Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 130 - Inside the Celestial Immortal Residence

Chapter 130: Inside the Celestial Immortal Residence

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The three warriors were still talking, and Jian Wushuang was listening carefully.

“Hei, I heard that Sword Marquis Mansion had already sent out invitations to the three chiefs of the Fierce Beast Gang to meet at Tianxianju tomorrow. I am afraid the purpose of the meeting is to fight and see who is stronger.”

“One of them has been a leader in Bashui Commandery for many years, while the other one, the Fierce Beast Gang, lead by the three Xu brothers, has just appeared recently. This will be an interesting fight.”

“I’m afraid that Sword Marquis Mansion will be in danger this time. Although the Fierce Beast Gang appeared not long ago, the Three Xu brothers are well-known experts in Tianyan Province, especially the eldest brother, Xu Long. who is an expert on the Earthly Dragon List! There is no one who can compete with him in the entire Sword Marquis Mansion.”

“That’s right. Sword Marquis Mansion is also aware of the pressure, so they urgently requested for Jian Meng’er to come back. After all, she is a Core Disciple in Tianyuan Sword Sect, and her power is quite impressive as well.”

“Everything will be settled tomorrow.”

The three men talked casually, ignoring the people around them.

After hearing what they said, Jian Wushuang smiled slightly.

“The three Xu brothers? Xu Long?” Jian Wushuang smiled slightly.

He knew that Xu Long ranked 91st on the Earthly Dragon List, which was even a few places higher than Su Lie.

If it was in two years ago, Xu Long’s strength was enough for Jian Wushuang to pay a little attention to him. But now, Jian Wushuang could completely ignore him.

“The Fierce Beast Gang will fight against Sword Marquis Mansion to see who is stronger tomorrow? Hum, interesting.”  Jian Wushuang smiled and then continued to drink.

The next day, inside the Celestial Immortal Residence.

The news that Sword Marquis Mansion would meet the Fierce Beast Gang at Celestial Immortal Residence today had already spread throughout the entire Bashui Commandery. So, the original lively Celestial Immortal Residence was empty and lonely today.

Everyone knew that there might be a fierce battle at Celestial Immortal Residence today. Naturally, ordinary warriors didn’t want to get involved.

Of course, there was one exception. It was a black-robed man with a bamboo hat and a long sword. He had been drinking alone in the corner of the second floor of the Celestial Immortal Residence since early morning. The waiters there came to persuade him to leave, but he didn’t say a word and remained sitting there.

At noon, footsteps could be heard from the stairs, followed by a large group of people.

Those people came from Sword Marquis Mansion, and Jian Wushuang knew some of them. The leader of them was Jian Xinhong, who was the Sword Marquis Mansion Master.

Jian Xinhong’s cultivation exuded the aura of the Exceptional Gold Core Realm. In regards to spiritual power, he was obviously the strongest present.

And next to Jian Xinhong, there were three others in the Primordial Gold Core Realm.

It was Jian Meng’er and the two core disciples of Tianyuan Sword Sect.

“It should be a while before the Three Xu brothers arrive, so let’s sit down first,” said Jian Xinhong. Then he, Jian Meng’er, and two other disciples of the Tianyuan Sword Sect sat down at the table. The other warriors of Sword Marquis Mansion stood next to them.

“Meng’er, today’s meeting is up to you three,” said Jian Xinhong while frowning, full of worries.

“Our Sword Marquis Mansion never thought to throw the Three Xu brothers out of Bashui Commandery. Instead, we were willing to make concessions and give them Bashui Commandery’s leadership. We can even give them some other benefits, as long as they stop attacking.”

Jian Xinhong spoke in a hopeless manner.

Before, Sword Marquis Mansion was indeed the overlord of Bashui Commandery. But since the Fierce Beast Gang appeared, they had suffered suppression from the Fierce Beast Gang in all aspects, not even having the strength to fight back.

They had no choice since strength determined everything.

The three leaders of the Fierce Beast Gang, which were the Three Xu brothers, all possessed excellent strength. The eldest brother, Xu Long, was even on the Earthly Dragon List. An expert like him was not someone that Sword Marquis Mansion could compete against.

“Mansion Master, don’t worry. As long as we three are here, Xu Long won’t dare to go too far. After all, behind us is the Tianyuan Sword Sect. He should at least care about the reputation of Tianyuan Sword Sect. What’s more, even if it really comes down to a battle, the two of us and Meng’er could defeat Xu Long together,” said the purple-haired disciple with a laugh.

“Experts on the Earthly Dragon List are indeed very powerful, but his strength is also limited. Moreover, Xu Long is only ranked 91st, and his strength should only be a little stronger than the average warrior in the Exceptional Gold Core Realm. Both Meng You and I are also in the Exceptional Gold Core Realm. Together, with Menger, whose strength is comparable to the Exceptional Gold Core Realm, we can easily deal with Xu Long,” said the other disciple of Tianyuan Sword Sect.

These two disciples, of the Tianyuan Sword Sect, were named Meng You and Zhu Yu. Both of them were in the Exceptional Gold Core Realm, and they were pretty confident in their strength.

“Don’t be too confident. The experts on the Earthly Dragon List are not simple,” Jian Xinhong shook his head and said. He had personally faced Xu Long, but had to run away after just three moves.

He knew clearly that there was a huge gap between the experts of the Earthly Dragon List and the ordinary warriors of the Exceptional Gold Core Realm.

Every expert on the Earthly Dragon List was able to defeat a group of warriors in the Exceptional Gold Core Realm alone. This was a fact.

“Unfortunately, Senior Brother Ling Feng went out to travel. Otherwise, with him here, Xu Long would not dare to be so unbridled,” Jian Meng’er said in a low voice.

Ling Feng was the strongest among the young generation of the Tianyuan Sword Sect. He was the strongest genius that Jian Meng’er had ever met.

He was only 23 years old, but he had already ranked 41st on the Earthly Dragon List. He was the only person that was listed on the Earthly Dragon List in the entire Tianyuan Sword Sect. Ling Feng had a good relationship with her, and they already shared some special feelings.

“Meng’er, the Three Xu brothers are not qualified to compete with Senior Brother Ling Feng. Besides, we three can defeat him easily,” Meng You and Zhu Yu said without taking it seriously.

“Meng’er, I heard that you were defeated by a person in Sword Marquis Mansion three years ago. Where is that person? Now that Sword Marquis Mansion is in danger, why is he not here?” Meng You asked suddenly.

“Jian Wushuang?” Jian Meng’er thought, with a slight cold expression on her face.

The words of Jian Wushuang had left a scar in her heart. And. even after three years, it was still there.

She would never forget that three years ago, the useless person that she looked down upon had surpassed her in only two months, causing her to trip at the last step of her plan.

During these three years, she did her best to cultivate and improve her strength while in the Tianyuan Sword Sect. She put in more effort than ordinary people. The most important reason for her to do so was that she wanted to compete with Jian Wushuang again. She wanted to erase the humiliation she suffered three years ago and extricate herself from the nightmare brought on by Jian Wushuang.

She thought she could meet Jian Wushuang and fight with him again when she returned to Sword Marquis Mansion this time. However, she did not expect that when she returned, she would hear that Jian Wushuang had left Sword Marquis Mansion three years ago, and no one knew where he was.

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