League of Legends: League of Unknowns

Chapter 485 - Destructive Cyclone!

Chapter 485: Destructive Cyclone!

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There were some champions who had bones of steel, while some other champions were born to make a fool out of others, like The Deceiver—LeBlanc!

 Of course, there were certain risks of playing around with people’s intelligence, because their opponents were professional players after all. It was obvious with LeBlancs’ exaggerated maneuver that without Wu Sen’s timely speed boost, shield, and polymorph, Luocheng would have died right there and then.

 This fight had made Team Sky lose any face they had had, but the most important issue was still this one…they couldn’t even fr*aking win a teamfight!

 In terms of lineup, if Team Skyrown couldn’t maintain their formation properly, they could easily be scattered by Wukong and Orianna. Not only that, Renekton would be a big contributor to the fights and Twitch was the main damage dealer in it, those were not issues easily resolved!

 At first, Luocheng had thought that he and the team would be able to handle it if Tinghua chose to dash in to initiate a fight. In the end, the position Tinghua chose to dash in from wasn’t able to be figured out, and if a fight like this broke out again, the difference in advantage would be even more clear!

 They couldn’t play it that way, they definitely couldn’t initiate a teamfight!

 The disadvantage that they were in still wasn’t that obvious yet, it still wasn’t too late at this time to decide to split-push. Luocheng glanced at Da Luo, asking, “How long more to Teleport?”

 “50 seconds.” Da Luo replied solemnly.

 In this round, Da Luo had been targeted by Tinghua to the point that he was almost useless. He had only managed to build a Sunfire Cape, not even his Spirit Visage was up yet. These items definitely couldn’t keep up with the current teamfights, even Twitch’s damage would be able to take down Dr. Mundo.

 “Go farm, push the lane. We’ll drag and you can Teleport down when needed.” Luocheng said to Da Luo.

 Da Luo nodded his head, he needed to farm. A Mundo with no items was basically paper in a teamfight!


 While Luocheng chose his countermeasures, Tinghua also had his own ideas.

 It was obvious that if it wasn’t for that obvious mistake from his teammates, they would have won the last teamfight, maybe even getting the Baron.

 In a teamfight, the advantages they had were obviously much bigger. If Renekton stood in the front, no matter what item Lucian had, the new trend in the new season was tanks all around, ADCs were not as important anymore.

 It was seen in the previous teamfight that Lucian’s farm was not that far off from Renekton’s, even going slightly above it. However, the moment a slight focus was on Lucian, it would be hard for him to deal much damage.

 On the other hand, Renekton just had to dash into the middle of the fight, and he was practically invincible. The front-liner was stable and with the Mid standing at the back, the small difference in items between the ADCs was insignificant and their damage output was much better!

 This was Tinghua’s plan, to focus on the Top and let the bottom lane go. Let the tank directly destroy Team Skycrown’s team fighting capabilities which were weaker than theirs!

 In fact, Tinghua’s plan was correct. As long as Team Skycrown couldn’t handle the huge meat tank standing in front, there was no chance of victory for them at all!

 They had to take advantage of this time when Renekton was unstoppable with his damage and tankiness to keep forcing teamfights onto Team Skycrown, using this strong pressure to not let them have any space to breath at all!


 The so-called 70% control-rate of the jungle area— in this round, other than not managing to control the Dragon area, Team Skycrown’s jungle had become Tinghua’s backyard. All the jungle creeps were taken and all the buffs were in their opponent’s pocket.

 Team Skycrown just gave up on those lost resources and entered into a defensive formation instead.

 With a champion like Lulu, it was a good way to stop their opponents from forcefully taking the turret.

 With one side attacking vigorously and the other side defending, this allowed Da Luo to take the lane for himself.

 Team Sky also didn’t manage to find any suitable chances, and they could only depend on the jungle to widen the gap in gold difference.

 Team Skycrown was not in any hurry either, other than the Baron which they wouldn’t let go, they were willing to forgo the rest of their jungle. They just intended to defend their turrets and gain more time for Da Luo to farm!

 Da Luo’s farming capabilities were very strong, and after playing so many high-pressure games, it was only natural. Five minutes later, Mundo’s CS had already exceeded Renekton’s.

 With a Sunfire Cape and Spirit Visage in hand, it was only unfortunate that these items were not enough at this point.

 “Hold on a little longer, I just need another 1,000 gold for my Randuin.” Da Luo decided to build Randuin’s Omen first, because being a Mundo with the shield would be more terrifying when sticking to the enemy. His target in a teamfight was to be Orianna, he definitely needed to zone the main damage dealer from the fight a few lanes away before he could stop!

 “Their Renekton and Twitch are out to get you.” Luocheng warned.

 There were no wards on the map that could show their movements and Luocheng was relying on pure instincts.

 As expected, as soon as Da Luo had cleared a particularly large wave, the invisible rat made an appearance on the map, chasing Da Luo’s Mundo!

 There weren’t many minions in the lanes and Luocheng wouldn’t choose to push the middle lane. There wasn’t even enough time to take the Baron, Da Luo couldn’t afford to be caught, otherwise, the next step for Team Sky was to push the turret and force a teamfight!

 The four of them quickly cut through the jungle area, heading for the bottom lane toward Da Luo who was about to get caught.

 “Careful, they could be waiting to ambush us.” Luocheng’s LeBlanc walked in the front, reminding the others.

 Just as he had said that, a robotic hand shot out from a completely unexpected angle!

 The electrical claw hooked onto Zhou Yan’s Lee Sin, and when he was pulled behind the wall, Luocheng realized with a start that there were four of them hiding there!

 The other side didn’t hold back anything at all and Zhou Yan’s Lee Sin didn’t have any time to cast any skills at all. First, getting silenced and struck, then knocked up and stunned…

 The audience sucked in their breath, Zhou Yan had been caught, he was basically going to be instantly wrecked by their opponent!


 In that thrilling moment, Wu Sen’s skill was thrown out, and it was his Ultimate onto Zhou Yan’s Lee Sin!

 Lulu’s ulti had the effect of enlarging the target champion, knocking up the surrounding enemies in range as well. The ulti that landed on Lee Sin instantly knocked up all four of the enemies who were around him!

 “Nice!” Luocheng exclaimed in surprise.

 Wu Sen’s ulti was cast at a crucial moment, if it was just a millisecond slower, Lee Sin would definitely have died to the four of them. Adding on to the knock up from the ulti, it had effectively controlled their four opponents!

 Zhou Yan’s mental judgement was indeed excellent. When he was caught and pulled over, his entire person had remained calm the whole way. Taking the chance when Lulu ulted him which also shielded him, he planted a ward and flew to the back of Blitzcrank!

 Dragon’s Rage!

 An eye for an eye!

 Blitzcrank had caught him from the other side and dragged him into his teammates, so now, it was Lee Sin’s turn to send Blitzcrank flying into his teammates, let’s see who would die first!

 With a godly kick from Lee Sin, he vehemently sent the robot across the wall into the opposite wall!

 Luocheng, Lin Dong, and Wu Sen saw Lee Sin, who was calm in the face of danger, he was so gracious to even send over a nice gift… who were they to deny such a gesture! And they prepared to launch their skills at their incoming prey.

 Jupiter’s Blitzcrank didn’t have much tank items nor health on him, and once he was rooted by Luocheng’s LeBlanc, he was killed within two seconds!

 On the other side, Lee Sin was also getting beaten up. Wukong’s damage was high but limited, while Renekton’s damage was not very effective against the tanky items that Lee Sin’s had on him. The only real damage dealer would be Orianna, but it wasn’t as though she would use her ulti on a Lee Sin, because if she did, they didn’t deserve anything in this teamfight at all!

 Zhou Yan carried on for about 4 to 5 seconds, and then he sent a Sonic Wave toward the Krugs.

 The other three members of Team Sky could only watch as Zhou Yan’s Lee Sin flew across the wall with one fourth of his health left, escaping with his life intact!

 At the same time, Da Luo who was at the bottom lane used Teleport!

 He wasn’t fooled by Langjie who was trying to bait him with his cat-and-mouse game, instead, directly using Teleport in the latter’s face onto the ward that Zhou Yan had planted for his Dragon’s Rage!

 That was smack dab in the middle of their enemies when Da Luo Teleported in, and Team Sky’s formation had long been chaotic.

 Da Luo didn’t bother saying anything, turning his focus on chasing Xie Yi’s Orianna!

 Without Twitch around, the damage dealt by their opponents was not painful at all!

 Blitzcrank had already been killed, Twitch was still thousands of miles away, and the fight had suddenly turned into a 5 vs 3 with the favor leaning toward Team Skycrown’s side!

 Team Skycrown was after victory, and if luck continued to stay on their side, this match could most likely be the key for them to obtaining the championship!

 Lulu sped up Da Luo’s Mundo, and he was invincible at this time. The ring of fire around him burned merrily as he charged toward the three enemies!

 The chase continued down the lane and into the river, it didn’t seem like it would stop anytime soon.

 Luocheng glanced at the mini map feeling that Twitch would have already made his way nearby when suddenly, he noticed Wukong was not moving from his spot at all!

 That’s not right, they were planning to turn around!

 Unfortunately, before Luocheng could call out a warning, Tinghua’s Wukong emerged from his invincibility under the cover of the clouds, the magical golden staff held in his hands as he headed toward Lulu who was standing more to the front!


 The golden staff kicked up clouds of dust, sweeping in circles and hitting everything that entered into his path!

 Tinghua and Orianna both had their Ultimates, and this counterattack was extremely fatal to Team Skycrown. This was because when chasing down the enemy, you would not have kept any formation, and this wasn’t any different for professional players!

 Wukong’s ulti had managed to strike Luocheng, Lin Dong and Wu Sen, knocking the three into the air and it could be said to be a perfect, godlike CC!

 However, that was just the beginning. Orianna had already placed her ball on Wukong before this started, and the magic ball sent out a shocking pulse, dragging in the three of them before they managed to land on the ground!

 Luocheng’s LeBlanc didn’t have her Flash anymore, and when this deadly combo was cast, he was killed instantly!

 His screen turned gray and white immediately.

 Lin Dong’s reaction was faster, and when he saw Wukong’s E-skill which brought him closer, he had already pressed his Flash instantly, narrowly avoiding this disastrous combo. Wu Sen was not as lucky, even with the shield he cast on himself, the horrifying damage dealt took away the last bit of his health easily.

 Tinghua’s counterattack had made the situation extremely chaotic and Wu Sen barely survived before finally getting killed. He slammed the keyboard in his irritation…

 How could his finger speed be so slow! When Wukong had turned around to counterattack, he still had the chance to polymorph him, but the result was that he was able to unleash that destructive cyclone that reversed the entire situation!

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