Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Fighting Someone on the Earthly Dragon List

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“Magic Spear Gu Tao and Xiao Mang, the 39th and 22nd ranked experts on the Earthly Dragon List, are much stronger than the other ranked warriors here. Especially the latter.” Jian Wushuang’s dark eyes couldn’t help turning towards at the carefree middle-aged man who was relaxing on a branch.

Although he seemed carefree, the cyan-robed man brought Jian Wushuang greatest pressure out of everyone there.

“Just one single Black Water Lotus attracted so many experts! It’s completely unimaginable! There are even so many Earthly Dragon List experts. We are in big trouble,” Su Rou commented with a stern look on her face.

“There is trouble, but it doesn’t mean we have no chance,” said Jian Wushuang.

“Third Brother, based on your current power, can you compete against these Earthly Dragon List experts?” asked Su Rou.

Su Rou knew Jian Wushuang was very powerful. His Gold Core aura was far above the Profound Gold Core Realm, and his comprehension of sword essence allowed him to pass the 11th Level of the Dragon Gate. Jian Wushuang’s actual power should be much stronger than a warrior in the Exceptional Gold Core Realm. But, how strong was he really? Su Rou had no idea.

“With the exception of Xiao Mang, I am sure I can defeat the others one-on-one,” Jian Wushuang answered.

Su Rou was stunned for a second.

“To be honest, after breaking through to the Gold Core Realm, I understand a little about my strength, but I can’t judge exactly how strong I am. After all, I’ve never fought against an Earthly Dragon List expert.” Jian Wushuang smiled, and then asked, “How about you?”

“As for me, if I fight with my full power, I can barely beat one of them. I mean one who is ranked above 60th. I am too much weaker than Gu Tao and Xiao Mang,” said Su Rou.

“Oh?” Jian Wushuang was really surprised.

Of course, Su Rou just reached the Profound Gold Core Realm, and her comprehension of Essences was only enough to pass the Seventh Level of the Dragon Gate. This level of strength could barely compete against an average person in the Exceptional Gold Core Realm.

Yet, Su Rou dared to say that she could barely fight against an Earthly Dragon List expert?

“My fourth sister really has a lot of secrets.” Jian Wushuang sighed to himself.

Since a long time ago, he realized that Su Rou had a big secret.

After all, She was only fifteen years old! A fifteen-year-old girl at the Profound Gold Core Realm. How marvelous! How could a common person attain that?

On top of that, Su Rou, who understood Essence of the Waterdrop, was only interested in the Black Water Lotus itself rather than its seeds. It was quite strange!

Now, Su Rou dared to say that she could barely fight against an Earthly Dragon List expert?

All in all, Su Rou appeared extremely different.

Of course, although Jian Wushuang knew that Su Rou had some secrets, he did not intend to ask about them.

Everyone had their secrets. Su Rou had some, so did he.

Suddenly, at that moment, a disturbance took place near Quiet Moon Lake. Both Jian Wushuang and Ru Rou looked in that direction.

What they saw was a thickly-built red-robed old man slowly walked toward Lord Ling Mubai.

“I am Ding Mo. I’ve heard of Master Mubai’s name long ago. How lucky to meet you today! I specifically came here to challenge you.” This red-robed old man’s sonorous and resonant voice immediately spread around the whole Quiet Moon Lake.

“Someone wants to challenge Ling Mubai?”

“Haha, finally someone puts forward a challenge!”

“Who’s Ding Mo? Never heard of him.”

“I know about Ding Mo. I have heard of him. He’s a famous Three-Clawed Golden Dragon Guard. He fiercely fought against three people in the Exceptional Gold Core Realm at the same time, and even managed to kill them all in the end.

All the warriors near Quiet Moon Lake became excited.

In fact, since these Earthly Dragon List experts turned up by Quiet Moon Lake, many people had assumed that someone would challenge them.

Being on the Earthly Dragon List could make one famous around the world.

This was a Gold Core warriors’ dream.

Many confident Gold Core warriors were eager to challenge the Earthly Dragon List experts. However, the number of these experts was limited, so it was hard to meet them normally.

However, the fight for the Black Water Lotus seeds had attracted at least six Earthly Dragon List experts. The Gold Core warriors who were eager to enter the Earthly Dragon List, and confident about their strength, would never miss such a great opportunity.

Now, the warrior named Ding Mo appeared.

Being Challenged in front of so many people, Lord Ling Mubai’s gentle face immediately became cold.

“Ding Mo? Where did a nobody like you come from? I’ve never heard of you.” Ling Mubai scratched his own ear.

“After today’s fight, you will know about me. Not only you, but everyone in the whole Tianzong Dynasty will know my name. I will be on the Earthly Dragon List and become famous around the world, by using your name as a stepping stone,” said the red-robed old man in a low voice.

Hearing these words, the audience burst into an uproar.

“Get on the Earthly Dragon List using my name as a stepping stone? How arrogant! Aren’t you afraid such big words crush your tongue?” Ling Mubai’s complexion turned colder.

“Haha, there is no other way. There are at least as six Earthly Dragon List experts here, and your rank is the lowest. If I don’t challenge you, who should I begin with?” Ding Mo asked while grinning.

“You must want to die!” Now, Ling Mubai was infuriated. With a low-voiced shout, his body suddenly rushed out.


Ding Mo burst into a laughter. His ignitus-gloved palm suddenly clenched and became a fist. A gust of strong Spiritual Power gathered into the center of his palm. Like a burning drill, the red fist burst forward.

The fist instantly crashed into the cold blade light that suddenly appeared in front its owner.


A huge sound echoed as two terrible forces exploded at the same time. At that moment, the Spiritual Power produced by two experts formed into gusts of wind, wildly sweeping in all directions.

Ripples appeared in the surrounding air.

The great number of Primordial Warriors standing around were also engulfed, some of whom closed their eyes immediately. A few relatively weaker warriors even had trouble standing straight in the face of this gust of wind.

“Mm?” Ling Mubai’s complexion changed a little. Evidently, he never thought that the man in front of him, whom he had never heard of, could bear one of his slashes head-on. What’s more, his opponent showed no sign of being suppressed.


A sharp snap was heard from the air. It was Ding Mo’s fierce palm. Ling Mubai also thrust out ferociously. As the two palms touched each other, the violent Spiritual Power wildly exploded again.

“Haha, Ling Mubai, let’s fight with our full strength!” said Ding Mo, completely releasing his power.

At that moment, his whole body seemed to have been transformed into an ancient ferocious beast, with two arms like sturdy hooves. An immense force could be felt from the terrifying and continuous attacks.

Every time his fists passed by, the area would tremble with a deafening wind-breaking noise.

Enormous power soared to the sky with an overwhelming aura.

As for Ling Mubai, his finger looked like a knife, with dazzling blade light bursting out continuously. Every blade flash surged with an amazing power and Essence of the Waterdrop.

Their fierce fight turned white-hot in an instant.

By Quiet Moon Lake, numerous Gold Core warriors were spectating with full attention.

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