Long Live Summons

Chapter 951

Chapter 951: The Purest Water, The Most Perfect Fire

In the Grimoire World.

After Yue Yang and the Liberty Queen finished their conversation, he returned to the Grimoire World and sat down.

At first, Princess Qian Qian and Yue Yu didn’t think it was strange as they took care of themselves. They didn’t know how much time passed but when they finally finished practising, they planned to invite student Yue Yang to have a bath together. However, they didn’t expect to see him sitting aside and being immersed deep in thought. They ultimately decided not to bother him because they knew that his thoughts would roam well over two hours on occasion, especially when he was thinking about how to proceed with his new experiments.

Nevertheless, when Drunken Cat Yu Jie finished showering and was planning to rest, she found out from the young slave’s murmurs that Yue Yang had been remaining deep in thought for more than five hours.

This anomaly was something that never occurred before.

What the hell was going on outside?

How could this happen?

When Princess Qian Qian and Yue Yu both found out, they became dumbfounded.

The three girls hid outside the door with their eyes locked on the thin crevice of the door. They whispered while they watched him, “What should we do now? Should we go in and wake him up?”

“If he is in the middle of obtaining some sort of inspiration, then waking him up might put his efforts in vain,” Yue Yu shook her head slightly.

“But the problem is that he has been in a daze for too long,” Princess Qian Qian had never seen Yue Yang being trapped in such a daze.

“Perhaps he is already in the last stage of thoughts. We should believe him,” Among the three women, Yue Yu was the one who believed in Yue Yang the most. She felt that he was not just blankly stuck in a pointless mindset, but was exploring different possible solutions.

“Then, let’s just wait a little longer!” Drunken cat Yu Jie felt like she should actually be supporting him to the best of her abilities.

“Well then, you guys can wait for him. I think I overexerted myself from today’s practice— I’m absolutely worn out at this point,” Princess Qian Qian, too, started to think things over and felt that this matter wasn’t as serious as they all thought it was. He’s just sitting there and thinking about the varied possibilities to approach a problem. But if Xue Wu Xia was here, she might have been able to offer him some sort of advice. Princess Qian Qian knew that her level and his were currently too far, so if she tried to merge her realm with his inner realm, all she was going to get was a splitting headache and an extra bout of nausea.

Hence, she decided not to wait any longer and turned in to rest. At any rate, with Yue Yu watching over him, nothing would happen to him.

After waiting for an hour, Drunken Cat Yu Jie was also starting to fall asleep.

Yue Yu saw that she had been yawning and persuaded her to rest.

Both her and Princess Qian Qian were too diligent in their practice during the day. In order to improve, they overexerted their strengths many times.

“It’s okay, little slave is here to accompany me!” Yue Yu persuaded Drunken Cat Yu Jie to go to sleep as the little slave also said that she would accompany Yue Yu. She sat on the side to accompany Yue Yu to speak in a low voice to relieve her boredom. However, after a while, she comfortably slept in Yue Yu’s embrace, which elicited some laughter from the girl as she stared at her friend’s sleeping figure.

“You guys seriously can’t even let me have a day of peace without worrying for you all,” Yue Yu carried the little slave to the bed and covered the girl gently with a quilt.

If Si-niang wasn’t around, it was her turn to take care of everyone.

She had to especially take care of little brother Xiao San, who was even more afraid of being alone.

If there was no one around to accompany him, he would feel lethargic. Though his powers were getting stronger with every passing moment, he was actually still a little kid in many ways.

Yue Yu would occasionally feel that way, but she would never admit it on the surface. Actually, she was very willing to see her brother in a vulnerable state. It was at times when he especially needed to rely on her that she would feel like they were extremely close because that meant that he was okay with completely letting his guard down around her and trusting her to take care of him. Being with him throughout his journey through life and taking every step with him towards the route of success— it was an indescribably beautiful feeling that she would never trade anything for.

In the dead of night, everyone fell asleep.

Yue Yu sighed slightly when she saw that Yue Yang was still sitting quietly.

Xue Wu Xia was sleeping, Luo Hua and Yi nan were not there; Qian Qian was tired and currently still resting, so there was really no one to help her out.

It actually was getting pretty worrying for him to keep remaining in hisd dazed state. What exactly went on out there? Couldn’t he have told the others and discussed it together instead of keeping it to himself?

“No, this shouldn’t go on any longer!” Yue Yu first looked outside the door and found that everyone was sleeping as she bit her lower lip. She made several decisions in her heart before she finally shook her head and gave up. If she were to merge her thoughts with him and not let him know about it as she disrupted his thoughts, she might even risk her secrets being exposed to him, which wouldn’t be a good thing at all.

However, this was too worrying for her to let this continue. After sitting still for a while longer, Yue Yu felt that she really couldn’t wait any longer.

What couldn’t she help with? She loved Xiao San the most. If he encountered any difficulties, as long as she was capable of helping him solve it, it didn’t matter to her even if she was smashed to pieces. If she couldn’t even help him with this, who was she to say that she would walk this path with him?

With this thought clouding her heart, Yue Yu held her small fist and waved it gently as if she was helping herself to make a decision.

She looked over towards the door— indeed, no one was going to come forward to interrupt him.

She relaxed gradually, knowing that without anyone here, she could help him return to reality.

Once Yue Yu made a decision in her heart, she no longer suppressed her tenderness. She walked over gently, first sitting quietly beside him as she waited for the spiritual energy ribbon to touch his arm with a slight tremble, blending into his. Her mind and hands had already embraced him at some point. Xiao San, who she was willing to sacrifice her life for in exchange, what is it that made you so embarrassed? Couldn’t you tell me? Quietly, in her heart, she wanted him to tell her what was troubling him so much. She wanted to share the burden and not let him carry it alone.

Yue Yu, whose mind was completely immersed in Yue Yang’s thoughts, was surprised to find out that his spiritual world was simply exquisite.

It was as quiet as the sea after a storm. There were no clouds for thousands of miles, whereas the sea and the skies were of the same colour. His entire mind and spiritual being were as vast as the ocean but it remained calm without waves crashing onto its shores.

Yue Yu found that her spiritual body was as pure as a newborn as the figure of her naked frame was very natural, not presenting any sort of physical embarrassment at all. And he, who sat quietly far away, sat in a daze like how he appeared from his outer body.

What happened?

With surprise and some doubts, Yue Yu’s spiritual body drifted towards Yue Yang’s spiritual body, which was also as pure as a newborn child. With waves of concern and comfort, she stretched out her fingers and gently touched his back before she slowly leaned over. Gently, she laid down and leaned on him. Because of the contact, the hearts of the two slowly merged together, at the same time sharing and inquiring about the other party’s secrets. Everything that was meant to be a secret was instantaneously exposed to the other without reserve and mystery.

In an instant, she understood the profound truth of his thinking and the beauty of the ever-improving spiritual realm.

At the same time, he also sensed her concern and worry.

There was also the emotion that was well-hidden in the depths of the heart and he trembled slightly when he thought about it. He knew her, she knew him and she could even feel the comfort, knowing that both their worries were now open to the other.

She could sense the deepest desires and needs of his heart. At this moment, the two of them were like one person and there were no secrets between their spiritual beings at all.

The only regret she had was that her realm was not as high as his.

In many ways, she could sense far less than what he knew.

Just like what Princess Qian Qian said, the dazzling and endless sea of knowledge was not something she could sense at this time— and not all of his secrets were something that she could inquire about. Even if he wanted to share it, she couldn’t do it. The most important thing was that she was unwilling to get a deep understanding of some of his secrets, such as his various emotional exchanges with Xue Wu Xia, Qian Qian, Luo Hua, Yi Nan and Sky Law, which encompassed his more intimate relationships with them. To avoid the awkwardness, she left these private moments for him and the original owner to share alone, instead of curiously scrutinising over them pointlessly. Even so, there were still some spiritual secrets that couldn’t wait to come over and unfortunately for her, she had no time to avoid those memories, such as a certain lover’s double cultivation time. This situation, or the reaction of the couple’s double cultivation, was something that she couldn’t avoid contact with even if she wanted to, so it was inevitable that some sort of embarrassment would arise.

Various changes in the body and the situation during the double cultivation— all these emotions and feelings rushed past her.

His heart was merged with hers.

Yue Yu felt that she had flown off somewhere. It felt as if she had broken through the ceiling, ventured beyond the skies where a big hole had been drilled through. Looking back, she glanced down at the world that was completely invisible to her. This feeling was something that she had never experienced before in her entire lifetime.

Was it fear? Surprise?

There seemed to be a curious and detached form of joy as well!

Why did Xiao San bring himself to experience this wonderful feeling? Was this his latest insight? Or was it his worry?

“If I can help you, I would…but, I don’t know what to do!” Yue Yu’s spiritual body hoped that she could help him. Whether it was a problem or figuring out a profound meaning, she was willing to cooperate however he wished as long as she could help him in some way.

“…” Yue Yang’s spiritual body did not answer her; instead, it just flashed with a burst of energy.

Needless to say, she knew he would agree.

And she didn’t know what to do, but she knew that he would use her well, so she placed her trust completely in him.

The hearts of the two people were completely integrated again. This time, instead of communicating like they did before, they were engaged in a new kind of cultivation. This was Yue Yang’s cultivation after her enlightenment that was not only for the mind, but also for the body. The White Splendid Frost of the Innate Sword Qi shone, the clothes of the two were turned into flying specks of ash. Their bodies hugged each other tightly and the energy of pure yin to yang attributes merged with each other.

One side was the purest water, whereas on the other was the most perfect fire.

Such an exchange occurred and there was no discordant destruction nor incorrect conflict. There was only a more beautiful union and a more beautiful sublimation.

Both minds and bodies were in this sublimation as they were constantly improving.

The huge energy column shot straight into the sky as if it was piercing through the skies of the entire Grimoire World. Drunken Cat Yu Jie and Princess Qian Qian woke up from their dreams and stared dumbfoundedly at the energy beams under Yue Yu’s energy supplement. It was only now that they realised how high Yue Yang’s enlightenment breakthrough was this time and how big his improvement was.

The little slave quietly made a ‘shush’ gesture, indicating that this practice should continue as they shouldn’t wake them up.

Princess Qian Qian smiled slightly as she looked at Drunken Cat Yu Jie. She stretched out her cute waist and continued to go back to rest, assuming that none of this was happening.

The next day, Yue Yu, whose body and mind were greatly cleansed and sublimated, woke up in the spiritual world that she blended and merged in.

She found herself atop Xiao San’s body.

A bad hand touched her forbidden area very restlessly, which startled her.

She got up quickly, feeling a little embarrassed and a little worried but secretly relieved. Fortunately, his movement just came across as a shock and wasn’t really trying to do anything.

Yue Yu, who had put on her clothes, quickly took his clothes and put them on him while he was still sleeping in his sweet dreams. However, an arrogant and aroused ‘bad thing’ had to erect itself and make her feel embarrassed. Fortunately, no one saw it, otherwise, she would have felt really ashamed. Holding back her burning face, she covered him with a quilt and then looked outside the door. Upon finding that no one got up and everyone was still asleep, she breathed out a sigh of relief and was glad that she woke early.

With the joy of helping him improve his successful breakthrough, she quietly opened the door and slipped out.

Trying to resist the urge to hum a tune while suppressing her joy, she started to cook and make him breakfast.

An hour later, when she had everything ready and came in early with a warm and loving face, she happened to see him get up sleepily and say, “It’s so fragrant.”

She replied to him, “Slackers who don’t wash their faces and don’t rinse their mouths will only watch others eat their breakfast…”

If she could do this everyday, she would actually use her entire life to behave as such. That was because this worrying brat really couldn’t afford to be uncared for even a day!

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