League of Legends: League of Unknowns

Chapter 486 - Delaying Their Victory!

Chapter 486: Delaying Their Victory!

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It was like a scene of disaster.

The lineup that Team Sky had was really too strong. With a Wukong who had already built a Black Cleaver, no matter what armor you had, it would be of no use. Moreover, his ulti had hit the three champions that were more squishy!

Luocheng didn’t blame Wu Sen for not being able to polymorph the Monkey King because he himself hadn’t managed to react in time as he had not expected Tinghua to choose that moment to turn around and begin his counterattack. If he had reacted faster, he could have used Distortion to escape, maybe even silencing or restraining Wukong in the process.

Couldn’t blame anyone, one could only say that Tinghua’s timing of turning around to counterattack was perfect. His combo was way too fast, just a second ago, he was running like a mad man, the next second, he was sweeping everything in his path, giving them no time to react at all. He had also considered Lulu’s polymorph skills, and his ulti was launched while the clouds of dust had covered him, rendering Lulu completely unprepared to target him at all. If Lin Dong hadn’t used his Flash, the entire fight could have ended in an ACE, and the game would be near the finishing line!


Langjie’s Twitch had caught up by now, the Plague Rat with his ulti and poisonous bolts had come to clean up Team Skycrown.

Langjie was already laughing madly, as though he himself had become the source of a plague. At his feet was the village that had mocked and humiliated him, an ear-splitting grin on his face which only held malice and vengeance. Laughing and cursing, and at the same time, he kept throwing poison at the crowd in front of him. Each time a person fell to it, he would laugh and laugh, more and more hysterically!

How long had it been, how long had it been since he had been able to kill so merrily. In the early stage of this game, he had been pressured too much, and now, it was as though all of that was gone, replaced by the ecstatic joy of going on a killing spree!

The backline of Team Skycrown’s team was a mess, what with Luocheng’s LeBlanc instantly killed, Wu Sen’s Lulu meeting a tragic death, Zhou Yan’s Lee Sin fleeing from the poison bolts, and Lin Dong’s Lucian that was finally defeated by the poisonous bolts from Twitch…

No matter how good the items an ADC had, if they couldn’t make use of the environment, they really weren’t any different than other champions.

Lin Dong was helpless in that situation, and even with such glorious items, he couldn’t escape his fate of dying!

Out of the whole team, only Zhou Yan was left with the tiniest bit of health remaining, and Da Luo, who was isolated from them all.


“Da Luo, run, don’t die! It’s a 2 for 4.” Luocheng said.

Team Skycrown couldn’t afford to get ace-d, once there was nobody to defend, the game was basically lost.

Da Luo nodded his head, letting go of the unreasonable chase, and he, who still had his ulti—Sadism and was regenerating health as he went, retreated to the bottom lane alone.

It was obvious that Team Sky would choose to go for the Baron. Their Renekton and Wukong had sufficient items on them, Orianna and Twitch had enough damage, and so, the smartest choice was to take the Baron now. Having the Baron buff, all of Team Skycrown’s outer turrets would be taken down easily and the gap in gold difference would be even higher!

“Da Luo, push the bottom lane, I’ll head over to steal the Baron.” Zhou Yan said to Da Luo.

Many times, Junglers needed to put all their eggs in one basket, and that was to steal the Baron!

Lee Sin was a champion that had a high chance of being able to steal the Baron. If he sacrificed himself and successfully acquired the Baron, they would be able to turn the disadvantage around immediately!

Zhou Yan looked for a route toward the Baron Canyon while Da Luo gave up on the idea of harassing their opponents.

If Zhou Yan could steal it, that would be great, but if he couldn’t and the both of them were left there, this match was as good as over!

With him pushing the lane by himself, Da Luo hurriedly forced the wave forward toward the base of their opponents.

Team Sky was taking the path from the Dragon pit to the Baron, and the walk had wasted quite a bit of their time…

Da Luo continued to push the lane and the cannon minion reached the base when Team Sky was just about to finish the Baron!


Zhou Yan’s Lee Sin was hovering above the Baron’s Canyon. In many cases, the outcome of the match was decided with this Smite, whether the Smite was perfectly executed or not!

Zhou Yan didn’t have much health left, and at most, he could last a mere second in the middle of them.

He double-checked the damage of his Smite…

As a Jungler, the damage at every level of Smite should be memorized in their minds, but at this anxious time, he worried that his memory would be affected by his nerves…

The members of Team Sky were also smart, they were using their bodies to block the path to the Baron, not allowing Zhou Yan to get a chance to kick out his Q-skill at the Baron.

Zhou Yan was waiting for the opportunity and he had consistently planted wards in order to get the best line of sight.

His mouse cursor was on the Baron, the left button clicked on the beast, watching the display of its health.

To steal the Baron, you couldn’t wait until its health was down to less than 1,000 HP and only then hitting it. By then, your opponent could also instantly Smite the Baron with its remaining health. So, when the Baron had about 2,000 HP, you needed to make a move already, because when you go at this point, the Jungler on the other side would be anxious and would likely Smite first, making it easier to follow up with your own Smite and steal the Baron!





Zhou Yan didn’t choose to kick his way in, instead, he chose to plant a ward and cast his W-skill to it as he knew there wasn’t much hope for him to survive, and so, keeping his W-skill or not didn’t make much of a difference…

There were four enemies below, death within an instant, and whether it was possible to steal the Baron at this moment, there was no space for hesitation, no space for mistakes, and even more, no space to let Baron fall into their enemies’ hands!


A deep yellow clawmark formed the skill for Smite, landing heavily on the body of the Baron!

“Die! Die!!”

Zhou Yan screamed in his heart!

This Baron, this Smite, it concerned the whole year of effort that Team Skycrown had put in, and even more, it was related to their entire fate in e-sports!

“Did he get it, did Gale Crane get the Baron!?” Miracle’s voice had raised a pitch, clearly indicating his nervousness and excitement.

A large group stood up from among the crowd suddenly, as though by standing up, they would be able to be the first to see who had managed to grab the Baron!

The air was tense as everyone in the arena held their breath…

And that one Smite had burned!


Almost at the same moment the deep yellow claw from Zhou Yan’s Smite had fallen, another Smite joined it from the sky!

The audience had no way of knowing whose Smite had come first!

A piercing scream, and it was obvious that the first Smite had been too early, failing to kill the Baron. The second Smite had fallen, killing off the Baron!

This had always been the case with this b*tch of a Baron, no matter how much you stuck to her, how much blood, sweat, and tears you poured into her, it was somehow still possible that she would run off with some other person!

Unfortunately, this was not the case with Zhou Yan…

Just like the disdainful taunt on Tinghua’s face.

No one had been able to steal a Baron from his hands, and in this world, there was no one who could ever steal a Baron from Tinghua!

The best punishment for a loser who forced his way in was to send him back to the fountain!

Tinghua’s Wukong held that arrogance, lifting the staff held in his hands high and slamming it down onto Lee Sin’s head…

This staff had also knocked Zhou Yan’s mind into a frantic state!

He was clearly calm and had calculated the health, how…how could he have missed out by so little.

How could Tinghua have been so calm, releasing his Smite right after his? Could it be that he had also calculated the damage from Zhou Yan’s Smite, or did he bet that Zhou Yan would have been unable to hold back from unleashing his Smite?

Zhou Yan had always kept an expressionless face, but the moment he lost the Baron, his eyes changed, his entire face burning with anger, panic, and uneasiness.

The purple Baron buff gave a high morale to their opponents, and it was a bad omen in the hearts of the five members of Team Skycrown…

This was the omen of failure, it felt as though something was stuck in their throats and they wanted so badly to spit it out, but it was a fishbone, and it stung!

“Da Luo, can you take down the Inhibitor?”

Just when Zhou Yan was caught up in the shadow of depression, Luocheng’s voice woke him up.

“Yes!” Da Luo said, the certainty strong in his voice.

If there was anything that could continue to support Team Skycrown’s fight, it was Da Luo’s lone army that was deep in the enemy’s lane.

Zhou Yan hadn’t managed to steal the Baron, however, Da Luo had taken the opportunity to tear down the turrets, leading his wave of minions toward the Inhibitor!

Once Team Sky had taken the Baron and saw the condition of their base, they hurriedly recalled back.

8 seconds.

It took 8 seconds for them to recall, Da Luo couldn’t possibly take down the Inhibitor in 8 seconds. Whether by doing this they could get Super Minions to assist them later, would depend on these 8 seconds!

Holding the rusty butcher knife in his hand, Mundo desperately hacked at the Inhibitor along with the minions.

After 8 seconds, the four members of Team Sky rushed out from the fountain, and the Inhibitor still had a quarter of its health remaining!

At the same time, Blitzcrank had also respawned. He was definitely a threat to Mundo, and if the latter got hooked, he wouldn’t have the chance to hack at the Inhibitor!

Da Luo’s Mundo was alone in the enemy’s base and he was surrounded by Master Yi, Orianna, Twitch, Blitzcrank, and Renekton!

In the face of the five of them, Da Luo completely ignored them and continued to hack at the Inhibitor with his basic attack. Even if all of their attacks were thrown at him, he could still survive by activating his ulti!

Blitzcrank was about to launch his hook!

Jupiter deliberately walked nearer to the Inhibitor, not wanting to give Da Luo any chance to come closer to it!

The mechanical gauntlet of Blitzcrank flew out, the angle was targeted at the spot that looked to be one that Da Luo would be unable to dodge!



The claw brushed past Da Luo’s body, and in that second, Da Luo Flashed from one end of the Inhibitor to the other, effectively dodging it!

The arena had already been lit during the fight to steal the Baron, and waves after waves, after the Baron was done with, Da Luo was trying to forcefully bring down the Inhibitor alone and had moved everyone’s heart.

Thrilling, moving, this was concerning the outcome of the match like electric shocks, over and over it slammed into the players and audience’s hearts!

“Tear it down, you have to tear it down!!”

The four members of Team Skycrown who were waiting to respawn all chanted in their hearts!

Da Luo’s Flash had given him another chance at hacking the Inhibitor, one last time!

The Inhibitor crystal was reduced to fragments under his butcher’s knife…

Seeing the fragments flying everywhere, listening to the sweet voice announcing it the moment the Inhibitor went down, Da Luo grinned widely, his white teeth shining through!

The Inhibitor was broken! It was broken!

With this, the Super Minions would be able to further delay the steps to Team Sky’s victory. Da Luo’s goal had been met, as for whatever health he had left, treat it as a reward from him to however they wanted to deal with it, hahaha

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