Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 108

Chapter 108: The Black Water Lotus Blooms

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“Is that the strength of an expert on the Earthly Dragon List?”

“Too strong. Even though I am in the Exceptional Gold Core Realm, when facing off with Ling Mubai, I wouldn’t be able to resist a single attack from his palm. ”

“Ding Mo is awesome as well. His fists were very erratic, but he was even stronger than Ling Mubai in terms of momentum.”

The warriors of the Gold Core Realm looked attentively at them, full of excitement and boiling blood.

Standing side by side at a corner of Quiet Moon Lake, Jian Wushuang and Su Rou also witnessed the fierce battle.

“Is this the strength of an expert on the Earthly Dragon List?” Jian Wushuang smiled slightly. “Good. His Cultivation has reached the peak of Exceptional Gold Core Realm. Moreover, I think he could pass through the Eighth Level of the Dragon Gate with his comprehension.”

“Ling Mubai is at the bottom of the Earthly Dragon List, ranking 96th. Therefore, his strength isn’t too terrifying. The higher ranked on the list, the stronger they are. Not surprisingly, warriors out the top 50 of the Earthly Dragon List could easily pass through the Ninth Level of the Dragon Gate with their comprehension,” Su Rou said.

“Agreed.” Jian Wushuang nodded. Then he sighed secretly and said, “It seems that Ding Mo is strong enough to be listed on the Earthly Dragon List since he has fought with Ling Mubai head-on. Though there are only six experts of the Earthly Dragon List here, the number of warriors who are strong enough to enter the list is much more than six.”

At the moment, the battle between Ling Mubai and Ding Mo was drawing to a close.

It was hard to tell which one was stronger in the fierce battle. Finally, Ling Mubai won by a narrow margin.

Although he won, he squeaked through it.

“Ding Mo, who could almost be matched with Ling Mubai, is also very awesome.”

“That was close, Ling Mubai nearly lost!”

“Ding Mo is strong enough to enter the Earthly Dragon List.”

After the battle, everyone present would remember the name of Ding Mo.

But not long after that.

“Fire Lion, do you dare to fight with me?”

“Tu Xin, you are named Blood Saber?So am I. Since we met, surely we should have a battle and see who is stronger.”

“Hehe, Zi Yang, right? You are the only woman among the six experts of the Earthly Dragon List, I have no choice but to challenge you.”

Since that, many people challenged those six experts of the Earthly Dragon List. Apparently, the challengers were also very strong.

In fact, many of the people present were not interested in the Black Water Lotus Seed at all. They came here especially for challenging the experts of the Earthly Dragon List or watching their battles.

Soon, many exciting battles had started.

“Third Brother, there are many experts on the Earthly Dragon List, would you like to challenge one? If you defeated one face to face, your name will be famous throughout the world,” Su Rou said.

“I don’t need to.” Jian Wushuang shook his head and said, “When the fight for the Black Water Lotus starts, I will have to face them. At that time I’ll have a chance to defeat them.”

“Have you noticed that out of the many challengers, none challenged Gu Tao and Xiao Mang. Instead, Ling Mubai was challenged the most,” Jian Wushuang said with a smile.

“I noticed, but it’s normal. He ranks the lowest among them, surely he is the weakest target,” Su Rou said coldly.

Jian Wushuang could not help laughing.

The sun was setting. Soon it was dusk.

Near Quiet Moon Lake, it was still bustling with challenges and battles were still going.

However, at that moment, in the center of Quiet Moon Lake, the budding Black Water Lotus started to bloom…

All the black petals expanded.

In seconds, that black water lotus burst into full bloom, with a refreshing aroma permeating the air.

Many warriors of the Gold Core Realm at Quiet Moon Lake smelt it.


Shua! Everyone looked towards the black water lotus.

The Black Water Lotus was in full bloom. At the very center of the flower laid seven Black Water Lotus seeds.

As soon as they saw them, many warriors in the Gold Core Realm were filled with burning desire.

The Black Water Lotus had bloomed!

So did the Black Water Lotus Seeds. There were even seven seeds!

“Grab them!”


“Go, Go, Go!”

“Ha-ha. The party has started.”

Many low voices from Gold Core warriors were raised, at the same time, as they all quickly rushed towards the Black Water Lotus at the center of Quiet Moon Lake without hesitation.

“Fourth Sister, go.”

Jian Wushuang’s eyes burst out dazzling light, too. Immediately, both he and Su Rou rushed towards the Black Water Lotus.

In only a moment, many of the warriors gathered around Quiet Moon Lake had rushed in.

Pia! Pia! Pia! Pia!

The soles of their feet splashed across the top of the water.

Warriors of Primordial Gold Core couldn’t Voidwalk yet like those supreme experts in the Yin-Yang Void Realm. But they could walk on the surface of the water.

Soon, many experts had gathered there. From afar, they looked like hornets.

The experts on the Earthly Dragon List rushed in front, including Gu Tao, Fire Lion, Butcher, and the rest.

“The Black Water Lotus Seed is useful for me in comprehending Essence of the Waterdrop. Seven seeds in total, I must get at least three.” Magic Spear Gu Tao had a determined look in his eyes, and he was burning with killing intent.

But at that moment, a figure, flickering like a ghost, rushed ahead of Gu Tao, Fire Lion and others towards the Black Water Lotus.


“So fast.”

“It’s him!”

“The expert ranked 79th on the Earthly Dragon List– Celestial Fox He Ling.”

Many warriors of the Gold Core Realm instantly recognized him.

It seemed there were only six experts on the Earthly Dragon List. However, they didn’t notice that Celestial Fox He Ling was hiding in the dark.

The biggest advantage He Ling had was his incredible speed. Once he displayed his power, he was much faster than Gu Tao. It should be known that Gu Tao ranked 39th on the Earthly Dragon List.

Of course, fast speed didn’t mean that he could easily get the Black Water Lotus Seeds.

“Bastard, you want the Black Water Lotus Seed? No way.” Gu Tao shouted, then he fiercely brandished the blood-red spear in his hands. At once the spear pierced through the air and its sharp head appeared behind He Ling.

Not just Gu Tao, but all warriors of the Gold Core Realm, who were also rushing towards the Black Water Lotus Seeds, instantly attacked when they saw him closing in on the Black Water Lotus.

“Kill him!”

“Attack! Attack!”

“Keep him away from the Black Water Lotus.”

Being experts in the Gold Core Realm, they could easily use their spiritual power to attack He Ling from a long distance.

A great number of attacks immediately surged out.

An innumerable amount of attacks swept towards He Ling.

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