Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You

Chapter 1084

Chapter 1084: The sun and the moon are all you

PEI Yucheng listened to the girl’s words, and a hint of helplessness flashed across his eyes. Although he had lost his memory, in some aspects, he had not changed at all. He was just exercising his right. Just as PEI Yucheng took off his headset and spoke, the livestream room exploded. Why did sister mingyan suddenly take off her headphones?! [What happened?] [Daddy seemed to have said something just now, and his expression was beyond Grade A!] [What did Lin Yan just say? [I felt like he was mouthing ‘call me’ or something …] …… Lin Yan looked at the bullet comments on the screen and was terrified. The netizens were too powerful. Did anyone really see through it? The atmosphere in the live broadcast room was very lively. Suddenly, the special effects of ten consecutive rockets flashed gorgeously, and the big screen showed: “You’re from” KNO the sun and the moon “has rewarded you with a rocket! Rockets were the largest amount of gifts. Unless it was a local tycoon, very few people would give gifts. Moreover, this person had sent ten consecutive gifts at once, instantly attracting the attention of the fans in the live broadcast room. “Waa! Ten rockets! Where did this rich guy come from?” “You’re the sun and the moon? What did I find?” “Also! Wasn’t the sun and the moon the word ‘Ming’? KNO … M – Chairman Ji Mingzhe? Hahahaha, I can’t be wrong! It definitely was! Isn’t the hint obvious?” “Hahaha, this isn’t a hint. It’s an obvious indication!” …… Just as the fans were speculating, the ID posted a message: Thank you, everyone, for supporting Little Junior’s live broadcast! Initially, everyone was just guessing, but this sentence was immediately confirmed. “Waa! It’s really President Ji! The BOSS was spoiling him too much! Come to the live broadcast room personally to tip and support the show!” “It’s so sour! I’m suddenly feeling a little cute. What’s going on with this couple?” “The couple is really cute! And a pure first love in school …” …… PEI Yucheng’s eyes narrowed slightly. He glanced at the “you’re the one who makes the world KNO” on the screen, who was actively replying to the comments of netizens. “Lin Yan is my junior, KNO’s business partner, and the girl I like. Of course, I have to show my support.” “Yan is indeed my first love, but it’s a pity that she doesn’t seem to remember me. But it’s okay, she can get to know me again from now on!” “Well – matched? I think so too! Thank you, everyone, for thinking so! You guys have good eyes, haha~” As Ji Mingzhe commented, he sent a dozen more rockets to Lin Yan’s fans, as if he had already declared his ownership. Lin Yan was dazzled by the overwhelming number of rockets. It took her a long time to come back to her senses, and a sense of danger rose in her heart. She glanced at PEI Yucheng on the screen and suddenly had a bad feeling. At a time like this, Ji Mingzhe was still seeking death … “You’re the president of KNO group. Do you really plan to marry Lin Yan and make her the lady boss of KNO group?” a netizen asked. “I’ve said it before. As long as she agrees, she can become the lady boss of KNO anytime. What I’ve said will always be valid.” Tsk, this love rival’s Green hat was about to hit PEI Yucheng’s face … PEI Yucheng chuckled. Lin Yan felt a chill down her spine when she heard the chuckle. The next second, she heard PEI Yucheng say,”you’re Mr. Ji, right …” When Ji Mingzhe heard Lin Yan’s words, he immediately commented excitedly,””Yan, I’m here!” The bullet comments were also excitedly gossiping about what Lin Yan was going to say.”Waa! Is my cute couple going to have an interactive session?” Lin Yan also realized that something was wrong when she heard this. She was so nervous that she was about to explode. PEI Yucheng! Are you serious?” PEI Yucheng paused for a moment. With a nonchalant expression on his face, he continued slowly,”Mr. Ji, I think there’s something I should let you know.” Lin Yan was speechless. PEI Yucheng: “just now, everyone was very concerned about something.” Lin Yan was speechless. PEI Yucheng: “it’s about whose boss’s wife I am …” “Honey!” Lin Yan exclaimed. PEI Yucheng was speechless.

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