Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 27

Chapter 27 You are Going to Force Me Out?

“Luoran, did you really memorize all the materials?” Looking at Lin Luoran, who seems to be preoccupied, Liu Mei asks with doubt.

After they know each other’s age, Liu Mei finally stops calling Lin Luoran “Linnie”. However, she still insists that Lin Luoran looks so young and the jealousy prevents her from calling Lin Luoran “big sister”.

Lin Luoran only comes to herself by now.

“Yeah, I’m almost done. I won’t lose customers anymore while watching the counter for you.” Lin Luoran makes a promise, smiling, which draws scorn from other sales girls.

Of course, the sensitive Lin Luoran discovers their motion. Nevertheless, she understands that when there are people who like you, there will be those who don’t, be it at work or in life. So there is no need to care about it.

It has been four days since Lin Luoran and Baojia saved that tortured handsome boy in the ally. His fever was gone yesterday and the wounds on his body and face were healing because Lin Luoran gave him some spring water in private to help him recover.

However, he is most severely injured in his abdomen. It is easy to infer from those shoeprints that someone kicked him deliberately in the abdomen. Internal injuries take time to heal, so he still needs to recuperate in the hospital.

In fact, Lin Luoran and Baojia have helped a lot by saving the boy and escorting him to the hospital. However, the doctors diagnosed him as autism, while the police failed to get even a clue of his identity so they can’t locate his family. All of these make Lin Luoran and Baojia worried.

Every time the doctor gives the boy an injection, fear crawls all over his face. What’s worse, he turns a deaf ear to all the comforting words and just lives in his own world.

Only when Lin Luoran comes to see him and holds his hands, the young lad can stay calm and sweet. Although he never says a word, he refuses to let go of her hands unless Lin Luoran promises repeatedly that she will come again.

People have nothing to do in this situation. The policeman on the scene that day is responsible. He has been following this matter up and trying to persuade Lin Luoran to care more about the boy before the police find his family.

Despite that Baojia jokes that Lin Luoran is just like the young lad’s mother, Lin knows that Baojia is also worried, otherwise she will not come to the hospital on time with her every time—after all, they are the ones who saved the kid. If they don’t care about him, who else will?

Lin Luoran is worrying about the young lad, whose name is even a mystery to them by now, so she is kind of distracted at work. And this is why she was in a trance when Liu Mei asked her that question.

“Welcome.” Seeing a customer coming in, Liu Mei greets with a smile.

Lin Luoran comes to herself and raises her eyes. She is stunned. The woman is in her forties, a little black and chubby but wearing all the fancy clothes. It is Mrs. Cui, who insists that Lin Luoran and Baojia shall call her Sister Wang.

Since Sister Wang does jewelry business, there is no reason for her to buy jewelry in Treasure House. Noticing that Sister Wang is smiling at her, Lin Luoran reckons that she may come for her.

They have contacted each other several times since the stone gambling, but no more than daily greetings. Lin Luoran wonders what brings Sister Wang here today.

Although Wang Miao’e looks plain, she is super rich. Seeing Lin Luoran is on duty, she picks a ring randomly without looking at the price tag and asks Liu Mei to wrap it up. Then she turns to Liu Mei and says, “I want to talk to Miss Lin. Is it convenient?”

Looking at the ring Wang Miao’e picks, a one-carat diamond ring she failed to sell out days before, Liu Mei thinks, “My goodness. She spent 48,000 yuan in exchange for a talk with Lin Luoran, so luxurious!”

Certainly, Liu Mei agrees. She has earned a lot of bonuses this month, especially in recent days when Lin Luoran stands by the counter, who attracts some rich guys to hang around. Liu Mei has managed to sell several rings… Lin Luoran brings luck here, so there is no reason Liu Mei will say no!

Of course, this is also what turns other sales girls’ jealousy of Lin Luoran into hate…

Lin Luoran smiles to Liu Mei as a greeting and follows Sister Wang into the staff lounge.

“Lin, did you ever offend that princess of Fortune House?” Wang Miao’e holds her hands and asks seriously, even before Lin Luoran has the time to grab a seat.

Recently, with most of her attention on the young lad she saved, it takes Lin a while to realize that Sister Wang is talking about Li Anping’s new girlfriend, Elly.

Lin Luoran is speechless for the moment. Did she offend Elly? Elly stole her boyfriend and got her fired. It seems that Sister Wang got the subject and object of the sentence confused, isn’t it?

“Sister Wang, what happened? Can you tell me the whole story?” Lin Luoran does not like to tell everybody about her “history of suffering”, so she decides to take action after figuring things out. Sister Wang is busy running her family business, so she will not waste her time, coming here for nothing.

Since Lin Luoran doesn’t respond straightly, Wang Miao’e reckons that there indeed is a connection between Lin Luoran and Elly. However, Lin doesn’t want to tell, it will be embarrassed for Wang Miao’e to keep asking. She says with a frown, “A few days ago, a message started to spread in our industry. Elly threatens that whoever offers you a job is the enemy of the Fortune House…”

Lin Luoran is shocked even before Wang finishes her sentence—Not because of fear, but thinking that Elly must have lost her mind!

Noticing Lin Luoran’s pale look, Wang stops talking and fills a glass of water for her.

It suddenly comes to Lin Luoran that Elly only made the threat days ago. Perhaps she had found out that Lin was working in Treasure House by then. However, it’s already Friday today and Lin Luo hasn’t received any message from Liu Zheng or anyone else, telling her she is fired… Thinking about this, Lin looks up at Wang.

She is smiling, “I was worried that you might lose your job, so I come to see you today. It now appears that Mr. Liu is indeed a decent man.”

Sister Wang is thinking exactly the same as Lin Luoran!

It is not that Treasure House did not receive the message of Fortune House. Whether Liu Zheng is planning to oppose Fortune House or protecting her for Baojia’s sake, Lin Luoran believes that she now owes Liu Zheng so much.

Also, she owes Sister Wang. How can she return the favor?

Remembering that Sister Wang asked her how to be brighter, Lin comes up with an idea. However, she is not sure whether she can pull this off, so she decides to keep it to herself for now.

As for princess Elly of Fortune House—

Flame of anger flashes in Lin’s eyes. She can forgive Elly for stealing Li Anping. Anyway, he is only a cheating bastard. And for the job, she can only blame herself for not being strong enough to protect herself back then, for she was only a common person.

But now, out of no reason, Elly threatens to force Lin Luoran out of the jewelry industry. Elly is indeed trying to cut off her way of living!

“I didn’t murder your father, did I?” Lin Luoran thinks to herself.

If Lin Luoran chooses to bear the insult this time, she will be a coward who deserves to be bullied!

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