Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 253 - Chapter 253: 168. Don I t Use the Vision of a Short Life Species Again

Chapter 253: 168. Don I t Use the Vision of a Short Life Species Again

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According to the method of finding the fire seed, Lu Yin, the scholarly scholar of the Lu family, and the Fourth Princess of Wu began to search nearby. Although the two of them saw the two people from the Su family go deeper, they did not stop them.

Soon, Lu Yin found the seed of the Alien Flame. He took out the crystal ball and began to absorb it.

Not long after, Fourth Princess Wu also discovered it.

The two of them were not far from each other.

The Second Princess, Xia Yun, took out a handful of paper figurines from her bosom and muttered something before scattering them.

These paper figurines seemed to be alive. After landing, they moved quickly and stepped on the formation.

Lu Yin and the Fourth Princess Wu were wrapped in it.

Immediately, an invisible barrier was formed.

This barrier could isolate all auras, and even if the fire demon got close, it wouldn’t be able to sense the existence of life.

After doing all this, Xia Yun suddenly flicked his finger.

Pa …

One of the rocks moved.

She paced back and forth and observed carefully.

He flicked his finger again.

Like this, it bounced continuously.

The stones also moved.

Then, he arranged them using the Nine Heavens Big Dipper Technique.

Xia Yun quickly took out a talisman from her bosom. With a shake of her finger, the talisman burned. When it turned into ashes, she held the ashes in her hands and chanted something. Then, it flew toward the direction of the Big Dipper. This was the Star Pointing Technique.

Although it was a star, it was actually a way to borrow some kind of power from the unseen world. Seven stars to extend one’s life belonged to this category.

At this moment, although this small stone array was simple and crude, it was enough to be used.

Before long, a strange fog rose around them. It could be considered as a second isolation.

After doing all this, Xia Yun sat cross-legged in the center of the array.

She looked into the distance. The two people from the Su family were no longer in her sight and perception. Clearly, they had already walked far away.

Xia Ji and Su Tian were extremely fast as they flew across the scorched land.

Lava streams flowed past from time to time. The high temperature forced people to stop or avoid them in advance.

The avatar was indeed powerful.

But if you put your Dharmakaya into the lava to soak,

Let’s see if we can come back.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them had already walked very far. It could be said that they had completely entered deep into this land of Heavenly Flames.

‘ The terrain here is like stars surrounding the moon, ” Su Tian said. ” Strange

Fire is a star. There must be a better fire seed in it.

Xia Ji had a feeling that he would return home often.

But on the surface, he still said very cautiously,”But …” Su

He thought about it and decided to pretend to be confused first. He continued, “Su Tian, don’t you think it’s more dangerous here?

Have you ever thought that there are already five Fire Demon Dragons outside? The fire demons guarding this place are probably even more terrifying, right?”

“Am I as scary as you?” Su Tian asked.

“Yes,” Xia Ji replied.

“Do you dare to say it with your conscience?” Su Tian asked.

I’m telling you honestly, ” Xia Ji said. ” The fire demons here are stronger than me. ”

“Your conscience has been eaten by dogs,” Su Tian snorted.

Soon …

Su Tian suddenly stopped in her tracks. She flew forward and pressed down with her hand. The dark red hot soil on the ground splashed out, revealing a green-white fire seed.

She glanced at Xia Ji, who was pretending to be extremely vigilant. ” I’ll split all the fire seeds here with you 50 – 50.

I know you don’t want it, but do you want to help your sister? Do you want your own power?

More importantly, do you want to take the first step between us?”

Xia Ji was speechless.

” I know who you are, but that doesn’t mean that others know, ” Su Tian said. ‘ If I were you, I would see the sincerity of the cooperation and not rashly reject it. ”

Xia Ji closed his eyes.

“Xia Ji, don’t you understand?” Su Tian asked.

Why didn’t anyone find trouble with King Shenwu?

Because I’ve already finished probing the Imperial Palace, and I’ve already sorted out all the clues. I’ve even removed all the flaws that you’ve left behind.

“Other than me, no one will discover that you’re King Shenwu.” Xia Ji was speechless.

“I’ll make everything clear so that you can rest assured,” Su Tian said.

You reached the eleventh realm before the calamity arrived. You’re an anomaly and must be eliminated.

But now that you have the Black Emperor’s avatar, you are the key to this fire tribulation.

If you weren’t a member of the Su family, then you would still be a target that had to be eliminated. However, heaven’s will made you so.

Don’t think that I’m using you. I’ve seen too many things. I won’t destroy my own great wall.

Do you still remember what I told you about the level of life?

Your current level of existence is already very high. In this world, other than an existence at my level, no one can have children with you.

Feelings and love can be cultivated, and I’m working hard to cultivate them. What else do you have to ask? Let’s ask them together.

Only children are sneaky and hide. When it’s time to lay their cards on the table, they’ll still hide.”

Xia Ji was speechless.

“You want to ask me how I found out about your identity, don’t you?

Then let me count with you.

The first one is the Northern Saber King, Wind Bull Horse. Although you’ve disguised yourself and can hide it from the ordinary disciples of the Su family, do you know that I’ve gone to see it myself? Wind Bull Horse doesn’t have any children, so I’ve made up an additional story for you to cover it up.

Second, you took the sachet that Su Linyu gave her child, and your personality changed drastically after you entered the manor. You severely injured Marquis Cold Heaven, and then when the old lady was paying her respects to her daughter, you happened to meet you. I tested you through her, but you didn’t pass.


As for your identity as the Black Emperor, it’s even simpler. What is the Black Dragon Empress? How did Su Bingxuan die? After you came back, that injury was caused by yourself. And through the blind date with you, I got close to you and completely felt the power in your body, making a final confirmation..

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