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Chapter 104 - Chapter 104: 98. You’re Not Bad, But Not as Good as Me

Chapter 104: 98. You’re Not Bad, But Not as Good as Me

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Floating Jade Mountain was huge.

After King Black Fox rushed to the mountain, she finally shook off Ku Jian. She wanted to find the killing array hidden in the mountain and help His Highness. After all, there was a limit to one’s strength. What if His Highness could not hold on?

Ku Jian could catch up to Master Black Fox, but he was not in the mood to chase after the fake. He already knew that Xia Ji was at the peak of the mountain, so he rested for a while and asked for directions before heading deeper into the mountain range.

The monk walked up the stone steps.

A faint smell of blood wafted in the air.

“Amitabha, what a heavy sin.” Ku Jian frowned slightly.

As they climbed the mountain, the smell of blood became stronger.

He finally arrived at the foot of the highest mountain. He had asked about this mountain. It was called “Cloud Entering Peak”, and it got its name because of its height.

Withered see a little more serious, straw shoes step forward, pick up the steps up.

At the end of the stairs was an empty cliff.

Ku Jian looked at the mountain path outside the cliff and the pile of corpses, and he couldn’t help but reveal a shocked expression. He thought coldly in his heart, ‘This kind of heretic, no wonder he’s alone. He challenged the heroes on the mountain peak, but no one was willing to help him. As expected, there must be a reason for it.’

When he raised his head, he saw evil.

It was a burly youth sitting on the edge of the cliff. The youth was wearing a dark golden python robe and was looking at the setting sun alone.

The color of spring Flowers that have just bloomed,

Fresh green grass,

The fog had just risen.

Yun Chengtao was rolling in the mountains and taking all kinds of shapes.

Ku Jian looked at the familiar face of the young man and thought about how he had chased after him all the way. He felt strange. He chanted Amitabha and said, “This poor monk is here to ask for Senior Brother Ku Wen’s sarira. I hope Your Highness can be kind.”

Xia Ji didn’t even look at him. He could already feel the aura of the Great Light Temple’s unique technique from the monk.

“This Penniless Monk…” Ku Jian said.

Then, he stopped talking.

His pupils suddenly widened and contracted.

A familiar Buddha statue appeared behind the young prince.

It was blood-colored and held a lotus flower in its hand. There was a sun wheel on its crown, and crows flew in the wheel.

The Buddha statue’s closed eyes suddenly opened. It turned to look at him and asked again, “How?”

Withered See’s Adam’s apple bobbed.

He spat out five words bitterly, “The body of the Son of Heaven…”

Moreover, he could tell that this was an unprecedented realm.

“How do I form a good relationship?” Xia Ji asked again.

Ku Jian did not know how to answer.

His heart was filled with an extremely strange feeling. Previously, he had thought that he would definitely become famous in the martial world after chasing Prince Shenwu all the way. Now, this thought was simply slapping him in the face.

However, the youth did not make things difficult for him. Instead, he waved his hand and said, “You should be glad that you didn’t say anything evil. Otherwise, you would already be a corpse. Come here and listen to me.” His voice was very calm as he walked over.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, Ku Jian had already forgotten what he was here for.

Take the sarira?

It didn’t exist.

Why was this Prince Shenwu called Prince Shenwu?

He should be called Buddha.

Was there a problem with placing the sarira beside the Buddha?

No, the sariras were related to the temple’s inheritance and had to be returned.

But how could he ask the Buddha for it?

Wait a minute .

Was this considered a betrayal?

He cultivated the Zen of Great Light Temple, but he accepted someone else’s things.

Xia Ji could tell what he was thinking at a glance. He was very good at this, so he said calmly, “”Seeing the moon, I forgot my finger. Disembark and abandon the ship.”

These words cleared Ku Jian’s mind.

His eyes lit up.

That’s right, as long as it could be fruitful, he didn’t care which Zen it was. Ku Jian had completely forgotten that he had just said that this person was alone…

However, he thought about it and felt strange again.

What was he here for?

Xia Ji could read his mind again, so he said calmly, “”You and my Thunder Sound Monastery are fated. Now, we have formed a good relationship.”

Withered See: ???

“I’ll definitely succeed in the future,” Xia Ji added.

Ku Jian nodded blankly.

He asked himself again. Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing? Then, he left in a daze …

Xia Ji’s voice filled her mind.

” You are fated with my Thunder Sound Monastery. You will definitely be able to achieve the right results in the future…”

The Black Fox King, Slaughter, ran quickly through the forest of Floating Jade Mountain, leaving behind a trail of smoke.

She vaguely remembered that the scholar she had once dated had told her:

To activate the Xuan formation, one only needed to stand in the area where the formation was.

Then, he thought of a specific picture in his mind.

As long as the visualization diagram matched the Xuan formation and resonated with it, the formation would be activated, and the formation would be at your disposal.

This logic was like holding the right key to open the door. It was very easy to understand.

Now, Killer kept thinking about that picture in his mind.

A pair of long legs were running all over the mountain.

Running around,

It could be considered a blind fox trying to kill a rabbit, depending on luck.

King Black Fox firmly believed that any vixen who could woo Scholar would be lucky.

However, she had been running for a long time. She did not know if she had not encountered the area where the Xuan formation was located, or if this map was wrong, or if that stinky man had lied to her, but there was no feedback at all.

She silently encouraged herself. ” Killer, you can do it. His Highness is fighting alone here. You can only help him if you find the killing array hidden in this mountain. ‘

Suddenly, a voice that gave her a feeling of ” kindness ” sounded in her ears.

“What is the little fox begging for?”

King Black Fox was stunned for a moment. He sped up his legs and ran even faster..

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