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Chapter 102 - Chapter 102: 96. If Someone in the World Shames Me, Bullies Me, Laughs at Me

Chapter 102: 96. If Someone in the World Shames Me, Bullies Me, Laughs at Me

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“If someone in the world humiliates me, bullies me, laughs at me, despises me, despises me, hates me, and slanders me…What should we do?”

The young man sitting on the mountain peak looked at the warriors who turned around and fled.

His hand turned from floating to flat, turning into a palm that slowly pushed out.

As he pushed his palm, in the forest.

The black halberd that had shot out changed. Streams of highly concentrated black gas surged out of the halberd crazily, spreading out like ink.

The demonic Qi in the black halberd was already extremely abundant. When it first appeared in the palace, it could transform into many snake shadows to devour those who approached it. That was why it was separated by a sealed coffin ten feet away.

Now, it had grown much stronger with Xia Ji. If it wasn’t for Xia Ji controlling it, it would have already started to ” seek food ” on its own. The so-called ” seek food ” was to turn into demonic energy and devour the blood essence of the weak.

At this moment, the expanding black gas had already melted the 18-foot-long halberd into a huge black ball without any light. Looking carefully, the black ball was not round and smooth.

Instead, there were many streams of air that gave people a feeling of wriggling. Each stream of air was like a demon snake that was choosing people to eat.

When the demon snakes gathered together, it was the Snake River. The river formed a ball and rolled forward.

His speed was extremely fast…

But the human mind was faster…

For some reason, many scenes and voices appeared in Xia Ji’s mind.

” Xia Ji, as a prince of the Shang Dynasty, how dare you have an affair with a demoness and tarnish the reputation of the royal family? What crime do you deserve? ”

“They forced me to marry into the Turks, saying that the Turks have a good environment and that if I married into the Turks, I would be able to form an alliance with Great Shang. This would benefit the entire Great Shang and contribute to the country.”

“I promised him that I would happily go to the Turks…”

“We can’t do anything, we can’t change anything. Why, why, why is it like this? What did we do wrong?

” Aren’t you going to kneel when you see Imperial Mother?! ”

I’m not going anywhere. I’ll stay here and watch my brother win! ‘

“If the Emperor was still in the capital, how could he bear to see us in such a disaster?”

“Don’t believe her. She’s just trying to buy people’s hearts. Hmph!”

“Your Highness is going against the heavens. I am just trying to bring order out of chaos.”

‘ Brother, I heard the crying from Huaqing Lake again last night. ”

I see that Your Highness is imprisoned on the Heavenly Divine Pillar, suffering all kinds of pain and torture…”

“The situation has been set. Whoever blocks it will be shattered into pieces!”

“This is destiny! This is the name they gave you! If you were to refute and try to prove yourself right, it would cause the entire room to burst into laughter because you were weak, too weak, too weak! Hahahahaha!”

“Xiaoji, the weather is so hot. Mother made your favorite sour plum soup.

Quickly take it and share it with your sister.”

“On the hunting ground, arrows have no eyes. You guys stay behind Mother and don’t go anywhere.”

“Wear more clothes in winter. What if you catch a cold?”

” Your Majesty, it’s all ChenQie’s fault. ChenQie’s teaching was improper. If you want to punish, punish ChenQie. ‘

“It’s fine, Mother was just scolded a little.”

“Mother will accompany the emperor on an inspection tour. She will be back in a month or two…

“I can see that you are more mature than other children, but your sister is too kind. Watch her.”

“You and Little Su are the people I love the most in this world.”

“You must take good care of yourself…”

“The world is difficult. Mother hopes that you will never know those difficulties.”

“Mother has left…

Scenes flashed by.

Xia Ji opened his eyes and answered, ” I’ll let him be. I’ll let him be. I’ll ignore him. Then…

He suddenly clenched his fist.

This grip…

The giant black ball in the distance seemed to have sensed it.

It emitted a sharp sound that pierced through people’s eardrums.

The black ball exploded. The halberd was still flying, but the space around the halberd dimmed.

In the dim area, many demon snakes were hiding.

Those fleeing martial artists seemed to have sensed that something was wrong and increased their speed one after another.


A moment later. The halberd fell,

Nothing was inserted.

It was just fixed on a piece of land.

All the martial artists who were enveloped by the darkness it spread out had already fallen to the ground. Those who were dead were dead, and those who were not dead were about to die.

In the darkness, the demon snake hunted, completely relying on its instinct to devour blood essence to kill the martial artists one by one.

The black halberd itself did not possess such power, but it was now connected to Xia Ji’s ” mother ” telepathically. In other words, Xia Jits power could be directly poured into it.

Screams, wails, pleas for mercy, sounds of disbelief, and sounds of regret..

The black gas collapsed and turned into a vortex.

The black halberd that was nailed to the ground shone with a demonic light.

A moment later,

Xia Ji waved his hand.

The demon halberd flew back and landed obediently beside him, making a series of ” bang bang bang ” sounds, which were exactly the same as his heartbeat.

“Arrogant, arrogant, and brave.”

“Your Highness is right. Your brother is really not like you at all.”

“That place belongs to fifth brother, and Xia Ji is alone…” The elegant man in white had a dignified appearance. He sat elegantly in front of a chessboard, his expression changing slightly. Then, he looked up at the person opposite him. ” How about this? Take my letter and set off now. Go to the Haoran Daoist Sect to find Xia Yun. Ask her to invite a Perfected Being to help Xia Ji in secret. Let him, as a chess piece, consume more of Fifth Brother’s strength. ‘

“Your Highness is wise.”

‘ Every chess piece should play its greatest role. Is the enemy of my enemy a friend? ” The scholarly man asked himself. Then, without waiting for the person in front of him to reply, he smiled and replied, ” No! There are no enemies in this world. The Emperor’s mind is to check and balance the courtiers. If you want to take over the world, you have to check and balance the world. Everyone is a chess piece. Go down.”

That person hurriedly got up and left.

It was as if he did not care about the unfinished chess game in front of him. However, did he need to care?

The white-robed man held white in his left hand and black in his right. He had been playing alone from the beginning to the end. At this moment, he looked at the chessboard for a long time before he pressed down a black piece and placed it on the side of another black piece that was isolated among the layers of white pieces.

“I was just looking for him, but he actually ran to Floating Jade Mountain.”

In a courtyard decorated in a martial arts style.

A man in luxurious clothes stood quietly.

The man had a dignified appearance, and there was a hint of reserved confidence between his brows. Although he was reserved, there was a domineering aura hidden in him.

He was the Fifth Prince of Great Shang, Xia Qi.

Xia Qi carried a long sword on his back.

The long sword swallowed a golden dragon with wings. Its body was wrapped in the patterns of wind, rain, and thunder. It was the ancient divine beast, Yinglong.

This was one of the three great divine weapons in the Imperial City’s arsenal:

Xuanyuan Dragon Sword.

At this moment, a tall guard came to the courtyard door.

Before the tall guard could speak, Xia Qi asked, ” Qingxuan hasn’t returned yet?

‘ The eighth princess is very mysterious, ” the tall guard replied respectfully. ‘

We haven’t been able to contact her for more than half a month. ‘

“Got it. Why are you here?”

“Your Highness … The few heavens have already arrived.”

Xia Qi smiled. ” Alright, serve some fragrant tea. I’ll be right there.. “

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