Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You

Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085: Let my future husband answer

Lin Yan’s shout of ‘hubby’ successfully interrupted PEI Yucheng’s words. In the next second, Lin Yan was surprised to find that she had regained control of her body. Was calling him hubby that useful? It had actually shaken PEI Yucheng’s consciousness out! Seeing the comments flooding the screen, Lin Yan quickly replied,”well, it’s almost time for tonight. Let’s end our conversation here. Finally, thank you for your tips, Mr. Ji. All the tips tonight will be used for charity. Thank you for your contribution to charity!” Lin Yan drew a clear line between her and Ji Mingzhe’s reaction and quickly said,””Regarding the question that all of you are very concerned about, let my future husband answer everyone!” After saying that, Lin Yan quickly left the game. She didn’t dare to stay any longer. What if PEI Yucheng possessed her again? Not long after Lin Yan went offline, she suddenly received a call from PEI Yucheng’s assistant, Cheng mo. Why was Cheng mo calling her now? Lin Yan picked up the phone suspiciously and heard Cheng Mo’s voice on the other end of the phone.”Miss Lin!” This is bad! Boss PEI fainted from anger because of you!” “What the hell?” Lin Yan was confused. PEI Yucheng fainted from anger? Cheng mo panicked and said,”after boss PEI saw the scandal between you and Ji Mingzhe on the internet, he suddenly fainted and lost consciousness. He’s in the hospital now. The doctor said that he’s not even breathing. He’s already in critical condition … Boss … Boss PEI! You’re awake?” On the other end of the phone, Cheng mo was in the middle of his sentence when he suddenly spoke excitedly. It seemed like PEI Yucheng had suddenly woken up. He quickly said to Lin Yan,”miss Lin, boss PEI is awake. I’ll call you later!” Cheng mo hung up the phone. Lin Yan stared at her phone for a while and roughly understood what had happened. The so – called “excitement” and “jealousy” that PEI Yucheng had mentioned earlier was because he had seen the scandal between her and Ji Mingzhe? And now, because she had called him ‘hubby’, his consciousness had returned … Lin Yan’s phone rang again while she was deep in thought. This time, it was PEI Yucheng. “Um, are you okay?” Lin Yan asked with concern,”will your consciousness affect your body?” Assistant Cheng said you suddenly fainted and even stopped breathing. ” PEI Yucheng smiled.”Cheng mo didn’t tell you why I fainted?” Lin Yan coughed lightly.”Um … I really have nothing to do with Ji Mingzhe. He kept saying that I was his first love and that he had pursued me in college and was more innocent with me, but I don’t remember anything. I probably hurt my brain in the car accident, so my memory is a little damaged … Of course, even if my memory wasn’t damaged, I probably wouldn’t remember …” Actually, this wasn’t the first time something like this had happened. There were always people gossiping about who liked her, and some friends even said who had been chasing her for so long … But the problem was that she could not tell that someone liked her at all. She did not even know that the other party was chasing her … When PEI Yucheng heard this, he didn’t know if he should feel helpless or lucky. “So, don’t be angry anymore. It’s not easy for your body to recover a little. Don’t let it get serious again.” Lin Yan said worriedly. “She’s fine now …” PEI Yucheng paused, then continued,”of course, if you can call her miss Lin again, it will help the patient’s mood.” Lin Yan was speechless. PEI Yucheng seemed to have expected Lin Yan’s reaction. He chuckled and said,”alright, I won’t disturb you anymore. Rest early.” Lin Yan heaved a sigh of relief.”Ahem, you should get some rest too. Good night.” “Good night, Mrs. Lin,” PEI Yucheng said. Lin Yan was speechless. [Second embarrassment: so, among the male leads in my sweet novels, Lu tingxiao relies on his son to get his wife, si yehan relies on his face, and PEI Yucheng relies on his shamelessness o(**)o]

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