Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You

Chapter 1083

Chapter 1083: Call me hubby

Since everyone is so concerned about this question, I would like to tell you which family’s lady boss I am. Lin Yan was almost scared out of her wits by his words. Alright, no, she was already out of her mind. “Dad! Please calm down!” In her excitement, Lin Yan had already called PEI Yucheng ‘dad’,’don’t expose your fake identity! This was a live broadcast! I’m begging you, dad!” The worst decision she had ever made was to let PEI Yucheng do a live broadcast for her! If she had known earlier, she would not have taken this risk even if she had to stand her fans up. PEI Yucheng had possessed her and asked her out, cooked for herself, bought her birthday presents, and so on. All these were enough to change her understanding of things. She had never expected that his operation could be so coquettish that she was actually forced to “self – expose”… PEI Yucheng, you promised me!” Lin Yan said anxiously. PEI Yucheng still had that frightening smile on his face, but it didn’t reach his eyes. He wrote on the paper: “PEI Yucheng was the one who promised you. In a sense, I didn’t break my promise.” Lin Yan was speechless. Big brother, make it simple! The love routine should be simpler! She couldn’t take it. Lin Yan was shocked by PEI Yucheng’s words,”brother, you can’t do this …” Just as Lin Yan was communicating with PEI Yucheng behind her head, the bullet screen exploded with comments. Her other phone was ringing non – stop. It was a call and message from Zhao Hongling. She didn’t even need to look to know that Zhao Hongling was going to scold her to death. Lin Yan desperately wanted to return to her own body. She swore that she had never felt so strongly about it before. However, it was completely useless this time. He couldn’t return to his body at all. It was as if he was being firmly suppressed by an invisible and huge pressure. Lin Yan said,”I promised that I would never possess her again, but I said that I couldn’t control her. What about now?” It’s also out of control?” She could clearly feel that her consciousness was being suppressed. It was definitely not an illusion. PEI Yucheng’s strong and powerful handwriting continued,””Not now. Right now, it’s my own decision. ” In other words, it was his handwriting that didn’t want to leave. Lin Yan was angered by PEI Yucheng’s matter – of – fact attitude.”PEI Yucheng!!!” Just as Lin Yan was on the verge of losing consciousness, PEI Yucheng, who was livestreaming, suddenly took off his headset. After taking off the headset, the livestream room couldn’t hear him clearly. Then, PEI Yucheng lazily looked at Lin Yan, who was still fuming in his mind, and said,”Hey, hey, hey,” in a deep, cello – like voice. “If miss Lin is willing to call me hubby … I can consider it.” Lin Yan was speechless. “W – what?” A straight woman like Lin Yan hated people who were so intimate with each other. Therefore, when she and PEI Yucheng addressed each other as “Mr. PEI” and “Ms. Lin”, she felt very comfortable being with each other. Any form of address that was slightly more intimate would make her uncomfortable. For example, Lin Shuya could address han Yixuan as brother Yixuan, but she would never be able to call him brother. The only thing she could accept was to call him by his name. So, what kind of joke was it to call her husband? Lin Yan got goosebumps just thinking about it! “Are you kidding me?” Lin Yan asked. Even if I, Lin Yan, had my brain crushed by PEI Yutang’s wheels, I would never have uttered those two words!”

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