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Chapter 103 - Chapter 103:97. Wind and Cloud Move

Chapter 103:97. Wind and Cloud Move

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Xia Qi walked into the hall with the Xuanyuan Dragon Sword on his back.

As soon as he entered the hall, he couldn’t help but feel strange.

There were five people sitting in the hall who had never shaved their hair.

However, these five were indeed the “Twenty Heavens” of the Buddhist Sect. They were invited by the Zhou family, where his mother was from, and they had already informed him of their appearance in advance to avoid being rude.

Xia Qi took another look, and his heart suddenly jumped.

The two on the left wore red and green armors respectively. They looked dignified and powerful.

The man in fiery red armor carried a jade pipa on his back.

“Greetings to the Four Elements Ancient Temple.” Xia Qi put his palms together and said.

The man in green armor carried a green sword.

“Greetings, Heaven of Growth,” Xia Qi said respectfully.

The two of them nodded slightly and returned the greeting.

The reason why Xia Qi bowed to the two of them first was not because they had a high status or gave him the strongest feeling.

On the contrary, the remaining three people were too terrifying. He only took a glance at them and felt different intense feelings in his heart.




With just a quick glance, three completely different emotions rushed into his mind, making him instinctively avoid them.

The bow allowed him to slow down for two seconds, and he also used this to calm down. He smiled at the three people.

He did not understand how the Zhou Clan could invite these three people… He had thought that it was just a few monks, but now that they were face to face …

This shocking impact made him understand what it meant to be a strong person.

But how could the Zhou family have such power?

Wasn’t it just an aristocratic family?

Seeing that he was slightly stunned, one of the three men, who was wearing a linen monk’s robe and looked like an ascetic monk, put his palms together and said, “Brahma greets Fifth Prince.”

Xia Qi’s smile instantly disappeared, and he hurriedly returned the greeting in fear.

The other person was actually wearing an emperor’s robe. His appearance was extremely dignified, like a true emperor. He said indifferently, “Di Shi Tian greets the Fifth Prince.”

This sound made Xia Qi’s heart skip a beat, and beads of sweat were about to seep out. He hurriedly bowed.

The third person was dressed in an ominous black monk robe. He was actually a young man, but his eyes seemed to be separated by a thick fog, giving people a mysterious feeling. When that person saw that Brahma and Sakra had spoken, he nodded and smiled. “I am Yemo. Greetings, Fifth Prince.”

The word “little monk” made Xia Qi’s sweat roll down like the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

He had actually lost his heart as a prince and hurriedly said,”l wouldn’t dare, I wouldn’t dare. Greetings, Master Yamo.”

Brahma was the leader of the Twenty Heavens, and he was from the legendary Shilu Temple.

Sakra was the second heaven and was a member of the Six Tooth White Elephant Temple, the holy land of Buddhism.

Ye MO was the most mysterious of the heavens. He was from the underground palace, and what was even more mysterious was…He was the only person in the entire Queli Underground Palace.

The underground palace was very big. It was said to be a place where sariras were stored. In other words, Ye MO was a different kind of ” tomb keeper. ‘ Other people guarded graves, but he guarded relics.

Xia Qi was completely certain that the Zhou Clan was going to completely kill his younger brother this time. Otherwise, they would not have asked these five people to help. With these five people helping…


It’s still fine to grow heaven and hold the country’s heaven,

It was impossible for the remaining three to attack together. Each of them had their own absolute pride.

Although Xia Ji was a monster, he was still slightly inferior to any of the three of them, let alone the three of them.

He even felt that inviting these three people was making a mountain out of a molehill.

The Fifth Prince had wanted to say a few more pleasantries, such as ” Xia Ji is an unkind, unfaithful, unfilial, and shameless person who killed his father and king “, in order to provoke the anger of these heavens and make them have the heart to exterminate the devil and protect the Dao.

After all, this move was very effective.

The leader of the righteous path liked to say such words to make his “feathers” clean.

Righteous swordsmen also liked such words. It made them feel that they were helping the people get rid of evil.

However, when he saw these three people, he felt that he had been completely seen through. All his words were stuck in his throat like fish bones, and he could not say a single word.

He only felt that no matter what he said, it was childish. In front of these people, he was just a child.

“Your Highness, please give me a map of Floating Jade Mountain,” Sakra said.

Xia Qi asked someone to retrieve it.

Sakra looked at the eye diagram and didn’t take it. He said lightly, “”1 alone am enough.”

Witn tnat, ne didn’t want to stay any longer. He clasped ms nanas Denma ms back and turned around to leave the palace like a tiger stepping on a dragon.

Brahma smiled. ” Then I’ll go too. ”

After saying that, he took a step forward and actually disappeared from where he was. There were a few faint sounds of Sanskrit that made people feel relaxed and happy in the air, as if they were chanting hymns.

Without the pressure from the two of them, Xia Qi’s confidence finally recovered a little, so he raised his voice and said what he had prepared.

“Xia Ji is disloyal, unfilial, and arrogant…”

Ye MO raised his hand and made a one-handed salute. ” I’m going too. ‘

Then, the man in the black kasaya also disappeared, leaving behind a cloud of eerie black smoke.

Xia Qi insisted on continuing.” He is extremely arrogant. He actually wants to challenge the world. Please…”

He looked at the remaining two heavens and said passionately, ‘

“Please kill this demon to comfort my father’s spirit in heaven!

In order to solve the disaster of the people!

Return the world to peace!”

The two of them did not say anything. They put their palms together and nodded with a smile.

For some reason…

Xia Qi felt that these two Heavens were laughing at him for being a fool. She was just being too embarrassed to say it.

“Your Highness, my senior brother and I have also set off,” said the State Wielding Heavens.

I’m going to take a look at Sakra’s wonderful technique, ” said Zengtian very frankly. ” If both Brahma and Yamo make a move, then this trip is really worth it. ‘

This person no longer planned to make a move.

Originally, he thought that coming here would delay his cultivation, but when he saw the three of them, he immediately dispelled his original thoughts.

This trip wasn’t wasted, it really wasn’t wasted.

He had to follow a good team, pick a good spot, and be a monk who ate melons.

Chi Guotian thought the same. ” Your Highness, we’ll meet again.

Xia Qi nodded woodenly.

The departure of the two monks was not that shocking. They walked out of the door at a normal speed.

Five people left…

Xia Qi’s expression turned stern. This wasn’t for the five of them, but a secret regarding Floating Jade Mountain. This secret was originally meant to prevent the five heavens from losing, and was used as a trump card. Now, although it seemed unnecessary, he decided to personally lead his troops there just in case.

Although Qingxuan had not come to divine the good or bad luck of this trip, the situation was already set. After this battle, there would no longer be a figure like Xia Ji in the world.

At this moment.

In the Haoran Daoist Sect, a Taoist priest with delicate features but a rather cold expression came down the mountain.

His sleeves were clean, but he did not bring a sword or talisman. He jumped on his horse and headed towards the northern river.

Gu Chen, who had originally said that he would kill Tian Zi, had brought the forces of the Netherworld that had been temporarily gathered to the north of the Great River. However, he was speechless to find that Tian Zi had already

been killed by Xia Ji.

And that terrifying younger brother of the emperor was like a king overlooking the world, fighting against the world at Floating Jade Mountain.

He was a little lost for a moment. He opened the window of the inn and looked at the sunset…

Tian Zi had destroyed everything.

And now, Tian Zi was dead.

He had lost his target.

At this moment, a messenger pigeon suddenly landed on his windowsill. Gu Chen felt a strange feeling in his heart. He didn’t send a message, and no one should have sent him a message.

After he had done the anti-virus work with due caution, he opened the note on the pigeon’s leg and his pupils constricted. The words were very familiar. It was from Xia Ji. Xia Ji invited him to meet?

“Monk! Stop chasing!”

“No, I can’t! Who exactly are you?”

“I … I’ve arrived at my destination and am very busy, so I don’t have time for you.”

“You are not Xia Ji.”

Ku Jian, who was in the Great Light Temple searching for the relic, cried. He thought that he had reached the peak of his life and chased after Prince Shenwu all the way. He did not expect it to be a fake.

“How do you know?”

“If you’re Prince Shenwu, then who’s that person in Floating Jade Mountain?” Ku Jian asked.

Floating Jade Mountain?

Killing had some impression of him.

She had once flirted with a scholar of some status there and learned a little secret.

There was a hidden killing formation at the bottom of Floating Jade Mountain. Whoever activated that killing formation would be able to use it.

Although she was tired, she was still loyal to that prince. Otherwise, she would not have pretended to be him all the way. At this moment, her eyes rolled and she decided to go find that killing array..

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