Long Live Summons

Chapter 953

Chapter 953: Ambush, At A Terrifying Speed

Wind-stopping Swamp.

This was a very special place. Besides the fact that there was no wind present at any point of time, every other aspect was relatively normal.

However, precisely because there was no wind at all times turned this swampy area with large forests, rivers, and lakes into areas that were so grotesque and terrifying. All kinds of alienated monsters that were completely invisible outside the Wind-stopping Swamp live roam around everywhere. As long as there were outsiders present, those creatures wouldn’t hesitate to attack and hunt them.

Other than those who were Heaven Ranked powerhouses and above, anyone lower than those levels would only find the Wind-stopping Swamp to become the place of their deathbeds.

Luxury airships could only stop at the periphery of the territory.

Without the wind, even if they could continue to fly forward, the ship would be slower than a turtle crawling.

The power of the law that forbids any form of wind brought about an indescribable control over the entire area of the swamp. Any object entering will be affected unexpectedly.

“There is no problem with the air here and we can breathe quite easily,” Yue Yang found that this Wind-stopping Swamp was really weird. You could breathe, but it couldn’t produce any ‘wind’? Exhaling here was as strenuous as exhaling in water, perhaps even more difficult. On the contrary, the inhalation process was surprisingly smooth, giving them an illusion that the inhalation of air into the lungs is not unpleasant.

“Look!” Ming Ri Hao poured a glass of water into his hand.

The water in the cup that poured down, like a trickle of a soft waterfall, flowed down.

A lot of water droplets splashed away, gliding slowly under the sun, gradually forming a beautiful rainbow.

On the surface, everything looked wonderful, but Yue Yang, Sky Execution and the others could clearly tell that this place was very abnormal. The speed of the flow of water and the water droplets falling down here was way too slow! Yue Yang felt like he was watching the water droplets from a movie with how slow it was moving. It was completely visible to the eye and he could see every detail clearly.

Sky Execution, the Dragon Emperor and the Underworld Emperor looked at each other and stretched out their hands towards the sky.

A silver lightning flashed out between his fingers.

Like an electric eel, the lighting streaks swum beautifully in the sky, and each arc and every spark evolving elegantly for a long time without disappearing.

Yue Yang looked at it and his face became solemn— it seemed like the impact of having no ‘wind’ present was rather prominent for battle. For someone who wielded lightning like Sky Execution, his usual power was at least 500 or maybe even 1000 times faster than what he showed just now. Otherwise, how would it have been possible for him to strike his enemies? Although water and electricity were not prohibited by the law’s power itself, the effect of not having wind had definitely more or less affected the speed and the quality of their attacks.

The Underworld Emperor continuously waved his fists and pretended to attack an imaginary enemy in front of him.

Because there was no wind, the speed of his punches slowed down by at least 10%.

At the same time, the strengths of his powers have also been weakened a lot.

The Dragon Emperor pondered for a while before he finally condensed a ball of light and threw it into the sky.

The shock wave of the light ball disappeared almost as if it was never generated. However, the speed of the scattered light was far beyond everyone’s expectations. It spreaded out faster than the original instance and disappeared instantly, not knowing where the scattering luminance went off to.

“I didn’t expect you to notice it so quickly. Except for light and darkness, other elements are negatively affected here and their power is greatly reduced. Although light and dark are not affected, they have evolved beyond the original control range and become an uncontrollable existence. In short, if a warrior who purely used their elemental power is here, it will be a catastrophic encounter,” Ming Ri Hao frowned slightly as he knew that the person he was referring to, was himself.

Although he hid his strength and to the outer world, he wasn’t an elemental user, he was at his best when he wielded fire and light. But here, the fire was greatly weakened and the light elements were uncontrollable, which greatly affected his strength.

Sky Execution clenched his fists.

The effect that he suffered was not small. As for the Underworld Emperor, at this point, he just wanted to find a corner and draw circles on the floor. Almost all of his abilities depended on dark elements. Now that it was bound to go out of control he could only be nothing more than a passer-by. Thankfully, the Dragon Emperor was in a much better state. Although he also used his fair share of elemental power, the Dragon Emperor was still an oriental monster, so his strong body was also one of the main components of his combat power.

Of course, among many people, only the fellow Yue Yang could laugh heartlessly.

No matter how influential the effect was, there was absolutely no problem when it came to self-protection for those who knew how to use the power of the small law and possessed the field of creations.

Ming Ri Hao hated the brat so much that his teeth were clenched and he wanted to beat this kid up, but he couldn’t do anything about it. At this point, he was adamant on the thought of hanging himself.

When the Heaven Rankers opened the way, Yue Yang flew slowly in the middle of the team, movements as leisurely as a mere outing.

Except for him, no one else could be that relaxed.

Even with the protection of Heaven Rankers in front and in the rear, along with the servants who trailed along, they were almost swallowed by the monster that suddenly appeared from the bottom of the swamp. If it weren’t for the three Country Lords Qinglang, Wanjiao and Louluo taking up their posts at the head and the back of the team, it would have been an imaginary task to get to the Central Island.

There was no wind and the space also often had cracks, whereas devastating turbulences were often visible as well.

Even a powerhouse at the level of a Country Lord had to be careful when they intended to enter the Wind-stopping Swamp.

There was no teleportation occurring and also no convenient tools to ride on. Just by flying themselves, it took a full day and they haven’t even covered half the journey to get to the Central Island.

Fortunately, many servants and guards were brought along. As they sat on a relatively dry ground to camp, those servants hurried away, preparing drinks and delicacies for the masters. The only difference from Green Willow City was that a servant who planned on going to a nearby stream to draw water and wash vegetables was swallowed whole by a weird monster from the bottom of the swamp. It happened even under the watchful eyes of the guards and two Heaven Rankers, but he was gone in a flash— not a trace of his existence remained on dry land.

Although the Country Lord Zhi Feng was very angry and killed the monster that kind of looked like a snake or a worm, it was too late to save him.

After cutting open the monster’s stomach, it was found that the creature’s strong stomach acid had turned the servant into skeletons.

Leader Jin’s lips trembled with fright as Chief Steward Ye’s face was paler than ever.

Both of them subconsciously moved closer to Yue Yang’s side. They also knew that the safest place in the entire Wind-stopping Swamp was being beside Master Titan.

“Is there no evening show? How boring!” Yue Yang yawned and decided to return to the Grimoire World for a good rest.

“…” Everyone was speechless for a while. Did he really think of this as a fun outing?

Things were still fairly good, but there came a ferocious monster.

Country Lord Zhi Feng felt a chill in his heart as he hurriedly went to Sky Execution to discuss a plan of action.

Sky Execution, true to his nature, was only good at fighting, so discussing plans of strategy wit him bore no fruition.

On the contrary, the Dragon Emperor proposed a plan to ambush and fight back according to local conditions.

Country Lord Zhi Feng didn’t realise it until now that this middle-aged man who always quietly stood behind Master Titan with Sky Execution was actually a war god full of wit.

On the surface, he couldn’t see it at all, but judging from the Country Lord Zhi Feng’s vision and knowledge, he knew that he himself wouldn’t have been able to come up with this plan by himself. After just getting along for a short time, this Dragon Emperor had made a very accurate judgement based on everyone’s strength, skills and willingness to cooperate. Based on those, he formulated a plan that made it difficult for the Country Lord Zhi Feng to find any flaws with.

This plan was probably not the most perfect in the world, but without the best partner, the most perfect plan cannot be implemented.

Ture, it wasn’t the most flawless plan, but it was the best plan they could execute now.

“Sir Long Xuan, are you actually a Commander on the battlefield?” Country Lord Zhi Feng couldn’t help but ask.

“I’m just an ordinary guard beside Master Titan!” The Dragon Emperor laughed and shook his head. Of course he wouldn’t reveal his true identity. This Country Lord was not going to make him reveal his identity even if he was going to guess adamantly.

But this made the Country Lord in question slightly embarrassed.

He had an unsure idea. If this Sir Long Xuan joined the battle between the three Domain Emperors, no matter which power he joined forces with, he would immediately break the current balance and aid the Domain Emperor that he had chosen to ally forces with to evolve into the Overlord of the Heavenly Splendour Territory. However, such a powerful and intelligent talent was just an ordinary guard beside Master Titan.

Are all the guards of the Upper Heaven Realm this awesome?

Country Lord Zhi Feng was speechless.

He instructed Chief Steward Ye and Leader Jin to lead the people to serve several distinguished guests. Then, he went to Qinglang, Wanjiao and Louluo with a plan to discuss the implementation.

Qinglang was relatively okay with it, but Wanjiao and Louluo were a little dissatisfied with this plan. It might be that their self-confidence had been impeded or it may be the fact that the wisdom of their companions had caused them some psychological impact or something. The quarrel, it seemed, had some disputes over the execution of it, to the point where Qinglang even stood aside and tried to persuade them for a long time.

“It’s coming,” Sky Execution, who had been sitting silently, suddenly opened his eyes that were full of killing intent.

Ming Ri Hao, the guy who pretended to be a Level 3 Heaven Ranker, had a feeling earlier, but he pretended not to know.

Seeing Sky Execution and the Dragon Emperor stand up, he just smiled and continued to lie down, unwilling to reveal his true strength. Sky Execution, the Dragon Emperor and the Underworld Emperor already knew who this guy was and was no stranger to even the odd and perverted side of this faker. There was also a little secret discussion between him and Yue Yang that they knew of, but naturally, they weren’t going to reveal it.

The Bull Brothers on one hand, slept like logs. They probably wouldn’t wake up even if they were just picked up and thrown into the swamp.

They didn’t notice what was going on in the outside world at all, but Zhong Guan sensed that Sky Execution and the Dragon Emperor stood up so he too, immediately jumped up. Forming a circular battle formation, they guarded together, hoping to join forces to resist the incoming enemy.

Country Lord Zhi Feng was still a little puzzled at first, but he quickly sensed it and his expression changed, “It’s so fast and strong!”

When he said this sentence, there was a star shining in the distance of the sky.

It seems to be thousands of miles away, but in less than two seconds since it appeared, it made itself known in front of the Country Lord Zhi Feng.

Before the Country Lord Zhi Feng could finish speaking, this unimaginably fast star had already shot in front of him and at the same time, it had transformed into a strong Ranker basked in silver light. In the midst of the shock, it raised its shimmering fist and had already hit the face of the Country Lord Zhi Feng, who was still unable to react in his astonishment.

The speed of this raiding enemy was so fast that even Sky Execution was shocked.

Ming Ri Hao, who was lying on the ground pretending to be asleep, also opened his eyes suddenly.


A powerful Heaven Ranker such as the Country Lord Zhi Feng couldn’t react to the attack as he watched his own defeat edging nearer, like the fist that collided with his face, unable to do anything against it!

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