Long Live Summons

Chapter 954

Chapter 954: Traitor

The powerhouses such as Sky Execution, the Dragon Emperor and the Country Lord Qinglang on one side reacted immediately— all besieged by this terrifyingly fast attacker.

However, something even weirder happened.

The Country Lord Zhi Feng, who was punched in the face, did not fly away by the impact. Instead, he leaned back slightly as his head and body slanted backward, naturally making a move to avoid the attacking punch. That reaction didn’t seem to be because he was attacked by a powerful presence, but it seemed more like a natural reaction out of fright and adrenaline. The silver man who attacked the Country Lord Zhi Feng then disappeared in a flash and appeared on the side of the Liberty Queen’s prison car.

His Sword Qi rose to the sky.

With just one swing of his sword, the attacker sliced off the Liberty Queen’s head.

Before the Country Lord Zhi Feng, Sky Execution and the others were able to react to the attack, the silver man turned into a meteor and streaked away. His speed was so fast that they could barely catch up with him despite using their eyes. In a flash, he disappeared into the sky.

So he was truly aiming for the LIberty Queen?

“The Vengeance Domain Emperor, it must be the Vengeance Domain Emperor,” Country Lord Wanjiao roared with certainty.

“How are you?” The Dragon Emperor first checked on the Country Lord Zhi Feng before anything else.

“I was punched in the face, yes, but the opponent probably only used about 30% of his power, so it was just a small injury. Besides, there were no special tricks such as poisoning or curses to it either, so I’m totally fine,” Country Lord Zhi Feng touched his face. Although it was a preemptive strike from the enemy, the real loss was the Liberty Queen. The nose bridge of the Country Lord Zhi Feng had also been cracked and his ears were also bleeding from the shock. Despite all that, to him, this was merely a small injury. Should there be no effects that the attack could bring other than physical damage, the injury would heal quickly.

However, if the opponent truly intended to attack with all of his might, even if Country Lord Zhi Feng wasn’t going to die because of it, he was bound to be heavily injured.

With that kind of speed, the enemy first launched an attack on the Country Lord Zhi Feng. With the people’s attention on the injured man, he wasted no time to strike the Liberty Queen. It had to be said that the silver man who came just now was most definitely a strong ranker that was even more powerful than a Country Lord.

Even if they tackled him 2-vs-1, the Dragon Emperor and the Underworld Emperor didn’t have the confidence to say that they could overpower an enemy like that too.

Sky Execution however, inspected the corpse of the Liberty Queen on the other side.

The Liberty Queen was killed successfully.

However, Country Lord Zhi Feng just laughed. In his laughter, the Liberty Queen’s corpse slowly deformed, morphing into the appearance of a green-skinned slug woman. The slug woman’s body squirmed and a source of green liquid with a strange smell flowed out of her neck. The green liquid flowed towards the severed head and finally turned into green tubes, connecting the head and the neck.

Those green tubes wriggled fast and contracted quickly.

When the head was attached to the neck again, the slug woman got up from the ground and her body recovered to its original state, completely unaffected by the beheading.

“What’s going on?” Country Lord Wanjiao and Louluo were dumbfounded.

“She’s one of my maids. Why would I bring so many of them to Central Island? The reason is to hide the Liberty Queen from the public. I have already asked Young Master Titan to keep the real Liberty Queen well rested in his storage ring, so how could it be possible for me to leave her out here and provide the enemies a chance to assassinate her?” Country Lord Zhi Feng laughed.

“Good strategy,” Chief Steward Ye and Leader Jin praised in an attempt to suck up to their Master.

“You even managed to deceive us. Nevertheless, this replacement is truly a wonderful idea,” The Dragon Emperor added his own word of praise.

“It’s good that we used a stand-in, but you shouldn’t have hidden it from us because my heart almost jumped out of fear just now. You know as well as I do that the key to lifting the curse lies in the Liberty Queen. If she is assassinated, what should we do next?” The Country Lord Qinglang complained, but he was also secretly glad that the Liberty Queen was okay.

“The Country Lord Zhi Feng naturally would take measures to handle things on the Liberty Queen’s side; now that she is fine, we’re rest assured as well. But don’t forget, now that the enemy has shown himself, we have to remember that he is the Vengeance Domain Emperor. With the Domain Emperor as our enemy, how are we going to move forward with the plan from now? Seems like the Vengeance Domain Emperor is set on not letting us accomplish what we need to do based on the fact that his first instinct was to assassinate the Liberty Queen,” Country Lord Wanjiao analysed the situation as such.

“Are you sure that is the Vengeance Domain Emperor?” asked the Dragon Emperor.

“Besides him, is there another powerhouse with such speed and swordsmanship?” Country Lord Louluo retorted.

“If it really was the Vengeance Domain Emperor, then why didn’t he kill Country Lord Zhi Feng? Even if he were to kill the Country Lord and then assassinate the Liberty Queen, we wouldn’t have been able to do anything against him. So why would he rush an appearance and leave just as hurriedly?” The Underworld Emperor raised the question again.

“This…How should I know?” Country Lord Louluo was having a hard time explaining the reason as well.

“Maybe, someone wants to use this to frame the Vengeance Domain Emperor, or maybe use the Domain Emperor’s name to commit all these crimes and have us pin our hatred towards him. I even have a suspicion that the real enemy might be hiding in the background, but was he doing the same thing and using the same methods against the Vengeance Domain Emperor? For example, using our name or something similar to our exclusive moves against him and making him transfer his anger towards us as well. This way, it opens up a possible reason as to why we had to meet at the Central Island and not anywhere else, ” The Dragon Emperor had great senses as he already felt that something was amiss.

“What exactly is there in Central Island?” Sky Execution just wanted to figure out this question.

“It is said that a deity fell in the Wind-stopping Swamp 10,000 years ago, but for tens of thousands of years, there has been no abnormality here besides the law that prohibits the wind. Every generation of strong rankers have repeatedly searched here but they have found nothing. As for the Central Island, besides a space rift that connected many different parts of Heavenly Splendour Territory, there were no other existences that are considered special,” Country Lord Zhi Feng implied that it was only a legend and had not been verified at all.

“In order to find out the truth, we shall invite the Young Master Titan to do that, so let’s get on the road!” Country Lord Wanjiao suggested.

“…” Country Lord Zhi Feng glanced at Country Lord Wanjia before he suddenly asked, “Why did you say that the attacker was the Vengeance Domain Emperor both times?”

“Don’t you think so? For both attacks, if the first time wasn’t the Vengeance Domain Emperor, then the second time, which was an unidentified man whose power and face we couldn’t see, had to be the Vengeance Domain Emperor, would it not? Even if the first time was an ambush, who would do it again knowing that we’d be on guard? We’re not idiots, so why would we be fooled again?” His face suddenly became furious, “Do you suspect my involvement? I understand your feelings because of the enemy attack but don’t forget, I am a victim of the curse as well. I have also been cursed and now I have to relieve it by going to Central Island!!”

“Zhi Feng, Wanjiao, in the face of a strong enemy, we should be working together,” Country Lord Wanjiao quickly stepped forward to dissuade both sides.

“Whether or not the opponent is the Vengeance Domain Emperor, they are not someone that we can take on alone,” Country Lord Louluo also tried to persuade the Country Lord Wanjiao to calm down and not be angry. Country Lord Zhi Feng’s favourite concubine’s birthday banquet was reduced to the opposite of a grand celebration, he lost the Divine Blood, the love of his life was taken away and he was also very nearly killed on more than one occasion— it would be natural for him to be suspicious of everything he deemed uncertain right now.

“I won’t apologise, but we can still fight side by side because of the severe situation,” Country Lord Wanjiao decided to let it go and acknowledge the dire situation, resulting in his reluctant partnership with Zhi Feng.

“…” Country Lord Zhi Feng snorted coldly, holding back his anger.

But it was true— he really couldn’t be too rude.

After all, things have not yet reached a desperate situation, and at least there are strong men such as the distinguished Young Master Titan and Sky Execution to help them.

After the incident, Country Lord Zhi Feng found Sky Execution and expressed his apology, “Fortunately, Young Master Titan has gone to rest; otherwise, Zhi Feng will not be able to beg for your forgiveness.”

Sky Execution did not speak.

On behalf of Yue Yang, the Dragon Emperor replied, comforting Country Lord Zhi Feng a little.

There was nothing else for him to do all night, so it wasn’t until noon the next day that the Young Master Titan, who loved to sleep in, woke up.

Country Lord Wanjiao, Louluo and others dared not to speak out. Fortunately, he was an indescribably precious Young Master. If it was someone else who made dozens of Heaven Rankers wait the entire morning, they would have been torn to shreds.

“You guys got up really early,” Yue Yang yawned, “Did anything interesting happen last night?”

“Someone attacked and assassinated the Liberty Queen,” Country Lord Zhi Feng replied.

“Impossible, the Liberty Queen is sleeping in my storage ring,” Student Yue Yang shook his head and waved his hand. While releasing the Liberty Queen from the ring, he asked with a smile, “Where is the assassin? Did you torture them? I heard that the taste of scalding human flesh placed on a soldering iron was similar to that of burning donkey skin, so hurry up, drag the assassin out and try to burn them!”

“…” Everyone was sweating profusely.

Well, this Young Master was truly one of a kind.

However, this was not surprising at all. They guessed that the Young Master Titan had been a good and obedient child for quite a long time, which was probably why he didn’t really have the experience of seeing burning human flesh.

If Country Lord Zhi Feng really caught the assassin, he would definitely satisfy the wish of the Young Master Titan, but unfortunately, there was no such opportunity.

As soon as he heard that the assassin managed to get away, Yue Yang immediately expressed his dissatisfaction, “What? The assassin got away? How did you guys work? The assassin took the time to visit us and you guys managed to even let him escape? My goodness, I am absolutely disappointed!”

The crowd was speechless for a while.

The Country Lord of Zhi Feng had no choice but to console and calm the Young Master Titan who rarely ventured outside the comforts of his own luxury bubble, “Brother Titan, if the assassin comes again, then we will most definitely…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when a sword that glowed as brightly like the sun pierced Yue Yang’s vest.

Country Lord Zhi Feng hurriedly stretched out his hand, trying to push away the Young Master Titan, but he found that the sword was too fast, slipping between his fingers.

This fatal act of assassination was not the end of it all.

Being more sinister and more cunning than a sharp sword, a flying needle that glowed like a starlight embedded itself in the back of Young Master Titan’s head by the enemy that seemed to wield a power that was comparable to the sun itself. For a powerhouse that was at such a Divine level to actually use such despicable sneak attacks of insidiously poisonous flying needles to penetrate his brain, it was almost as unimaginable as seeing a rich man running to a pig pen for food. Justas the Country Lord Zhi Feng was going to rush over to risk his life in order to save Yue Yang, the powerful God-like enemy took out a Soul-Breaking Bead and crushed it, causing the Young Master Titan’s soul to break beyond repair, eliminating all his chances of being revived or resurrected by the soul.

The mighty celestial enemy blasted away Country Lord Zhi Feng with one kick before throwing off the attacks of Sky Execution and the Dragon Emperor with both hands.

With a volcanic eruption, his body went straight to the top of the sky.

In the end, he turned into a gold star and went away quickly.

“The real assassin’s target was Young Master Titan and it has always been…” Country Lord Zhi Feng only now fully understood the conspiracy and tricks of the enemy. Now, the enemy had finally succeeded in doing so, leaving the Heavenly Splendour Territory to drown in the biggest mess ever. Once the noble warriors of the Upper Heaven Realm got wind of the news, this place would most definitely fall into shambles.

No matter if it be him or the Three Domain Emperors, everything and everyone, would definitely fall into the hands of death!

Even if the relatives behind Young Master Titan were willing to forgive him due to the benevolence of their hearts and not cast a punishment towards him, the Central Palace would take advantage of the situation and claim to eliminate all of the Heavenly Splendour Territory.

Under the pretence of ‘cleansing the evil’, would life still exist in the Heavenly Splendour Territory? Country Lord Zhi Feng immediately raised his right hand, shook hands into fists, and prepared to use his greatest strength to smash his own head. He was determined to commit suicide to be buried along with the Young Master Titan!

“Wait!” Sky Execution stretched out his hand and blocked Country Lord Zhi Feng’s right hand.

“Brother Titan treated me like a relative and friend, but I was powerless to protect him. If I don’t bury myself along with him, I, Zhi Feng, will no longer live peacefully!” With that being said, two streams of tears flowed down his eyes. It was true that Zhi Feng didn’t have a single friend both before and after he became the Country Lord, so how could he watch someone like Young Master Titan, who treated him so kindly like a friend and never asked for anything in return, tragically die in front of him without feeling a mountain of guilt and regret? How could he not seek his own death after witnessing the horrible death?

“The most important thing you should do is to take revenge!” The Dragon Emperor also stepped forward to dissuade him. He shook his head with a smile and said, “Please trust your friend, Country Lord Zhi Feng. If Young Master Titan iwas that easily assassinated, do you think we would have the guts to bring him around?”

“What?” Everyone in the audience was shocked.

The previous Liberty Queen was a stand-in. Could it be that this particular Young Master Titan, who claimed that the Queen was kept in his storage ring, was fake all along as well?

But it was impossible, it had to be his real body; otherwise, how was it possible for him to show the Liberty Queen?

The three Country Lords Qinglang, Wanjiao and Louluo rushed to the spot where the Young Master Titan was killed.

They found that the corpse that once looked like a real person had turned into a phantom. With that, the real Young Master Titan came out of the shadows with a smile. He was enjoying a plate of hot soup dumplings in his hand. Upon seeing everyone’s surprised eyes, he waved proudly, he waved his hand, “Don’t look at me like that, it’s just my phantom; no one can assassinate this Young Master under the protection of my Guardian Beasts and Innate abilities, haha! I’m also very powerful! But, having said that, the assassination just now was really exciting!”

When everyone heard him speak, they instantly realised something.

It turned out that the Young Master Titan’s Innate ability was none other than Phantom.

When encountering the assassination, the Young Master used an ability similar to shapeshifting to avoid the fatal blow and at the same time deceive the enemy.

“That scared me…” Country Lord Zhi Feng held his heart with his hand. He found that he had only recovered his heartbeat just now. Previously, he had been so frightened that it really stopped beating altogether.

“It’s great that Young Master Titan is fine” Country Lord Wanjiao, like everyone else, was overjoyed and stepped forward to congratulate Yue Yang for escaping the disaster.

“Of course I’m fine, but you don’t seem to be fine!” Yue Yang replied with a smile, waiting for Country Lord Wanjiao to react. Country Lord Zhi Feng, Sky Execution, the Dragon Emperor and the other powerhouses have already surrounded Country Lord Wanjiao. When Yue Yang exited the encirclement, he shouted, “Everyone fight as hard as you can, don’t be polite to him!”

“Wh-what’s going on here? I dare say that there must be some misunderstanding!” Country Lord Wanjiao’s face was pale as he shouted angrily.

“Traitor!” Country Lord Zhi Feng’s anger erupted like a volcano.

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