Long Live Summons

Chapter 952

Chapter 952: Why Don’t You Go And Steal It?

On the luxurious airship heading for the Wind-stopping Swamp, when Yue Yang came out of the room, his eyes scanned around the space and found the Liberty Queen in the back hall.

The Heaven Rankers who went together with them were either cultivating like Sky Execution or were gathered in the front hall to hold a reception. The sound of laughter and applause broke out, making Yue Yang quite dizzy. How did this appear as if they were going to lift a curse? They seemed like they were going to attend a wedding ceremony instead!

“You look completely different,” The Liberty Queen had been meditating for a while. After Yue Yang came out, she suddenly turned around to ‘look’ at Yue Yang and exclaimed.

“What’s the difference?” Yue Yang thought it was quite amusing— just what could she see with her eyes?

“Of course, this is not something that one can see on the surface, and even the feeling in your heart is very vague. But I think that you were born with a very natural ability to conceal yourself. However, your soul has a brilliance that can’t be concealed as it is simply brilliant. I have contacted brilliant souls like yours before as there have been some powerhouses who were very close to the level of the Gods. But when I compare their brilliance with yours, the drastic difference between the quality is like comparing the luminance of a firefly with that of the full moon. It seems that you have found the right path through the realm of the Gods,” Liberty Queen said so and Yue Yang was secretly surprised. In his entire journey, he had only met a few people who possessed the ability to see through his own talents to conceal his abilities.

“Well, I would like to thank you for your words of inspiration from your high level of enlightenment,” Yue Yang greeted the Liberty Queen slightly, but rather sincerely.

“It’s not my enlightenment, it’s a kind of epiphany that finally spewed out in the process of your growth— an explosion after infinite accumulation, if you will. And in your path of continuous exploration, this was a necessity, but it’s simply not because of my appearance nor my words,” The Liberty Queen had a smile on her face.

“In any case, it’s because of your words that offered me enlightenment,” Yue Yang saw that the Liberty Queen didn’t want to take credit, so he didn’t mention it. He asked, “Can I talk about you?”

“Me?” The Liberty Queen seemed a little surprised by this topic.

“Have you never thought about yourself?” Yue Yang wondered.

“I have, and I often think about what I will do in the future or what is the meaning of doing something. Like you, I am also exploring the meaning of life and trying to experience a higher realm. For example, just now, I was still thinking about a question,” The Liberty Queen nodded, talking about herself with the ‘stranger’ Yue Yang for the first time.

“What were you thinking about just now?” Yue Yang asked again.

“I was thinking about the best thing to do. Would it be to stick to my original beliefs, or to be like you, quietly watching the crowd around me in a higher realm and watch them rush like ants without lifting a finger to interfere,” The Liberty Queen replied.

“Ha, isn’t this kind of behaviour that doesn’t lift a finger rather indifferent?” Yue Yang smiled.

“For a life with only selfish and vulgar thoughts at a low realm, it is indeed a kind of ruthlessness— a kind of selfishness and egoistic indifference. But standing at a higher and farther realm, it will be a little bit difficult to see the problem. It’s not the same, but that’s not something selfish people can understand. It’s like an ordinary person who interferes with the life of a group of ants. If one gives them food and protects them, ants will still be ants and they have not achieved real essential changes. If the ants were suffering, giving them food and protection would only prolong their pain and wouldn’t really allow them to obtain real happiness and relief… Life is very insignificant to the whole world and all of life’s existence is the embodiment of a will of the world. Using one life’s ability to influence another life may be a manifestation of the world’s will. But perhaps, this might just be the wrong execution as you can’t be exempted from the world’s will and you can never understand the truth of the world. Actually, the more you do, the more likely things might go wrong. That’s a question that I have been thinking about, and I’ve found that the more capable beings are more likely to ignore the low-level beings. Why didn’t the ancient Gods relieve the suffering of all humble beings? Why didn’t the ancient Gods give the weak life a type of powerful power? If the ancient Gods wanted to do it, then they could do it as long as they set a rule for it. But they didn’t …” The Liberty Queen’s words once again shocked Yue Yang, who once traversed time and space to get here.

“If that’s the case, why do you have to pay for others unconditionally?” Yue Yang wanted to figure out the answer to this question the most.

“Because I’m not an ancient God. I don’t stand at a higher and farther realm to look at problems. When I sense the pain of people around me, I can’t help but be emotional. I don’t have the will to move and I’m in a very low realm, but my heart is easily infected by others. When I see how unfortunate the people around me are, and how eager they are in need of help, I can’t help but offer my aid… Sometimes I know that what I’m doing is wrong, but sometimes, I don’t care. Because no matter what I do, I am still driven by my heart to do something even if it is wrong,” The Liberty Queen explained.

“Do you want to do it even if you know it’s wrong? Maybe you don’t have the unshakable will of the Innate Supreme being, but you have a kindness that others don’t have, a kind of compassion that is still willing to help the suffering even though you understand the truth. I don’t know how to say it. Maybe, you are like a manifestation of the will of the world. This world needs all kinds of beings— there are those who are indifferent like me and there are those who are kind-hearted like you,” Yue Yang pondered for a long time before answering affirmatively.

“Really? Hearing you comfort me, I feel an unprecedented warmth in my heart,” The Liberty Queen smiled and her face burst into a beautiful brilliance that stemmed from the bottom of her heart.

“Have you ever thought about death?” Yue Yang hesitated slightly before he finally asked.

“In fact, I have thought about this question. Although as long as my Divine Power is not exhausted, I will not die. However, you know that if I go on like this, one day, my life will come to an end. I am not afraid of death. In fact, my current life is more painful than death; perhaps death would be a rare form of relief for me!” The Liberty Queen asked him, “Have you ever thought about death?”

“No, I am afraid of death so I try not to think about it. As long as I can live for one day longer, I will insist on living, haha!” Yue Yang laughed.

“As soon as you start laughing, what you say won’t be the truth,” The Liberty Queen seemed to be able to see through Yue Yang’s facade rather easily.

“Cough, I’m just a normal cultivator; it’s normal for me to be afraid of death…” Yue Yang was a little embarrassed and it made him appear really sweaty. If it was another person, Yue Yang might have split the other party with the Crescent Moon blade. But for some reason, he really couldn’t attack the Liberty Queen, who had been nothing but honest and open with him all along.

“Maybe at the beginning, you would be afraid of death, which would be something that all forms of life feared, but today, with your unshakable will and indestructible power, you probably haven’t thought about this issue for a long time. I can’t see through the truth about you, but I can vaguely feel that you are an existence beyond the will of the entire world. In the future, you may create a world of your own… So how can an existence like you be afraid of death? You only empathised with my sorry state of a life because my appearance moved your enclosed heart; is that it? Even if you deny it, I will still be very happy. After all, there is someone who cares about me!” The suspended body of the Liberty Queen gave a slight salute to Yue Yang.

“Does it have to go on like this?” Yue Yang decided to ask his last question.

“I don’t know, but what can someone like me do other than this? You have a clear goal, but I, by the way, don’t mind if you laugh at me because of it, I don’t have my own goal in life. So if I don’t do something, I feel very confused,” For the first time, the Liberty Queen showed a charming gesture like a little girl. At that moment, she didn’t seem to be the Liberty Queen, but a confused and curious little girl.

“I understand, I’ll see you later,” Yue Yang also had a smile on his face. This natural expression of hers was far too cute. He resisted the urge to pinch her cheek slightly before he waved his hand and strode towards the hall.

“What a strange person… an awkward personality, but a trustworthy person.”

The Liberty Queen stroked her left cheek.

Her actions appeared to be as if Yue Yang had actually pinched her cheek as she kept her hand on her left cheek.

Yue Yang went to the front hall and looked around. He found that Ming Ri Hao was not there, so he used his senses and found that the guy was sleeping in a room.Without the courtesy of a warning, Yue Yang used his leg to kick open the door.

Ming Ri Hao opened his eyes and looked at student Yue Yang dumbfoundedly, not knowing when he provoked this kid for him to be this dramatic.

Especially with Yue Yang staring at him, he felt even more guiltier despite the fact that he hadn’t done anything, “No matter what happened, I believe it has nothing to do with me— I was just sleeping!”

Yue Yang snorted coldly, “It goes without saying that Zhu Guang is the fugitive slave from your family; even the blind can see your change in appearance. Now, I just want to know, what is her relationship with you? Don’t tell me that an ordinary fugitive slave will have a Prayer Bead that was at a level of a Quasi-Divine Artifact on her body. Don’t use the set of rhetorical words that are meant to coax children on me either. If it was truly an ordinary master-servant relationship, would you have left everything behind and come here all the way to hunt? Moreover, if you had already seen her and not arrested her directly, what are you trying to hide and steal?”

Ming Ri Hao broke out in a sweat, “Can’t I come for the Divine Grimoire? And arrest the fugitive slave on the way?”

Yue Yang gave him two bumps and said with extreme contempt, “Do you think that those equipped with a normal surge of intelligence would believe your explanation? Anyways, my intelligence is more than double of yours, alright?”

Ming Ri Hao was angry.

In terms of intelligence, no matter how highly smart he was, did he have to say that it was doubled?

Damn it, he was pretty smart, that’s true; but would it kill him to not flaunt it and belittle those that were less intelligent?

He was about to retort, but student Yue Yang spoke out, “If you don’t answer the question directly, then this Young Master will lead the team back to the Tong Tian Tower. I just happened to forget that there is an important matter that has not been done yet, so you should slowly clean up this mess.”

How else could Ming Ri Hao deal with him? In the face of such a shameless guy, he had no choice but to admit it, “Forget it, let’s just say, in fact, Zhu Guang is one of the important attendants by my sister’s side. She was the one responsible for going back to ask for reinforcements in the battle, but the reinforcements never came. The Prison Emperor was then seriously injured after a sneak attack by a powerhouse who appeared inexplicably. In the next battle, we were all sealed in the Prison Emperor’s Palace by the Three Divine Artifacts. So you see, do you think I can just leave Zhu Guang out there, who is a runaway slave that may be related to the Central Palace?”

Yue Yang clapped his hands, “Okay, okay, what a bad excuse! Let me guess? I suspect that Zhu Guang back then was your little lover or something. Otherwise, why would you send a maid you don’t trust back to ask for reinforcements? Except for parents and children. In addition to blood relationships between parent and child, or family members, the relationship between adulterers and prostitutes are the second strongest, so you don’t need to argue any more. I’m not blind, let alone a fool. I can ignore the fact that Zhu Guang is your little lover, but I do want the Prayer Bead Quasi-Divine Artifact on her head. Ah, why don’t you pretend that this is one of the dowries that you’ll present to me when Ming Yue Guang marries me?”

“Why don’t you go and steal it?” Ming Ri Hao was so angry that he almost vomited out a puddle of blood. He had never seen such a person in his life. This kid was so shameless— how did he remain unpunished by the heavens?

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