Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 106

Chapter 106: A Gathering of Experts

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Endless Mountain Range.

The number of warriors in the Endless mountain range increased after the discovery of the Black Water Lotus was spread.

Although the Endless mountain range was filled with countless connected mountains, there were still some lakes and streams.

The Quiet Moon Lake was a normal lake in the Endless mountain range.

However, with the appearance of the Black Water Lotus, Quiet Moon Lake was doomed to be turbulent.

Near Quiet Moon Lake, there were huge crowds of people talking with each other in twos and threes. It was like a jamboree.

“So many people.”

Neither Jian Wushuang, a man in the Initial Gold Core Realm, nor Su Rou, who was in the Profound Gold Core Realm, were noteworthy in this crowd.

After all, the warriors preparing to grab the Black Water Lotus Seed were almost in the Gold Core Realm. Among them, experts in the Exceptional Gold Core Realm were more than a few. Naturally, nobody would pay attention to Jian Wushuang and Su Rou.

But they were happy to be able to walk around leisurely, even casually picking an empty spot to sit down.

“Very few people have comprehended Essense of the Waterdrop among these people. Most of them were employed to fight for that Black Water Lotus Seed.” Jian Wushuang smiled slightly.

Like in Golden-dragon Palace, Golden-Dragon Guards could be hired as long as you paid a high enough price to issue tasks.

Some people with low strength but a good background would employ experts, offering them a high fee to fight for the Black Water Lotus Seed.

“Hundreds of experts are here and more are coming. I guess that there will be a violent and tragic fight when the Black Water Lotus appears,” Su Rou said, then glanced at the center of Quiet Moon Lake.

A dark lotus could be seen resting there.

It was the Black Water Lotus that was particularly important to her.

“Don’t worry. Judging by its appearance, I expect that the Black Water Lotus will finish blooming in two or three days,” Jian Wushuang said with a smile.

At this moment…

“Hey, brats.” A harsh voice suddenly sounded out as a red-haired muscleman came over and said in a low voice, “This spot belongs to us now. You can get lost.”

“Why?” Some of the people were instantly disgruntled.

Jian Wushuang and Su Rou also looked at them because they were sitting in that area too.

“If you don’t do what I said, I will kill you.” The red-haired muscleman stared at those disgruntled people. At the same time, following behind the red-haired muscleman, a line of people arrived. Their leader was a well-groomed man who held a fan.

“Have you found the spot?” The voice of this well-groomed man was cold and his expression plainly showed a vestige of arrogance.

Seeing this well-groomed man, those disgruntled people in the area were shocked.

“He is… Master Mubai?”

“Yes. It is Ling Mubai, ranked 96th on the Earthly Dragon List.”

“People from the Earthly Dragon List are here as well?”

Being on the Earthly Dragon List was what all warriors in the Gold Core Realm desired the most.

Ranking on the Earthly Dragon List was the dream of numerous people.

Tianzong Dynasty was vast and Warriors of the Gold Core Realm were countless. However, merely one hundred people were qualified to rank on the Earthly Dragon List. Naturally, all of them were true experts, and each one was famous.

Now a warrior on the Earthly Dragon List had arrived. This naturally caused a bit of a stir.

“Hem. Since you recognize he is Master Mubai. Get lost!” That red-haired muscleman shouted brutally.

Immediately, those people who were previously malcontent with the red-haired muscleman got up and left cautiously.

“Let’s go too!” Jian Wushuang said, then he and Su Rou both left the area.

Of course, Jian Wushuang made a concession not because he was afraid of Ling Mubai. He just felt it was unnecessary to breed enmity with him.

“Though Ling Mubai appears mild and gentle, he is actually very ferocious,” Su Rou couldn’t help saying.

“In this fight for the Black Water Lotus Seed, the arriving experts on the Earthly Dragon List are absolutely not only Ling Mubai. However, when the fighting begins, those experts will be seen as the main adversaries by others because of their fame. But we are different from them,” Jian Wushuang said and smiled.

“Neither of us are known to the public. Our Realm is ordinary, without anything that stands out. Nobody knows how strong we are. Therefore, we will take advantage of that when the real fighting for the Black Water Lotus begins.”

“Yeah.” Su Rou nodded. She also understood.

Time was fleeting and three days passed quickly.

During these three days, a cascade of Warriors in the Gold Core Realm had arrived at Quiet Moon Lake, one after the other. Now, the number of warriors by Quiet Moon Lake was more than 10,000. Among those people, there were a lot of famous experts.

Not to mention the experts with great strength and reputation in Tianzong Dynasty, just the people from the Earthly Dragon List counted six.

These six experts ranking on the Earthly Dragon List was extremely outstanding compared to everyone else.

“Look! He’s Fire Lion, ranked 63rd on the Earthly Dragon List!”

“Blood Knife Tu Xin! He’s also here!”

“Look! That’s Master Mubai, he’s mild and gentle as usual.”

“She’s Zi Yang, that crazy woman!Even she is here!”

In the crowd, profusions of warriors were in discussing amongst themselves, and they mostly focused on the experts on the Earthly Dragon List.

“Fire Lion, Tu Xin, Zi Yang, and Ling Mubai are all less than rank 60 on the Earthly Dragon List. They are not the real experts.” Jian Wushuang talked with Su Rou casually.

On the Earthly Dragon List, higher ranking meant more strength.

Of the six present Earthly Dragon Listed experts, only two could actually be a serious threat to Jian Wushuang.

The first one was a purple-robed man carrying a two-section long spear on his back. Although he was in his 20’s at the most, his dark eyes were incomparably chilly and the atmosphere around him was terrifying.

Magic Spear Gu Tao!

He ranked 39th on the Earthly Dragon List.

It was said that Gu Tao was an orphan who grew up in a bandit camp. A heart full of killing was formed because of his rough experiences when he was young. He comprehended Essense of the Waterdrop, so the Black Water Lotus Seed was highly useful to him.

And the other one was a very carefree, cyan-robed, middle-aged man.

The cyan-robed man wore a casual garment and was currently relaxing the trunk of a big tree, holding a flagon while drinking in a carefree manner with a red face.

Xiao Mang had become famous ten years ago. At that time he was already on the Earthly Dragon List. But now, ten years later, he was ranked 22rd on the Earthly Dragon List.

He ranked the highest among the six present experts on the Earthly Dragon List.

Meanwhile, Xiao Mang didn’t comprehend Essence of the Waterdrop. He was not invited to help fight for the Black Water Lotus seed by anyone here, so he was by himself.

However, he had come.

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