to come here to preside over the collection of the ‘Heavenly Flame’ are all true geniuses. They are also the future pillars of the clan. There is no difference in strength.”

Xia Ji felt that this would be fine under normal circumstances, but he glanced at Su Tian again.

Su Tian was also looking at him.

Xia Ji sighed. ” To tell you the truth, my Su family collected a fire seed for me to use in my breakthrough. However…” However, I was unable to absorb it and failed. I really don’t deserve the name of a true genius. I wonder if I can break through to the eleventh realm in the future.”

The two Zhou family members were speechless.

Su Tian said, ” That fire seed was given to me later on. I broke through and became a multi-colored dragon. My fate was decided at the beginning. It seems that my fate is like this. ‘

The two Zhou family members were speechless.

Xia Ji glanced at Su Tian. Could it be that “pretending to be a pig” was the basic operation and daily hobby of monsters?

Su Tian also glanced at him and smiled knowingly.

The two Zhou family members changed the topic in time.

In the distance, there was another wave of fluctuations. Finally, two people from the Lu family walked out.

The man was dressed in Confucian robes, and his eyes were narrowed with a smile. He was like a venomous snake, filled with danger.

The woman was dressed in a white Daoist robe, and she had a free and easy feeling. She was ethereal and made people feel that she was a fairy who had descended to the mortal world.

The two of them nodded at the Su and Zhou families before heading straight to the Shen and Wu families.

Xia Ji glanced at the two of them with a calm expression. He knew the woman from the Lu family. She was his second sister, Xia Yun, who had lived in the same palace with him for more than ten years. She was also the woman who had framed him and almost killed him in the Sutra Depository for more than

two years..

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