Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 131 - Three Xu Brothers

Chapter 131: Three Xu Brothers

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“Hum, he only defeated you three years ago by luck. In the past three years, you have reached an excellent cultivation level. With plenty of treasures to assist you, your strength has been improving day by day, which is not something ordinary people can achieve. I do not believe that person who defeated you three years ago is qualified to be your opponent now,” Meng You sneered and said.

“Maybe.” Jian Meng’er nodded slightly. She somewhat agreed.

Indeed, she was the core disciple of the Tianyuan Sword Sect. In the past three years, she had received the best resources for cultivation, and a large number of experts personally instructed her, which helped her strength improved greatly.

But for Jian Wushuang?

He was alone… no instructions from experts, and no cultivation resources. How much improvement could he have made in the past three years?

“Maybe he has not even achieved the Gold Core Realm yet. How stupid of me to treat him as my opponent, letting him be a stumbling block in my heart for the past three years,” Jian Meng’er thought, and smiled indifferently.

Those two disciples of the Tianyuan Sword Sect continued talking with Jian Meng’er. They did not know that what they said was clearly heard by the black-robed swordsman, who was wearing a bamboo hat and sitting in the corner.

The black-robed swordsman was listening without saying anything, just drinking alone. However, his face, which was hidden under the bamboo hat, had a weird smile.

Deng ~~~

A low and powerful sound of footsteps was heard from the stairs again. Suddenly, the people in the Sword Marquis Mansion all looked serious.

A bunch of people walked up, with three walking at the front.

Those three leaders were very strong, and they looked a little bit like each other. The aura they released was very tyrannical, especially the large dark man in the middle. His aura was as violent as an ancient fierce beast.

This person was Xu Long!

Jian Meng’er, Meng You, and Zhu Yu, all of them looked grim.

Although they spoke in an easy and relaxed way, they still felt a little bit scared when they faced Xu Long. They could even sense who was stronger just from the aura he released.

“Jian Xinhong, what did you gather us three here for? Just be straight,” Xu Long seemed unconcerned and sat on a chair. His two brothers and other beastly people were standing beside him.

“Xu Long, the reason I invited you to meet here today is to discuss the armistice between Sword Marquis Mansion and the Fierce Beast Gang,” Jian Xinhong said seriously, “in the past one month, there were several fights between us, no matter publicly or secretly, both brought us a big loss…”

Without waiting for Jian Xinhong to finish, Xu Long interrupted him and said, ” You are wrong, you are the one suffering a big loss, not us.”

“After the battles, my Fierce Beast Gang did indeed lose a lot of people, but we also gained more reputation. More and more people joined to help accomplish our goal. Many of them had great hatred towards your Sword Marquis Mansion. So our overall strength is not getting weaker. Instead, we are getting stronger!”

“So, if you just want to talk nonsense with me, then we do not need to talk anymore.”

Jian Xinhong looked a little bit awkward. He knew what Xu Long said was pretty true. And that was the key reason that he did not dare to continue fighting with the Fierce Beast Gang. If they keep fighting with them, they would just make the Sword Marquis Mansion more and more miserable. In the end, they might be destroyed by the Fierce Beast Gang.

“Xu Long, my Sword Marquis Mansion is willing to make some concessions,” Jian Xinhong seriously said, ” From today on, we will try our best to restrain our disciples from conflicting with your people. At the same time, the title of Bashui Commandery Hegemon is yours. Besides that, we will give you 10% of our properties. What do you think?”

“Oh?” Xu Long looked a little bit excited, “That is something worth talking about. However, 10% is too little!”

“10% is a lot,” Jian Xinhong said in a low voice.

“Mr. Xu Long,” Jian Meng’er suddenly stood up and said, “My name is Jian Meng’er, a disciple of Tianyuan Sword Sect. My Great Master is the Elder of Tianyuan Sword Sect, Shui Hanxin. For the sake of her, please don’t be so hard on our Sword Marquis Mansion.”

Jian Meng’er sounded very polite, but the truth was that she was giving Xu Long pressure using the Tianyuan Sword Sect and her Great Master, Shui Hanxin.

“Tianyuan Sword Sect?” Xu Long glanced at Jian Meng’er, and said with a slight smile, “I heard a long time ago that a girl from Sword Marquis Mansion became a core disciple of the Tianyuan Sword Sect. So you are that girl. But, you are looking down on me.”

“Tianyuan Sword Sect is indeed very powerful, and it’s not someone I dare to provoke. However, you are just a core disciple, you can’t represent the Tianyuan Sword Sect!”

“In regards to your Great Master Shui Hanxin? Hum, in the entire Tianyuan Sword Sect, except those old Yin-Yang Void Realms, Ling Feng is the only person who is qualified to be my opponent. Shui Hanxin is nothing to me!”

After saying this, Xu Long looked towards Jian Xinhong again and continued, “Jian Xinhong, don’t think getting several disciples from the Tianyuan Sword Sect can scare me. Let me tell you the truth, I want 90% of your properties. No negotiation. Otherwise, Sword Marquis Mansion will become history!”

“90%?” Jian Xinhong looked at him coldly.

Jian Meng’er also had a cold expression.

“You are looking to die!” Meng You and Zhu Yu beside them were super angry.

“Meng’er, stop talking to him. Let’s directly fight with him, he needs a lesson from the disciples of Tianyuan Sword Sect,” Meng You cried, with a low voice.

“Exactly, he isn’t even ranked 90th on the Earthly Dragon List. We don’t need to be afraid of him,” Zhu Yu also cried out angrily.

Jian Meng’er did not say anything. However, the light-purple Long Sword appearing in her hands had shown her attitude.

“Haha, you disciples of Tianyuan Sword Sect really do not understand the situation clearly.” Seeing their actions, Xu Long laughed. Then he glanced at a burly man next to him.

“Third brother, you deal with those three young guys. After all, they are core disciples of Tianyuan Sword Sect. We can’t kill them, but we can teach them a lesson,” Xu Long said.

“Don’t worry big brother, I can handle it,” said Xu Bao, the third of the three Xu brothers. He smiled, then walked forward with heavy steps.

“You three, fight with me together,” Xu Bao said coldly.

“You are looking to die!” Meng You and Zhu Yu were super angry.

As disciples of Tianyuan Sword Sect, they were quite proud of themselves. And since they entered this restaurant, Xu Long was their only opponent. In regards to Xu Long’s two brothers, they were nothing to them.

So when they heard what Xu Long said, they were infuriated.

Soon after, Zhu Yu waved his sword, releasing his Spiritual Power, and stabbed towards Xu Bao.

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