Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 132 - You bothered me

Chapter 132: You bothered me

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Zhu Yu took action before Jian Meng’er and Meng You were still standing there.

Hum… An awe-inspiring spirit fiercely burst out. Apparently, what Zhu Yu showed was the Boundless Heaven Sword Art, one of the four sword arts of the Tianyuan Sword Sect. With a raging chop, his long sword displayed a tremendous power.

“Haha, that’s a joke.” Xu Bao grinned and then clenched his big hand, generating a terrifying Spiritual Power in his palm. In the next moment, a straight-forward fist struck out.

It seemed like a giant elephant was dashing toward them.

The fist struck the long sword, making the sword and its blade bend. Then, Xu Bao’s powerful fist continued moving towards Zhu Yu.

“What?” Zhu Yu was shocked. He did not expect that the move he earnestly studied would be brushed aside so easily.

The fist struck Zhu Yu.


A large mouthful of blood immediately ejected from Zhu Yu’s mouth as his body was launched backward.

“Zhu Yu?” Meng You was shocked. Shua~A straightforward sword shadow instantly pierced toward Xu Bao’s throat cunningly.

“Good.” With a brilliant smile, Xu Bao took a large step and clenched his right fist. A frightening power ran through his burly arm, spurting out.

An overwhelming fist with a stronger power.


The same scene happened again. A great amount of blood ejected from Meng You’s mouth, and in the process of his retreat, he bumped the bench beside him. Due to the horrible impact, one of the benches was thrown by the incredible force.

Coincidentally, the direction in which this bench was thrown was precisely where the black-robed swordsman sat.

Detecting the bench that was flying towards him, the black-robed swordsman immediately waved his hand, radiating enough Spiritual Power to break it into pieces.

“I just want to drink quietly. But you… are bothering me.” The cold voice of the black-robed swordsman abruptly sounded in the inn.

“Hum?” Everyone present quickly looked toward black-robed swordsman while frowning.

The news that Sword Marquis Mansion would compete with the Fierce Beast Gang in Celestial Immortal Residence today had spread long ago. Thus, no guests would come to Celestial Immortal Residence today. But, the black-robed swordsman had stayed here all the day.

When the two groups of people arrived there just now, they also noticed the black-robed swordsman, but they didn’t care about him.

But now…

“This guy…” Jian Meng’er slightly frowned. The moment she saw the figure of the black-robed swordsman, she felt very familiar as if they were an acquaintance, but she couldn’t tell why.

Actually, she should be familiar with him. Because the real identity of the black-robed swordsman was Jian Wushuang, who had given her nightmares many times over these last three years.

Jian Wushuang simply pulled his bamboo hat down so that nobody could see his appearance.

“I’m am talking to you.” Jian Wushuang’s voice sounded again. “You have bothered me. What should you do?”

Hearing these words, all the people from Sword Marquis Mansion were stunned.

Unlike them, Xu Bao yelled directly, “You reckless bastard, get out!”

When yelling at Jian Wushuang, Xu Bao reached toward him with his big hand at the same time. It seemed that Xu Bao was going to grab Jian Wushuang’s throat and throw him directly from the window.

But, the instant Xu Bao approached Jian Wushuang.


A fierce sword light swept by.

Incredibly fast!

The flash vanished immediately.

Nobody was able to see the orbit of the sword light clearly. What they just saw was a fleeting sword light. Jian Wushuang was still drinking at the table and deliberately swirled the wine in his glass. However, Xu Bao, who was originally going to grab Jian Wushuang’s throat, was suddenly stiff.

“What happened? Why is that guy standing still?” Zhu Yu said, feeling a little stunned.

“Shut up,” Jian Meng’er said angrily.

Zhu Yu was startled by this.

“Dead. Xu Bao is dead.” Jian Xinhong said with astonished eyes, “Can’t you see the blood leaking from Xu Bao’s neck? He was killed in just one move.”

“What?” Meng You, Zhu Yu and those warriors from Sword Marquis Mansion were all shocked.

“Yes, there is bloodstain.”

“His aura began to dissipate.”

“Is he really dead?”

Everyone was stunned.

It should be known that it was Xu Bao who attacked Meng You and Zhu Yu with successive fists, and caused them serious wounds, which showed his strength. However, he was killed by only one move in an instant.


Eventually, the corpse of Xu Bao fell down weakly.

“Third Brother!”A heartrending and shrill growl sounded.

It shocked the Sword Marquis Mansion, but it riled up the Fierce Beast Gang. Xu Long and Xu Hu were startled and angry in particular. They stared at Jian Wushuang in rage, with an amazing killing intent.

“You killed my Third Brother, so I will take your life!” Xu Long immediately became furious. The husky figure violently rushed forward while releasing an aura as fearsome as a huge beast, which instantly overwhelmed the audience.

As soon as they detected the aura, both Meng You and Zhu Yu instantly turned pale.

Before that, they thought they were able to compete with Xu Long, or maybe even defeat and kill him if all three of them worked together. But now, they realized how absurd and naive they were.

Xu Long didn’t attack them at all. The Mere release of his aura was enough to instantly frighten them, causing them to lose the courage required to fight against him.

“Too strong!”

“Is that the strength of an expert on the Earthly Dragon List?”

Meng You and Zhu Yu gaped as they saw what was happening.

Jian Meng’er also stared with a solemn face.

The moment Xu Long rushed forward, a sword light flashed again.

The sword light was beautiful and charming, as if intoxicating.

The sword light was gliding. It seemed to be moving very slowly, but it was magnified in the depths of Xu Long’s eyes.

A hint of fear rose in Xu Long’s eyes, then that sword light glided through his chest.

While wearing the bamboo hat and hiding his face as much as possible, Jian Wushuang had already appeared behind Xu Long with some blood dripping from the edge of his Triple-kill Sword.

Xu Long’s figure became stiff with his fearsome aura completely vanishing in an instant. Then, he turned his head dully and slowly spoke in broken words, “You, who are you…”

Just then, plop!

Xu Long fell down directly.

Jian Wushuang pulled his bamboo hat down and glanced at the second oldest Xu Hu, the only existing one of the three Xu brothers.

“Both your elder brother and young brother died. Now, it’s your turn.”

As soon as his voice fell, a beautiful sword light flashed once again.

Xu Hu stared with round eyes, falling down the next moment.

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