League of Legends: League of Unknowns

Chapter 487 - Don’t Dream Of Returning To Base!

Chapter 487: Don’t Dream Of Returning To Base!

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“Beautifully done, Da Luo!” Luocheng and Lin Dong shouted at the same time at the top of their lungs!

 It wasn’t over yet, there was still a chance. With the Super Minions being deployed and buying more time, they could still be able to find a way to turn the game around. Not only needing to destroy their Inhibitors, they needed to smash into the base, beating the cancer that was Team Sky!

 “Don’t worry, there’s still me!” Da Luo grinned as he patted Zhou Yan’s shoulder in reassurance as he was resurrected in the next few seconds.

 Zhou Yan let out a breath of relief.

 As the Jungler, he had to bear the weight of the team on his shoulders. The pressure was too great, especially during the times when taking or stealing the Baron was involved. The speed of releasing Smite concerned the victory or defeat of the game, and Zhou Yan had suffered a lot under the burden just now.

 Fortunately, Da Luo had lived up to the expectations and had managed to take down the opponent’s Inhibitor.

 With the Super Minions pushing the lane, Team Sky didn’t dare to let their guard down too much. They had the Baron buff, and so, they were looking for opportunities all over the map to engage in a teamfight with Team Skycrown. However, they couldn’t fight too long in the turreted lanes either because the Super Minions at the bottom lane would push the lane quickly, if they didn’t defend, there wouldn’t be any base left!

 Team Sky was still a veteran team with much experience, and so, they decided to push out the other two lanes before switching to the bottom lane to attack!

 The five of them gathered at the bottom lane, clearing the lane which would spawn the Super Minions. This way, they wouldn’t lose too much control over the other lanes!

 “Da Luo, you take lead. We’ll defend.” Luocheng directed.

 With the Super Minions, they could afford to slightly delay their attack pacing. If Da Luo chose to push the middle lane, with their speed, they would be able to reach in time if a fight broke out.

 As long as they could tide over until the Baron buff expired, Da Luo’s Teleport would also be ready by then. They could use that Teleport to disrupt their opponent’s rhythm!

 There was a wave of minions coming in the middle lane, and Da Luo activated his Burning Agony, easily disposing of them.

 “Mundo is in the middle lane, get ready!” Tinghua instructed Jupiter as he glanced at Dr. Mundo in the middle lane.

 Jupiter nodded his head.

 Since he had dared to pick Blitzcrank as a Support, he had to have absolute confidence in hooking an enemy champion during this stalemate!

 In a game where they had the advantage, Blitzcrank wouldn’t need to specially consider pulling the squishy champions. As long as he could hook somebody, the battle was already won!

 Getting a hook on a professional player was highly unlikely. Even if Luocheng was the one on Blitzcrank instead, he needed to have super terrifying speed to pull it off…

 However, if a Flash was available, there was no need to talk about anything else!

 When was it possible for a Flash + Q-skill to confirm-hook an enemy? The answer to that was when the enemy had cleared off a wave and had started heading back.

 By pretending to retreat and then turning around suddenly to Flash and Rocket Grab, you could definitely score one out of the entire team!

 Jupiter’s focus was on the inner turret of their opponents, and the chance for him to pull it off was coming soon. He saw Lucian coming forward, intending to throw out some skills!

 Jupiter remembered clearly that Lucian had just used his Relentless Pursuit, now, he didn’t have any other repositioning skills. In the last fight, he had also used his Flash to avoid Wukong!

 He would be the one!

 Jupiter walked backward a few steps, and then, he Flashed suddenly!

 The mechanical gauntlet flew and stretched, seemingly extending endlessly, heading straight towards Lin Dong’s ADC!

 Lin Dong’s eyes flashed with surprise and he frantically moved back and forward!

 With the way he moved, the claw barely grazed his shoulder as it shot past, and the entire arena exclaimed in surprise!!

 Lin Dong had indeed managed to avoid the grab, but Zhou Yan who had been standing beside him was unable to, and was subsequently hooked.

 The hook was initially meant for Lin Dong, but with him dodging it, it had instead gotten hold of Zhou Yan.

 Zhou Yan had already gotten used to being hooked in this game, and being grabbed didn’t even make him panic as he flew forward because he believed that Wu Sen would grab the first chance he could to cast his ulti on him!

 Only, this time, he couldn’t let Wu Sen cast the ulti on him. It was obvious that their opponents wouldn’t be throwing all their skills onto a Lee Sin.

 Zhou Yan’s reaction was really fast, and under normal circumstances, anyone else who had been hooked would be knocked up by Blitzcrank’s E-skill if they didn’t have Flash.

 However, when Zhou Yan was being pulled toward Blitzcrank, he planted a ward before he was dragged and managed to fly back to it before Blitzcrank landed that punch, avoiding the CC!

 Watching Lee Sin escape, Vulcan felt extremely unsatisfied, immediately activating Renekton’s ulti as he charged toward Zhou Yan’s Lee Sin!

 Pressing his E twice, he bit down on Lee Sin, stunning him on the spot. Orianna and Twitch’s skills all slammed onto Lee Sin as a follow up.

 Zhou Yan’s health was cut down by half instantly and it looked as though Team Sky was intending to force the fight while they still had their Baron buff!

 Seeing Zhou Yan take such brutal injuries, Wu Sen couldn’t hold back anymore, casting his ulti on Lee Sin. The ulti was just in time, knocking up three of their enemies!

 Team Sky had already thrown in their forces, so even if Zhou Yan had managed to retreat beyond the turret, they would have dived in to kill him!

 The fight exploded near the base, and Tinghua’s Wukong went invisible as he pushed forward for a distance, using Lee Sin as his E-skill’s springboard, then Flashing to stand directly in front of Wu Sen and Lin Dong, the Mid and ADC!


 With a sweep of his staff and the Randuin’s Omen effect simultaneously launched, the armor-reducing effect from the Black Cleaver made quick work of their defenses.

 Randuin’s Omen, Black Cleaver, Spirit of the Elder Lizard, and Banshee’s Veil… Tinghua’s items were all luxurious with high damage as well as high armor and magic resistance. There was also a lot of health from them so even if he broke away from his teammates, he didn’t need to be worried about getting killed.

 Tinghua held the front all by himself, chasing off the two main damage dealers of their team—Wu Sen and Lin Dong. For a moment, Zhou Yan had fallen into a precarious situation!

 “Zhou, kick Orianna out!” Luocheng shouted!

 Wukong had already dashed in, it was pointless to kick him again. They needed to force the kick on Orianna to get her out of the fight, not giving her the chance to deal any damage!

 Zhou Yan still had Lulu’s ulti on him and his survival rate was high. He turned around and launched Dragon’s Rage, kicking Orianna vehemently out of range.

 Wukong’s ulti combined with Orianna’s ulti was not a combination that Team Sky could pull off this time, and after kicking Orianna, Zhou Yan hastily retreated to their base.

 He had Homeguard and would be able to return to the fight soon.

 Team Skycrown now didn’t have any frontline and they were moving passively. Team Sky managed to push all the way to the base.

 After zoning off Team Skycrown, they were clever enough not to give too far a chase, letting Renekton tank the turret’s damage.

 Team Skycrown had no other option but to watch as their turret was brought down in front of their eyes.

 “Da Luo, don’t come back. Keep pushing.” Luocheng glanced at Da Luo, and instructed him in a hurry.

 It was not possible to defend the Inhibitor anymore, it was better to just give it to them and let Da Luo continue his push into the base.


 The four members of Team Skycrown continued to defend as a wave of minions freshly spawned. Borrowing their strength, Team Skycrown quickly launched their counterattack, shaving down a significant amount of health from Team Sky’s members.

 The Super Minions were blocking Team Sky’s path, and even if they wanted to, it was impossible to push toward the Nexus turrets. They had the Baron buff, they had a tank like Renekton, but they still needed their minions to block off some of the damage before they dared to charge in. Moreover, the two turrets defending the Nexus were not something that you could tank no matter how tanky you were. The damage from those two turrets were extremely fatal, and the further in you went, the more terrible the damage from the turrets were…

 Team Skycrown were defending with their lives, not giving Team Sky the chance to charge in. Meanwhile, with Da Luo pushing a lane, he took the minion wave right up to Team Sky’s base!

 There was a large wave of minions behind him and the speed of demolishing the turrets was not slow!

 Team Sky’s bottom lane had already broken, if they managed to break the middle lane as well, they would be extremely passive after this. Watching as Da Luo reached the base, Luocheng’s eyes flashed!

 Team Sky definitely couldn’t charge in, they needed to go back and defend, otherwise, they wouldn’t have gotten anything from this assault, merely trading Inhibitors with Team Skycrown.

 That is to say, as long as they could delay their return, they would be able to break two lanes!


 As expected, Tinghua found that they weren’t able to attack the inner turrets even with the Baron buff on them, so they decided to retreat and head back to defend.

 Luocheng was also a little b*tch, and about 5 seconds after Blitzcrank had started recalling to his base, LeBlanc flew from the wall using Distortion, appearing right beside Blitzcrank…

 Luocheng didn’t bother using any skills, just using his normal attack to hit Blitzcrank once.

 The base attack of an AP champion was extremely low, the estimated damage was not even as fast as the health the Baron buff could regenerate.

 However, even with such an ordinary attack which didn’t deal any damage, it was enough to interrupt Blitzcrank’s recall!

 “D*mn it!”

 Jupiter was extremely pissed and wanted to hook Luocheng over, but instead, he re-cast his W-skill and returned to his original position.

 Jupiter had no choice but to walk into a bush to recall once again.

 The other members of Team Sky were also recalling back from different places, Zhou Yan and Luocheng’s thinking were alike, and that was, don’t let them succeed in returning to their base!


 A Sonic Wave landed on Tinghua’s Wukong and his recall was interrupted!

 On the other side, Orianna’s recall seemed to be almost complete. Zhou Yan grit his teeth as he flew over with his Resonating Strike!

 Planting a ward, Zhou Yan used Wukong as his springboard, quickly shifting his position to be in front of Orianna, slamming his hand on the ground with Tempest, and thus, Orianna’s recall was interrupted at the very last second!


“What the f*ck!” Xie Yi cursed loudly.

 The Inhibitor turret was going down, if they didn’t make it back soon, even their Inhibitor would be going down!

 “Hurry up and go back!” Langjie shouted out in frustration.

 “What “go back”, turn and fight!” Tinghua yelled, overriding Langjie’s words.

 They dared to come out from behind the protection of their turrets, so why shouldn’t they just kill them and then push all the way in!

 Who cared about one Mundo!? Was this Mundo even able to tear down their base!?

 Tinghua hid in another safe spot, once again recalling back.

 Only, Tinghua’s recall was like a wolf pretending to sleep… while the others were not paying attention, its eyes slowly opened, showing a fierce light!

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